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Year 6

Mount St Mary's Taster Afternoon

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On Monday 27th September, Year 6 visited Mount St Mary's for an exciting taster afternoon! We began in their amazing drama studio and completed physical theatre - can you guess what the children were working together to create in the video? Next, we moved into the school hall and completed a session all about human rights - we even managed to play a game of 'Human Rights Football!' Finally, we went into the science lab and created an exciting chemical reaction which inflated a balloon all by itself. Remember that Mount St. Mary's open evening is on Thursday 30th September - take your parents for a look around their wonderful school!

School Council Applicants

A huge well done to all the Year 6 children who applied to be a School Council representative this year. Each child stood up in front of their class and explained: why they wanted to apply as a representative; why their classmates should vote from them as well as what they will implement if they are successful. After we listened to each applicant, the class completed a ballot form and voted. We will find out who has been successful next week! 


Welcome back to your final year at St Anthony’s, Year 6! I am very excited to be welcoming you all through the cloakroom door very shortly and sharing an action-packed year with you all!


Firstly, I hope you have all had a wonderful summer with your families and friends and you all feel refreshed and ready to tackle the exciting experiences we will be sharing together, throughout this year. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and helping you shine brightly every single day!


I am very excited to start our learning together as we will be beginning with a focus on the Victorians; this is one of my favourite historical periods to study and you will all learn how revolutionary the Victorians really were! Our class novel ‘Street Child’ also links to this time period and we will be writing a story opening using this as inspiration as well as creating a non-chronological report about Victorian Workhouses later in the term.


Coming back to school can sometimes feel a little bit daunting, with lots of remember as you get older. I have a written a list below to help familiarise yourself with some of the Year 6 expectations…

*Read every night and ensure an adult signs your planner;

*PE days will be a Monday and Tuesday;

*Spellings and spelling sentences will be set every week and will need to be uploaded on Google Classroom;

* Ensure you come to school in the correct uniform every day - you are now at the top of the school and, therefore, must lead the rest of the school by example;

*Growing in maturity and independence – you are now entering your final year at St. Anthony’s and one of my main jobs is to ensure you are well prepared for high school. I will set you lots of challenges in school to help you develop your independence but try to do the same at home. For example: make your own pack lunch; get your uniform and school bag packed the night before; set your own alarm clock to wake up on time.


Finally, there is a fully stocked reward table at the front of the Year 6 classroom and I can’t wait to give you all your reward cards! Every 10 points that you receive, you will be able to collect a piece of stationary and when you reach 100 points, you will a full collection ready for high school. Will you be the first child to receive 10 points?


I look forward to seeing you all very soon,


Mrs Nicholson smiley

Chamber Choir Concert July 2021

Our incredible Chamber Choir performed a repertoire of their incredible singing for us to end their learning over the year. We hope you love hearing the children singing. They have the voice of angels. We are so blessed.
Well done Chamber Choir. Thank you to Lucy Haigh, our Choral Director who teaches the children so well each week too.
We hope you enjoy our beautiful end of year performance.

2020/21 Finale

Year 6 Leavers' Assembly 2021 - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Leavers' Trip 2021

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On Wednesday 21st July, Year 6 went on their final trip as St. Anthony’s children. In the morning, we travelled from Leeds all the way up to a lovely beach called Littlehaven in South Shields. We set up on the beach and enjoyed a morning of sports and digging! After lunch, we all had a paddle (some a little more than a paddle!) in the sea – it was freezing cold but lots of fun. Afterwards, we walked to a small café and all bought an ice-cream which was definitely needed in the scorching sun! When we arrived back at school, we had a wonderful pizza party and enjoyed having the playground all to ourselves. What a wonderful final trip! Well done to every single child in Year 6, their behaviour was exemplary throughout the day – I wish we could do it all again!

PE - Ace Club Sports Gala

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On Monday 28th June, Year 6 had an action-packed afternoon at the ACE Club Sports Gala. From dancing to football to dodgeball, all the children had a wonderful time! Thank you ACE club!

PSHE - Weighing up risk

This half term, Year 6’s PSHE lessons have focused upon ‘Weighing up risk.’ At the start of the topic, we could all name a few risks associated with taking drugs. However, after participating in mature discussions, reading different scenarios and completing a workshop with Dave from D:Side, our knowledge and understanding of medical and non-medical (legal and illegal) drugs is excellent. I have been so proud of the maturity the children have shown throughout all these lessons and their work certainly demonstrates their superb understanding now. Well done, Year 6! 

Viking Ventures with Year 6

Our Year 6 class had an incredible Victorious Viking Day in June 2021. The focus of their learning was to interpret the Viking and the Anglos Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England, deepening their historical understanding. Over the Wonder Day, Year 6 were able to understand the various sources of evidence to represent the past, interpreting these using primary and secondary sources of evidence from the era. They made links between key events from the Viking and Anglo Saxon perid, offering explanations about why people in the past acted in the way they did. They deepened their knowledge of interpreting History, continuity and change, cause and consequence and the significance of the era. I was beyond impressed with the learning that took place. Great effort Year 6! Watch our video to see snapshots of our learning!



The Joy of Learning in Year 6

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Watch our Year 6 class in action in their learning! They each demonstrate such focus in their behaviour, learning and attitudes. What a superb example to our school. True St Anthony's boys and girls in action ... keep it up Year 6. 

St. Anthony's Day 2021

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Today year 6 celebrated their final St. Anthony's Day. It was a wonderful day with the traditional presentation of Leavers Hoodies! We are very proud of the journey year 6 have made and know that they will wear the jumpers with pride! Year 6 remember you will ALWAYS be St. Anthony's children!

English - Macbeth

This half term, Year 6 have been studying Macbeth. We have all enjoyed taking it in turns to read as the different characters and have had some outstanding cackling witches in particular! In our writing, we have produced excellent newspaper articles to inform the residents of Glamis of King Duncan’s murder and showcased our understanding of showing shifts in formality by using formal conventions in the description and informal conventions in the quotations used. Finally, we ended the unit by creating poems inspired by the Three Weird Sister’s potions – they are revolting! Have a look above at some of the freeze frames created of the witches…

PSHE - Bringing Nature Back into our Lives

To commemorate Mental Health Awareness month, Year 6 have focused on the theme ‘Bringing Nature Back into our Lives.’ We began by discussing all the different feelings and emotions we can have when we begin to feel nervous or anxious and then discussed in detail about all the different ways we can help these feelings and emotions to be reduced. Many ideas already linked back to nature and the importance of getting fresh air away from our anxieties. We all created wonderful posters to evidence how people can bring nature back into their lives….

Catenian Cup

On Thursday 27th May, members of the Year 6 football team participated in the Catenian Cup Football Competition at St Theresa’s. We are so proud of all the footballers for their superb teamwork, energy and perseverance! Well done!

RE - Called to Serve

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This half term, Year 6’s RE unit has been ‘Called to Serve.’ We used bibles to look at how Jesus called his disciples to serve him as well as the achievements and challenges this brought. We spent time looking at the sacrament of Confirmation in detail as well as how the ‘Gifts of the Holy Spirit’ are present within the world we live in through Mama Maggie and Annalena Tonelli. One of our favourite lessons this half term was where we thought carefully about the gifts and talents God has given to each of us to serve him; we all created our own medals and then our classmates filled the inside of our medals with our gifts and talents. Take a look at the video above to see them…

Science Survival Day

Science Survival Day

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To consolidate the forces and materials learning from our Sensational Science Week, Year 6 visited Skelton Grange for a bespoke Survival Day. Firstly, when we arrived at Skelton Port, we were asked to embark our ship and head off on a voyage. Unfortunately (as predicted) the voyage didn’t go to plan and we all ended up shipwrecked on Skelton Island!
Our first task of the day was to search the shore for valuable resources which we could use to survive our time on the island. Next, we found a deep, thick, oozing bog and the only way across was by stepping on turtle shells! However, it was not as easy as that: if a child was not stood on a shell then it would disappear into the bog so it took a lot of teamwork. Thankfully we all were able to cross! Our next challenge was to build some shelters – thank goodness we had these at lunchtime when the heavens opened with both rain and hail!
After lunch, we applied our mixtures and materials knowledge by using filtration to make clean water as well as testing different materials to find the best insulator for our baby bottles. Afterwards, we had to search the area for materials which could be used to protect an egg in a 10ft drop! We were all incredible during this task and many eggs survived the fall! Finally, we all warmed ourselves up by sitting around a camp fire and enjoying homemade popcorn. What an absolutely fantastic day – thank you so much to all the Skelton Grange staff who made this possible!


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Our French curriculum is externally taught using a native expert French teacher from Junior Jam. Year 6 have weekly lessons where they move through a carefully crafted sequence of content to build knowledge, fluency and skill. Year 6 thoroughly enjoy their weekly French lessons with Madame Matias. Watch the video above to see the children revising body parts through a game of ‘Simon Says…’ as well as seeing them learn all French numbers between 0 and 100 with some comical dance moves!

PE - Cricket

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During our PE lessons this half term, Year 6 are developing their understanding and the skills required in cricket. Twice weekly lessons are taught by our expert PE teacher, Mr Hanson using a carefully sequenced curriculum. Firstly, the children explored different types of throwing like: underarm, overarm and bowling. As the children became more confident with their throwing, they began to explore how accuracy can be used when throwing and catching. In their most recent lesson, the children learnt how to bat and the skills required to hit the ball accurately. All the children are looking forward to developing their understanding of this sport as the term progresses.

Science Week

Our Whole School Science Week was amazing and a super way to start our Summer Term. Year 6 were so excited. All learning was focussed around prior topics, and Science topics missed due to lockdowns. The first hand experiences, visits, experiments and content were all carefully planned and crafted to ensure Science knowledge is secure. This involved visits by Mount St Mary's, Sublime Science, Mad Science as well as many creative activites and experiments from our very own Science lead, Mrs Nicholson! What an amazing week we had. I am so proud of you all Year 6. Miss Leonard and the Year 6 team.

Science Week: Exciting Experiments

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Throughout Sensational Science Week, Year 6 have completed different experiments to enhance their understanding of the Forces and Materials/Mixtures topics they have covered. Watch the video above to see…
Dissolving – does the temperature of water affect how quickly a sugar cube dissolves?
Water Resistance – which is the most suitable bow shape for a speedboat?
Separation processes – how can you separate flour and raisins, water and sand and rice and paper clips?

Science Week: Engineering and Gears

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On Thursday 22nd April, Mr Dickinson (from Rotork) visited Year 6 and, firstly, explained to Year 6 the difference between Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The children were asked to select items of clothing and pieces of equipment that they thought an engineer would use; they were surprised to learn that absolutely anybody could become an engineer and they didn’t necessarily have to be wearing overalls or a hard hat!
Afterwards, Mr Dickinson completed a Gears workshop with Year 6. Firstly, they were given different gears and given the challenge to make them work (mesh together). Afterwards, each pair built a gear structure which was they attached to the rest of the class’ structure to create: ‘The Impossible Machine.’ It is given this name as it would take 240,000 years to turn the final gear!

Science Week: Heart Dissection

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On Tuesday 20th April, Mount St. Mary’s Science Department visited Year 6 and completed a heart dissection with them to consolidate their learning about the Circulatory System. Year 6 were able to name all the different parts of the heart and explain their functions. Furthermore, they learnt that the left side of the heart is thicker than the right due to the fact that it has to pump blood around the whole body, unlike the right side which just has to pump blood to the lungs. All the children were incredibly sensible throughout the lesson and, I think, we may have some future surgeons!

Science Week: Mad Science

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On Tuesday 20th April, Year 6 were visited by Turbo Tom (from Mad Science). Firstly, we had an assembly in the hall which wowed us with some incredible experiments. Afterwards, Turbo Tom came to the Year 6 classroom and we explored different machines and forces. Firstly, we powered a car using an elastic band. Next, we created levers with spoons and attempted to catapult paper boulders into a target. Finally, we created zip-line pulleys across the classroom. It was all so much fun!

English : Quest Chapters

During Spring 2, Year 6 read BarrowQuest (a non-linear story) and were all hooked by the different challenges the main character (Lin) faced! After we finished this, we created our own Quest Map and were all assigned a different chapter to write. We understood the importance of ensuring each chapter contained a dangerous element that our main character must face as well as showing courage and including a magical element or a puzzle too. Furthermore, we tried hard to include dialogue which advanced the action whilst also using informal conventions within this speech. The final drafts are found in the Year 6 shared area and classroom, come and have a read!

Year 6 Easter Competition

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Well done to the children who entered our Easter Competition this year. Watch the video to see the wonderful Easter gardens and decorated eggs.

Easter at St Anthony's

Holy Week - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

During Holy Week in 2021, we have been reflecting on the key events of this most important week. Each of our classes have re-enacted important events, shared liturgical dances, songs and prayers. Year 6 took the lead in recreating The Stations of the Cross in a mature and spritual way. I am so proud of every single child. This truly reflective video shows Holy Week at St Anthony's at its most holy. We hope you can share our learning, prayer and humble praise in your homes with us this year. God bless you all this Holy Week. 

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mothering Sunday to all Year 6's wonderful Mums! We hope you enjoyed reading your Mother's Day cards and all the adjectives the children chose to write underneath your petals. Year 6 children, I hope all your mums have their feet up and you are treating them after you all showed your incredible cooking skills in our latest DT project. Have a wonderful day!

Ancient Greeks: Athenians v Spartans

In our History work this half term, Year 6 are studying the Ancient Greeks. This week we looked at the fascinating comparison between life in Athens and Sparta. In our groups, we all took on the role of a panel member: host, Athenian, Spartan or a visitor. We worked together to create questions and responses from each panel member and then acted them out in front of our class mates.

DT - Come Dine With Me!

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For our DT project this half term, Year 6 have all become Masterchefs! After learning about the seven essential nutrients in our Science lessons, Mrs Nicholson set us a task to design a 3 course meal which included all of the nutrients and reflected a balanced diet. We discussed themes for 3 course meals and set about researching recipes. At home, we all prepared, cooked and presented at least one of the courses from our balanced meal; we then asked our families to rate each course we cooked and identify our successes and areas to improve. Watch the video above to see our amazing cooking. A special thank you to all the parents who have supported this project and let the children have control in their kitchens!

World Book Day - The Rainbow Fish - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Hello Year 6,

Happy World Book Day. The theme of our World Book Day this year is "share a story". All our staff in school have made two very special stories for you to share together with your families. We are watching them both today at school, but you might want to share this with your families too.

Keep sharing your love for reading as this is one of the most important gifts we can give our children.

God bless and enjoy,

Miss Leonard


I wish to thank Mr and Mrs Easton for their kind assistance making this reading compilation in partnership with us. 

World Book Day - Franklin's Flying Bookshop - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Celebrating the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore

On Friday 12th February, St. Anthony’s celebrated the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore and completed activities throughout the day which were inspired by him and his amazing outlook on life. We started the day by writing poems about him and then all the Year 6 children could select tasks (relating to all areas of the curriculum) to work on independently or with their siblings. Mrs Nicholson really enjoyed looking through all the work we submitted onto Google Classroom, these included: artwork of Captain Tom, fact files, rainbows, 100 mathematical calculations, science experiments linked to the number 100 as well as finding out what Beeston was like 100 years and researching Edward Jenner and the first ever vaccine for smallpox. What a wonderful way to end the half term.

DT - Pop-up Greetings Cards

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This half term, Year 6 have been making pop-up greetings cards. We began by watching videos to get inspiration and then had a go at completing different mechanisms (over zoom)! The children listened and watched so carefully and they were all able to produce a slider, pop-up beak and a pop-up podium/birthday cake. Next, the children designed their greetings card and selected which mechanism they were going to include – some even designed a mechanism on the front cover and one in the middle too. Then, the children spent an afternoon making their greetings cards and you can watch the finished products in the video above – what an amazing job they have done! Finally, we evaluated our greetings cards, thinking carefully about the successes, difficulties and what we might alter if we were to make them again.

Confirmation - Friday 5th February 2021

On Friday 22nd January, Year 6 continued with their Circulatory System work and investigated what the different components are within our blood. Working at home did not stop the children getting hands-on with his investigation and, earlier in the week, they bought the ingredients for Blood Soup! We used orange juice to represent the plasma in our blood; strawberry/raspberry jelly cubes for our red blood cells; white marshmallows to represent our white blood cells and dried long grain rice for our platelets. After making the Blood Soup, the children used the internet to research the functions of the different components and presented their work in a variety of creative way. Well done, Year 6 – super science! 

Out of Africa

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School - Carol Service 2020

Please join us for our 2020 carol service.

Year 6 message from Santa

Chamber Choir - Do you hear what I hear?

Chamber Choir - Once in Royal David's City

Christmas Dinner

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What a lovely time we had eating our traditional Christmas dinner together!

Christmas Cards

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Look at our wonderful Reindeer Christmas Cards. The recipient will also get a surprise when they open them as it has three pop-out presents inside!

Exciting Elves!

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On Wednesday 16th December, we had an amazing day and all came dressed as Elves! Firstly, we organised ourselves into groups of 6 as, we all know, elves work best as a team. We worked together to complete a Christmas Quiz, Christmas Haiku, word search, crossword and Christmas Advert challenges. In the afternoon, we made our own Reindeer Christmas Cards (inspired by our special visitors from the morning). Finally, to end the day, we were given 10minutes to make the longest paper chain possible. The winning team managed 106 paper chains – very impressive!

Special Visitors

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During our ‘Exciting Elves’ Day, we were visited by some extremely special visitors. Watch the video above to see us all standing with these incredible creatures…

Stable Building

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On Friday 11th December, Year 6 had a wonderful morning building their own stables! Firstly, the children were split into groups of 5 and decided amongst them which nativity character they would like to be. Using cardboard, card, masks and a lot of imagination, the children created props for their stables. Next, we headed outside and began the task of creating our stables! The children worked brilliantly in their teams to create some superb nativity representations. Finally, we headed back inside to warm up and have hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. A wonderful morning!

Year 6's Collective Worship - 3rd Sunday of Advent

On Wednesday 9th December, Year 6 led their own beautiful Collective Worship for the Year 5 children. The previous week, in our RE lessons, all the children had planned a Collective Worship with a theme around the 3rd Sunday of Advent and Joy. They all planned under the key headings: Gather, Listen, Respond and Go Forth. All the children had wonderful ideas and we collated them all in order to create our final plan. Then, we were all given different roles: preparing the PowerPoint Presentation, writing bidding prayers, creating a ‘Go Forth’ poem, managing the music and reading during the Collective Worship. Although Year 5 were the only class who could be present, Mrs Nicholson emailed all the other teachers the PowerPoint and they celebrated it in their classrooms with their children. Well done Year 6!

English: Honeysuckle Triangle Debate

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On Friday 4th December, our two Year 6 English groups held a debate to determine whether or not Honeysuckle Triangle should be developed into a leisure complex. At the beginning of the week, the children were introduced to Honeysuckle Triangle: an idyllic country park with a beautiful lake filled with wildlife – perfect for dog walkers, bird watchers, school trips and playing sports. However, we soon found out that a local property developer had proposed plans to transform the land into a leisure complex which would include: a new housing estate, a new supermarket, petrol station, cinema and bowling alley. Firstly, the children discussed and wrote down all the different for and against points with explanations. They were all then given a character: either a panel member or a local resident who would be attending the debate. The children took on the role of their character and wrote a speech from their point of view as well as questions they would like to direct at different panel members to gain more information. On Friday, we held our debate – all the children were fantastic and, at times, the chairmen did have to intervene before things got too heated! Finally, both groups voted for or against the development:
Group 1: 8 votes for and 9 votes against
Group 2: 6 votes for and 6 votes against
Therefore, overall, Honeysuckle Triangle will remain!

Year 6's Christmas Classroom

Year 6 had a wonderful Advent Wonder Day on Monday 30th November. To begin the day, we all researched an inspirational person who has stood up for justice and identified our favourite quote. We wrote these down to create our ‘Justice Advent Calendar.’ We will read a different quote each morning and afternoon when we say our prayers throughout Advent. Afterwards, we learnt about the symbolism associated with the Advent Wreath and made our own Advent Promises. After playtime, we created our Jesse Tree – instead of placing baubles on our Christmas Tree we have coloured and laminated different Old Testament stories and characters to tell the story from Creation to Jesus’ birth. Finally, we created our own beautiful Advent artwork using pastels.

Advent Artwork

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On our Advent Wonder Day, we all produced a beautiful piece of artwork which showcases the true meaning of Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ. Watch the photostory above to see how we created them….

Year 6's African Wonder Day

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On Tuesday 23rd November, Year 6 had their very own African Wonder Day! We began the morning with an African Quiz to test our Geographical knowledge. Afterwards, we created our own wonderful African masks using a dotting art technique. After playtime, we used our African masks and learnt an African masked dance. Finally, in the afternoon, we completed an African drumming workshop using djembes. Have a look the highlights of our wonderful action-packed day...

African Masks

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As part of our African Wonder Day, we created our own African Mask Masterpieces. Watch the video and see if you can play 'Guess who?' at the end...

African Drumming

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As part of our African Wonder Day, we participated in an African Drumming workshop. During this, we learnt about how drums are an integral part of tribe life; what they are made from as well as different rhythms. By the end of the session, we had created impressive polyrhythmic music which was so loud that the rest of the school could hear it!

Science - Electricity

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To begin our Electricity unit, the children in Year 6 learnt and drew all the scientific symbols used for electrical components. Furthermore, we all learnt that if there is only one battery, it is referred to as a ‘cell’ and that we can only use the term ‘battery’ if there is more than one cell. Finally, we used a wide variety of electrical components (such as: bulbs, buzzers, motors and switches) to create a simple circuit. Some of the children progressed further and investigated the impact an extra battery has on a bulb or the impact of adding an additional component (for example: a bulb, buzzer and one cell).

Art - Cityscapes

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Come and look at all Year 6's wonderful cityscapes! Firstly, we experimented with watercolours and practised the different colour washes you can use as a background. Afterwards, we used different pencil grades to experiment with the different lines, shapes and patterns artists use to draw buildings. Finally, we put both skills together and created our own cityscapes, taking inspiration from different cities around the world. Can you spot any familiar buildings in any of the children's work?
Well done to all the Year 6 pupils who participated in Bikeability this year! The children completed their Level 1 badge on the school playground and then applied the skills they had learnt on the local streets around school for Level 2. Super cycling!

Art - Watercolours

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In our art lessons this half term, Year 6 have been using watercolours and experimenting with the different effects they can create. We have used a: flat wash, graded wash, spray wash, sponge wash, colour lifting and edge softening. We have used these techniques on the background of our cityscapes to represent the different times of day. After half term, we will be finishing these and there will be more photographs of the work to follow.

RE - The Kingdom of God

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During Autumn 1, Year 6 have all gained a deeper understanding of 'The Kingdom of God.' We have looked at the virtues, parables and miracles that help us all able to understand what the Kingdom of God is like, how we respond to it and how we show our commitment. At the end of the topic, in pairs, we created a poster to show how The Kingdom of God grows at St. Anthony's - I'm sure you will agree that we are all incredibly lucky to be a part of our special community!

Science - Light


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During Autumn 1, Year 6's science topic was Light. We investigated how we are all able to see using yellow wool as light rays and established that light travels in straight lines. In our second lesson, we investigated how periscopes function using mirrors to see what is happening where the eye can not visibly see. Next, we investigated refraction and how light can bend when it travels through a transparent object/liquid like glass and water. In addition, we explored how, although light appears to be white, it is actually made up of 7 colours called the visible spectrum and we used transparent triangular prisms to see this spectrum; in the same lesson, we created colour wheels and investigated how when the colours are travelling at the same speed, they appear white. Finally, we investigated shadow size and how the position of the light source can affect this. Watch the video above to see some of our practical work!

English - The Boy at the Back of the Class

Throughout Autumn 1 half term, Year 6 have been captivated by our class text: The Boy at the Back of the Class. Everyday, during Guided Reading, we have read more about Ahmet (a nine-year-old refugee from Syria) and his quest to find his parents - it is a truly wonderful book and received a round of applause from all the children when we finished it! Each week, we identified new 'Words of the Week' and added them to our backpacks on our reading display so that they were always there for us to be able to use them in our own writing. Firstly, we wrote informal diary entries from Ahmet's point of view - detailing his treacherous journey across Europe to find sanctuary. Every single child's writing  was outstanding and we recorded each diary entry for their parents to watch on Google Classroom. Finally, we ended the half term, writing formal persuasive letters to Her Majesty to highlight why the UK borders should remain open to refugees. These are also phenomenal pieces of writing and, as a result, after half term, we are going to complete a final draft and select 5 letters which we will send to Queen Elizabeth II to show her our very impressive work. Have a look at the displays above to see our wonderful work...

Bishop Marcus - Message for Year 6

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St Anthony's Leavers' Assembly 2020

Please join Year 6 in celebrating the end of their journey at St Anthony's.

Beowulf and the Warriors workshop

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On Wednesday 4th March, Year 6 participated in a 'Beowulf and the Warriors' workshop - it was a wonderful afternoon! We learnt that Beowulf is the oldest story in written form from England and dates back between the 8th and 10th Century. We completed several activities throughout the afternoon:
1. Created our own imaginery swords and used superb vocabulary to describe them as well as create a backstory as to how we acquired the sword.
2. Became warriors within a mead hall and shared tales of our recent battles - there was a little exaggeration at this point!
3. Used freeze frames to show our warrior qualities in the hope that Beowulf would choose us to join his army.

African Art

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To begin our African Art, Year 6 experimented with water colours and the different shades they could create by mixing. Then, we looked closely at traditional Tingatinga artwork and identified the characteristics associated with this extraordinary style. Afterwards, we combined our watercolour and Tingatinga work: we used water colours to create an African background and then, once they had dried, sketched onto the background African animals using the Tingatinga style. In addition, we have also created vibrant African patterns and completed portraits of Nelson Mandela.

Palm Sunday Pastels

In Year 6, we have all worked incredibly hard to improve our writing this year. We have written a wide range of genres and thought carefully about who our audience is and what the purpose of the text is. Whenever we have started a new genre, we always read an example and annotate the different features as well as conducting research (if it is non-fiction) or reading more examples (if it is fiction). Once we have learnt new grammar and punctuation linked to the genre, we will then complete a first draft. Afterwards, Mrs Nicholson or our writing partners will assess our work and we use green pen to make improvements. Finally, we complete a final draft which could be chosen for display. Have a look at the photographs above of our Quest chapters, Nelson Mandela biographies and Macbeth diary entries…

During our RE lessons this year, Year 6 have enjoyed a range of topics. In ‘Justice,’ we found out about what Jesus taught us all about justice and injustice as well as gaining an understanding of Oscar Romero and Martin Luther King’s actions and beliefs. In ‘Exploring the Mass,’ we found out about the 10 plagues and how Moses helped to release the Israelites on the very first Passover as well as how Jesus is the source and summit of the Christian faith. Have a look at the photographs above to see some of the extremely mature and reflective work we have completed.


Still image for this video
Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed all their Computing sessions this year! They have used GarageBand to compose a wonderful song as well as using Lightbot and Hopscotch to develop their coding skills.

World Book Day 2020

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What an action-packed World Book Day Year 6 had! Firstly, we all came dressed as a book character – our costumes were fantastic! In Guided Reading, Miss Taylor shared her favourite childhood picture books and let us read them too. In maths, we used a book called’365 Penguins’ to learn more about days, weeks, months and years. In English, we designed and described Macbeth’s sword. To end the morning, in pairs, we made a book character using a potato and art materials – it was so much fun and Miss Leonard came to vote for the winning potato character! Finally, in the afternoon, some of Year 6 participated in a Family Learning Reading session whilst the rest of the class shared picture books with our Year 1 class. What a wonderful day

Macbeth Day

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On Monday 9th March, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit from SPLATS Entertainment! The class were split into four groups and each group rehearsed an act from the play written by William Shakespeare. To end the day, the children performed Macbeth to Year 4, Year 5 and some of their parents. It was a wonderful experience and is really going to help inspire their diary writing from Macbeth's perspective.

World Book Day - reading with Year 1

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In the afternoon, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed reading to our Year 1 children. The weather made it even better - we love reading outside!

World Book Day - Family Learning

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On Friday 6th March, Year 6 completed their final family learning session, with a focus on reading this week. Firstly, our adults shared their favourite childhood story and then we discussed the books we remember our families reading to us when we were younger. It was lovely to see familiar authors being mentioned by all, for example: Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Julia Donaldson and Michael Rosen. We all agreed that reading can be enjoyed by all from such an early age!

Afterwards, we completed a word study about the word: superiority. We investigated: how many syllables it has, how to spell it, the different meanings it can have as well as its synonyms too. Remember you can complete a word study about any word at all – pick one out in your reading book tonight!

Finally, we read an extract aloud with our adults from H. G. Well’s ‘The Time Machine.’ We then completed some questions which required us to create our own point and then justify it using evidence from the text. A tricky concept but we are all getting much better at it!

Many thanks to all the families who participated in Family Learning this year; we hope it has been beneficial for yourselves and your children. Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Nicholson or Miss Taylor with any questions you have regarding your children’s learning.


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During Spring 2, Year 6's History topic is going to be 'The Victorians.' In our first lesson, we completed a 'British History Timeline' to identify and understand where in historical chronology Queen Victoria reigned. We found it really interesting to see how the Victorians were only around 200 years ago in comparison to other aspects of British History we have studied previously (like the Roman Britian and the Vikings) which are over 1000 years ago. We are really looking forward to finding out more about Queen Victoria, the Industrial Revolution, inventions during this era as well as medicial developments too.

Cooking in Year 6

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During Spring 1, Miss Leonard set Year 6 a challenge: could they raise 10% of the fee for a Macbeth day in Spring 2? Of course... Year 6 got straight to work.

Firstly, we worked in groups to discuss ideas of how we could raise the money. Eventually, we all decided on baking treats which we could sell to the rest of the school. Each table then began researching ideas for healthier treats to link to our Science unit about the importance of a balanced diet. The final products agreed were: raspberry oat bars, raisin flapjacks, cherry flapjacks, banana and strawberry smoothie and mixed berry smoothie.

On Wednesday 12th February, we spent the day preparing the oat bars and flapjacks. We used our mathematical knowledge of ratio to double the recipes to ensure there would be plenty to sell! On Thursday 13th February, we prepared the fruit for the smoothies - we wanted these to be as fresh as possible.

At playtime, we invited all the classes to come and purchase a treat - it was a huge success! We quickly made the 10% required for our Macbeth day and also made an additional £80 which we are going to donate to Wheatfields Hospice. Well done Year!

French in Year 6

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This half term, Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed their weekly French lessons. We have focused on the names of our family members, hobbies, where we live, how old we are and the names of different fruits. In our final lesson, we showed how much we had learnt by creating a puppet show and having a conversation in French.

Investors in Pupils

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On Monday 3rd February, we all enjoyed participating in our 'Investors in Pupils' day. In our maths lesson, we learnt about the school budget and how much stationery costs - we are all going to try hard to look after the contents of our pencil pots after calculating how much it all costs! We also found out that we are going to be having a Macbeth day next half term and that the school budget it going to pay for 90% of the overall cost, however, we have to find the remaining 10%. As a class, we have decided we are going to bake and make healthy treats to sell to the rest of the school on Thursday 13th February to, hopefully, cover the 10% needed! Finally, we were very lucky as Mrs Windross (our class governor) visited our classroom and told us all about what being a governor means; she let us ask her questions as well as asking us how we think our school could be improved. Thank you for giving up your time to come and speak to us, Mrs Windross!

Family Learning Session 3

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Today in Family Learning, the children demonstrated all the different methods that we use to solve a range of arithmetic calculations before going outside to complete a treasure hunt! We just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended, It is always such a pleasure to see you working so closely together and we can't thank you enough for your continued support - it really does make a huge difference.

Exploring the Mass

On Tuesday 21st January, Year 6 had a wonderful morning with Father Whitwell! Firstly, we celebrated Mass together - a special mention to all the children who read so beautifully. Afterwards, we all lit a candle and thought about somebody who particularly needed our prayers. Finally, we all congregated on The Sanctuary and Father Whitwell explained the different parts of the Mass. This has particularly helped our understanding of our current RE topic - Exploring the Mass. 

Family Learning

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Today (Friday 17th January) was our first Family Learning Session in Year 6 and what an amazing afternoon it was! The focus for today was time and the children worked with their adults to become more fluent in telling the time, calculating time intervals and learning key facts that they will be able to use when solving problems. They also learnt how to read timetables as this will be a skill that is required throughout their lives especially when they start at high school in September. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all those who attended, it was an absolute privilege to work with so many parents and your wonderful children. I look forward to welcoming you all back next week when the focus will be MONEY! Many thanks once again and if anyone else would like to join us next week just let me know! Miss Taylor

Northern Ballet - Cinderella

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On Thursday 21st November, Year 6 participated in a Cinderella workshop led by Northern Ballet. We learnt about the importance of warming up and learnt some of the special techniques the dancers use to make it seem like they are ice-skating on the Crystal Lake! We can't wait to attend the performace of Cinderella on Thursday 19th December at The Grand.

On Tuesday 19th November, our Year 6 children celebrated their sacrament of Confirmation at a liturgy at St Anthony's Church. We were blessed to have Bishop Marcus leading our liturgy and confirming each of our children in a most special moment in their journey of faith. Miss Leonard, Mr Whittle, Miss Taylor and Father Whitwell were all with our children to be a part of this very special next step in their journey of faith. 


God bless you all Year 6. 

The Big Sing

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On Wednesday 6th November, Year 6 attended 'The Big Sing' at Mount St. Mary's. In the morning, we all prepared for a special liturgy by learning new songs and actions as well as selecting children to learn a new dance and read bidding prayers. After lunch, along with many other children from Catholic primary schools across Leeds, we participated in the special liturgy. We had so much fun!

Science week visitors

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During science week, we were extremely lucky to participate in a wide range of science-based workshops. Watch the video above to see us becoming forensic scientists, palaeontologists, robot handlers as well as sweet and slime creators…


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On Friday 25th October, Mrs Mehmood visited Year 6 to explain her fascinating job as an optometrist. Firstly, we looked a model of our eye and explored the different parts and their functions. Next, we were taught why a person would be short or long sighted and how glasses can correct this as well as learning new scientific vocabulary like convex and concave. Finally, we all explored a contact lens…

Brightstorm Science

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During Autumn 1, Year 6 have been reading Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy in Guided Reading. As we have been reading and identifying our words of the week, we have noticed a lot of scientific vocabulary. Therefore, we completed two experiments to further our knowledge on density and air resistance. We made lava lamps to explore the density of water and oil and we created our own sky ships with a variety of materials as the balloon to investigate air resistance. It was all so much fun and we learnt so much…


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As we came to the end of our Circulatory System unit, the science department from Mount St. Mary’s came to complete a dissection lesson of the heart with us. Mr Hicklin was extremely impressed with our knowledge of the heart, particularly the four chambers and how blood leaves the heart in an artery and returns in a vein. After the dissection, we extended our knowledge about arteries, veins and capillaries. Watch the video above to see our very exciting lesson…


During the week beginning 30th September, all the Year 6 children completed their Bikeability Level 1 and 2 training with Cycle North. Well done!

Leeds United's Centenary

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On Monday 30th September, six very lucky members of Year 6 visited The Centenary Pavilion at Elland Road to share the research and project the whole class have been working on to mark Leeds United's Centenary. For the last two weeks, the children have been inspired by Albert Johanneson (the first Black African to play in the FA Cup final in 1965 for Leeds) and have worked in groups to find out about more inspirational Leeds players from around the globe. In addition, everyone has been raiding their attics to find all their Leeds memorabilia and we created our own Leeds United museum filled with shirts, programmes, scarves, balls and much more. Marching on Together!

Parliamentary Education Service

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On Tuesday 24th September, all KS2 had a special assembly with Rachel from the Parliamentary Education Service. We learnt about what happens in the Houses of Parliament and what living in a democracy means. Afterwards, Rachel visited Year 6 and completed an 'Elections and Voting' workshop. All the children worked in groups to create a new political party and had to collaborate to produce a party manifesto. At the end they all presented their manifesto and we voted for the party with a manifesto that appealed to us. Congratulations to the Square Party who won!

Science - The Circulatory System

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This half term, Year 6 have been studying The Circulatory System. We began by creating a gigantic system in the school hall, with the children representing the heart, lungs, arteries, veins and blood. After wards, we created a labelled diagram of this in our books and were able to see why it is known as a double circulation system. In our next lesson, we created 3D hearts which has helped in our most recent lesson in which we labelled the human heart. Year 6 are heart experts!