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St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Growing together on a journey with Jesus


Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our wonderful school:


Foundation Class

This term, Mrs Coldman, Mrs Capaldi  and Mrs Shelton teach in our Foundation Class. They are assisted by Mrs Cecil, Mrs Cook and Mrs Normington. Mrs Capaldi is in charge of EYFS, Early Reading and Initial Teaching Students for EYFS in our school. Mrs Shelton is in charge of computing across our school. Mrs Coldman is our History leader. 


Year 1

Miss Troops teaches Year 1. Miss Troops is an early career teacher and is very excited to be starting her teaching career at St Anthony's this year. She is very well supported through the day by both Mrs Lee and Mrs Hennigan. 


Year 2

Mrs Gledhill teaches our Year 2 class. Mrs Gledhill is our DT leader. Year 2 are helped each day by both Mrs Johnson and Mrs Clark. 


Year 3

Miss Staunton Sykes teaches our Year 3 class. Miss Staunton Sykes is also an early career teacher who is extremely excited about starting her teaching career at St Anthony's with such a special class. She is very well assisted each day by Mrs Gallagher. 


Year 4

Miss Peacey teaches our Year 4 class ably assisted by Mrs Caley. She leads our Maths and MFL in school.


Year 5  

Mrs Barton teaches Year 5. She is helped by Mrs Leatham and Mrs Caley. Mrs Barton is our English leader and also leads our ITT for the St Anthony's Primary Learning Partnership, with a particular focus on training our primary trainees. 


Year 6

Mrs Nicholson is our Year 6 teacher, and she is also our SENCO in school. Mrs Nicholson has responsibility also for the leadership of Science in school this year. Co-teaching Year 6 is Miss Taylor, our Assistant Leader of Learning who supports both Maths and RE in Year 6. Year 6 have part time support from Mrs Leatham. Miss Taylor leads our RE, PSHE, RSE and supports our Senior Leadership Team.


Mr Whittle (our deputy head) is our RE leader in school, and also takes a lead in assessment and curriculum alongside the headteacher. Mr Whittle also leads PE. He helps Miss Leonard and our SLT to lead our wonderful school. Mr Whittle leads CPLD across our partnership and within our school, ensuring well trained staff remain at the heart of our school.


Mrs McGuire is in charge of Art. Mrs McGuire will return to us after her maternity leave in Spring 2022.  


Miss Delaney will be joining us in Summer 2022 to join our teaching team. We look forward to welcoming Miss Delaney shortly.


Mr Hanson is our PE coaches and teach PE across school.


Mrs Doherty runs our Rainbow Room and supports in our busy school office. She assists pupils to have beautiful behaviour in school.


Mrs Grosvenor is our School Business Manager and leads our school office. 


Mr Daly is our caretaker and lunchtime manager. He is very well supported by Mrs Connor who cleans our school so beautifully.


Mr Leach  is our choral director and works with our chamber choir and our Year 2 class each Tuesday.


Mr Tong is our cornet and ukulele teacher who works with our Years 3 and 4 pupils each Wednesday afternoon.


Ms Marie-France Matthias is our MFL teacher and visits KS2 each Tuesday afternoon. 


Mr Liam Sullivan is our Computing teacher and visits KS2 each Tuesday afternoon. 


Mr Bove also works at our school as our personal assistant for the Teaching School.


Father Whitwell is our parish priest and we visit him regularly in his role leading us in our faith.