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The Intent of our Computing Curriculum 


Our high-quality computing education at St Anthony’s aims to inspire pupils to become active participants in a digital world, through an understanding of the importance of technology so they gain life-skills to enable them to embrace, use and develop new technology in a rapidly changing society with a passion to continue to develop their love for computing in future life.



Computing Policy 2023-2024

Data and information – Flat-file databases (Spring 1 2024) Year 6

Year 6 have looked at how a flat-file database can be used to organise data in records and they compared paper and computer-based databases. Using a computer-based database the children used tools within it to order and answer questions about data. They developed their search techniques to answer questions about the data and used advanced techniques to search for more than one field.

Creating Media- Digital Photographs (Spring 1 2024) Year 2

The children are beginning to recognise that different devices can be used to capture photographs and they captured their own photographs using i-pads. They learnt that a photograph can be taken in either portrait or landscape format and they were challenged to take the following photographs -A building, a person, a close-up of an object, an action shot, a selfie and something in the distance. These were taken in both portrait and landscape formats and they then explored the reasons why a photographer may favour one over the other.

Creating Media -Video Production Year 5 ( Autumn 2 2023)

Year 5 Video production  – The children learnt how to create short videos by working in pairs or small groups. They enjoyed experimenting with different camera angles - considering how different camera angles could be used for different purposes. Using a storyboard they explored a variety of filming techniques. Our storyboards described each scene, and included a script, camera angles, and filming techniques. We then used these storyboards to film the first scene of the videos.

Creating Media- Stop-frame animation Year 4 (Autumn 2 2023)

The children used a range of techniques to create a stop-frame animation using tablets. They created a storyboard showing the characters, settings and events that they would like to include in their own stop-frame animation. Next, the children applied those skills to create a story based stop –frame animation.

Computing systems and networks - Technology around us (Autumn 2 2023) Year 1

The Year 1 children have developed their understanding of technology and how it can help them in their everyday lives. They have now become familiar with the different components of a computer by developing their keyboard and mouse skills. The children have explored why we have rules in school and how those rules help us, and then they applied this understanding to rules needed for using computer technology safely.

Creating Media – Stop-Frame animation (Autumn 2 2023) Year 3

We looked at how animations are a series of still images stitched together to create a motion video. The children explored how animations can be created using on-screen or off-screen (flipbooks) images. We created our own simple flipbook and then went on to use software to create a Christmas themed on-screen animation.

Computer systems and networks – Information Technology around us (Autumn 2 2023) Year 2

As part of our work on looking at information technology all around us the children were able to think about the choices that are made when using information technology, and the responsibility associated with those choices. They used IT in different types of activities and were able to explain that sometimes they will need to use IT in different ways. We explored the digital 5 a day, in these pictures we are getting creative and painting a digital picture, come and look at our work!

Computing systems and networks- Systems and searching (Autumn 1 2023) Year 6

Year 6 have been developing their understanding of computer systems and how information is transferred between systems and devices. We looked at the input, output, and process aspects of a variety of different real-world systems. The children discovered how information is found on the World Wide Web, through learning how search engines work and through comparing different search engines.

Creating Media – Digital Painting (Autumn 1 2023) Year 1

Year one have been exploring how we can paint using computers. We explored a range of tools used for digital painting and used them to create different shapes and lines and we then used these tools to create our own digital pictures.

Computing systems and networks- Connecting Computers (Autumn 1 2023) Year 3

The children explored and identified that digital devices have inputs, processes and output. They compared digital and non-digital devices by creating two pieces of work with the same focus, using digital devices to create one piece of art work, and non-digital tools to create the other. We compared and contrasted the two.

Computing systems and networks- Systems and searching (Autumn 1 2023) Year 5

Year 5 have begun exploring what is meant by a 'system' and identifying the processes that are involved in how systems work. We also explored how larger computer systems work in real life, and began using search engines to find information before refining our results.


Technology around us!

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Technology around us! - Year one have been developing their understanding of technology and how it can help them in their everyday lives. They have started to become familiar with the different components of a computer by developing their keyboard and touchpad skills. The children have also considered how to use technology responsibly by creating their own safety posters.

D-Side Safer Internet Session Year 2

Technology in the Early Years - During the Early Years Foundation Stage children will utilise a range of technology to support their learning in other areas of the curriculum. This will include the use of interactive games, iPads, cameras, Bee-Bots and remote-controlled vehicles. Whilst exploring the world around them, children will explore wider uses of everyday technology .

Summer Year 1 Programming a robot - Bee-Bot

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Reception Using Technology - Painting using iPads

Technology in the Foundation Stage

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Computing in Year 1- Recording sound

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Year 1 recorded their own sound effects for their Traction Man stories they were writing in English.

Computing in Year 2 - We Are Programmers!

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Our computing in action across KS2 with our visiting expert Computing teacher.

Year 3 Computing - Garage Band

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This half term, Year 3 are using the Garage Band app to develop their computing skills through making music! The children have selected and compiled a sequence of sound in pairs to create their own composition.

Year 4 Computing Curriculum - Music Makers

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We really enjoyed exploring the features of ' Dubstep'. We investigated aspects such as tempo, drum beat and wobble bass and learnt how to incorporate a drop section. We worked successfully to create our own 'Dubstep' styled track.

Music Makers

During our computer sessions with Junior Jam, we learnt about the features of House, Drum and Bass and Dubstep. We used this knowledge when creating our own pieces of music using Garage Band software.

Year 4 Amazing Algorithms

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We explored 'Hopscotch' and learnt how to use algorithms. We made good use of our maths skills when calculating what angles to use to create our patterns. Have a look at what we created.

Year 5 Internet Safety - Be SMART!

Computing in Year 6

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Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed all their Computing sessions this year! They have used GarageBand to compose a wonderful song as well as using Lightbot and Hopscotch to develop their coding skills.