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Our vision and values


We want to share the school's vision and values with you, which have been written by all key stakeholders:


Our mission statement at St Anthony's Catholic Primary School is embedded by the statement of ethos:     


‘Growing together on a journey with Jesus’


At St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, we nurture, cherish and inspire all

on their journey of faith with Jesus.

Through our many partnerships we provide a prayerful and reflective school with Christ at the heart,

where everybody can flourish and grow in faith.

With respect, love and care, we guide everyone in fulfilling their true potential,

empowering them to successfully shape the future.


The aims and ethos of our school are:

  • Each child will belong and feel happy, confident and secure within a caring Catholic family developing their own faith on a journey with Jesus.

  • Each child will learn and grow in an inspiring, creative and nurturing school, where they will confidently achieve their true potential discovering their inner strengths and talents.

  • Each child and all members of our school community will flourish, with the support of others, developing the qualities of respect and responsibility.


DfE Performance Tables


Our Key Stage 1 and 2 results are consistently outstanding and by following the link above you can see our latest scores in comparison with other schools. We have had  some of our best results over the last three years showing a real increase in performance across all three key stages showing an improving trend, resulting in our school being in the top 3% schools in the League Tables for Leeds 2018, being ranked 4th for reading, 14th for writing and 17th for maths at KS2.