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Exploring the Mass

Exploring the Mass  1
On Tuesday 21st January, Year 6 had a wonderful morning with Father Whitwell! Firstly, we celebrated Mass together - a special mention to all the children who read so beautifully. Afterwards, we all lit a candle and thought about somebody who particularly needed our prayers. Finally, we all congregated on The Sanctuary and Father Whitwell explained the different parts of the Mass. This has particularly helped our understanding of our current RE topic - Exploring the Mass. 

Family Learning

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Today (Friday 17th January) was our first Family Learning Session in Year 6 and what an amazing afternoon it was! The focus for today was time and the children worked with their adults to become more fluent in telling the time, calculating time intervals and learning key facts that they will be able to use when solving problems. They also learnt how to read timetables as this will be a skill that is required throughout their lives especially when they start at high school in September. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all those who attended, it was an absolute privilege to work with so many parents and your wonderful children. I look forward to welcoming you all back next week when the focus will be MONEY! Many thanks once again and if anyone else would like to join us next week just let me know! Miss Taylor

Northern Ballet - Cinderella

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On Thursday 21st November, Year 6 participated in a Cinderella workshop led by Northern Ballet. We learnt about the importance of warming up and learnt some of the special techniques the dancers use to make it seem like they are ice-skating on the Crystal Lake! We can't wait to attend the performace of Cinderella on Thursday 19th December at The Grand.

On Tuesday 19th November, our Year 6 children celebrated their sacrament of Confirmation at a liturgy at St Anthony's Church. We were blessed to have Bishop Marcus leading our liturgy and confirming each of our children in a most special moment in their journey of faith. Miss Leonard, Mr Whittle, Miss Taylor and Father Whitwell were all with our children to be a part of this very special next step in their journey of faith. 


God bless you all Year 6. 

The Big Sing

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On Wednesday 6th November, Year 6 attended 'The Big Sing' at Mount St. Mary's. In the morning, we all prepared for a special liturgy by learning new songs and actions as well as selecting children to learn a new dance and read bidding prayers. After lunch, along with many other children from Catholic primary schools across Leeds, we participated in the special liturgy. We had so much fun!

Science week visitors

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During science week, we were extremely lucky to participate in a wide range of science-based workshops. Watch the video above to see us becoming forensic scientists, palaeontologists, robot handlers as well as sweet and slime creators…


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On Friday 25th October, Mrs Mehmood visited Year 6 to explain her fascinating job as an optometrist. Firstly, we looked a model of our eye and explored the different parts and their functions. Next, we were taught why a person would be short or long sighted and how glasses can correct this as well as learning new scientific vocabulary like convex and concave. Finally, we all explored a contact lens…

Brightstorm Science

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During Autumn 1, Year 6 have been reading Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy in Guided Reading. As we have been reading and identifying our words of the week, we have noticed a lot of scientific vocabulary. Therefore, we completed two experiments to further our knowledge on density and air resistance. We made lava lamps to explore the density of water and oil and we created our own sky ships with a variety of materials as the balloon to investigate air resistance. It was all so much fun and we learnt so much…


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As we came to the end of our Circulatory System unit, the science department from Mount St. Mary’s came to complete a dissection lesson of the heart with us. Mr Hicklin was extremely impressed with our knowledge of the heart, particularly the four chambers and how blood leaves the heart in an artery and returns in a vein. After the dissection, we extended our knowledge about arteries, veins and capillaries. Watch the video above to see our very exciting lesson…


During the week beginning 30th September, all the Year 6 children completed their Bikeability Level 1 and 2 training with Cycle North. Well done!

Leeds United's Centenary

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On Monday 30th September, six very lucky members of Year 6 visited The Centenary Pavilion at Elland Road to share the research and project the whole class have been working on to mark Leeds United's Centenary. For the last two weeks, the children have been inspired by Albert Johanneson (the first Black African to play in the FA Cup final in 1965 for Leeds) and have worked in groups to find out about more inspirational Leeds players from around the globe. In addition, everyone has been raiding their attics to find all their Leeds memorabilia and we created our own Leeds United museum filled with shirts, programmes, scarves, balls and much more. Marching on Together!

Parliamentary Education Service

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On Tuesday 24th September, all KS2 had a special assembly with Rachel from the Parliamentary Education Service. We learnt about what happens in the Houses of Parliament and what living in a democracy means. Afterwards, Rachel visited Year 6 and completed an 'Elections and Voting' workshop. All the children worked in groups to create a new political party and had to collaborate to produce a party manifesto. At the end they all presented their manifesto and we voted for the party with a manifesto that appealed to us. Congratulations to the Square Party who won!

Science - The Circulatory System

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This half term, Year 6 have been studying The Circulatory System. We began by creating a gigantic system in the school hall, with the children representing the heart, lungs, arteries, veins and blood. After wards, we created a labelled diagram of this in our books and were able to see why it is known as a double circulation system. In our next lesson, we created 3D hearts which has helped in our most recent lesson in which we labelled the human heart. Year 6 are heart experts!

smiley Welcome to Year 6 smiley


We hope that you all had an enjoyable summer break and that you are ready to begin this important and exciting year in school. As this is your last year at St. Anthony's, we hope that we can work together to make it a happy, successful and memorable year. In order to achieve your potential, it is important that you come into school with a mature attitude towards your learning and continue this at home.  Here are a few reminders to help you along the way:


*Reading at home every night and ensuring an adult signs your planner.

*Learning your weekly spellings and the rules which will help you to spell unfamiliar words.

*Completing your weekly homework to a high standard. 

*Ensuring you bring your planner everyday to school to write any important notes down or important dates.

*Having your PE kits in school (PE days will be a Tuesday and Thursday).

*Arriving at school on time ready for our first lesson of the day - Guided Reading.


Our classroom is ready for an action-packed year and the displays are waiting for all your wonderful work to go up! I am really looking forward to seeing your exciting vocabulary A-Zs as well as seeing where and what you have been reading over the holidays – remember your photograph for our ‘Readagram’ display.


We are really looking forward to teaching you all this year and there’s to look forward to, including our first themed week in October – St. Anthony’s Scientists!


Mrs Nicholson and Miss Taylor

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