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Our Curriculum Intent (2022)

Our aim is to provide our children with an ambitious curriculum which is rich in opportunities to learn and explore vocabulary.


Our Geographical Intent (2022)

Our high-quality Geography education at St Anthony’s aims to inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

Our Curriculum Intent, Entitlement and Enrichment for Geography (March 2022)

Geography Policy 2022

Here is our Geography Curriculum coming alive this year across our whole school. We begin with evidence from Reception, and move upwards through each year group to our Geography curriculum in Year 6. I hope you enjoy seeing our Geography curriculum in action. Come and ask our Geography leader, Miss Leonard, if you have any questions relating our our Geography curriculum at St Anthony's.

Reception - Diwali

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We had a fantastic day learning all about how some children celebrate the festival of Diwali. We drew comparisons between the celebrations that take place at Diwali and celebrations we have experienced such as Christmas, Bonfire Night and our birthdays. Have a look at this video to see some of the fun activities we took part in to further our learning about this very special festival.

Reception - Our Local Area

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We have been learning all about our local area. Look at all of our fantastic work! We have done lots of research about features of Beeston by going on local walks and conducting field sketches from our school grounds. Our reading skills helped us to play a sorting game to identify things that we could find in Beeston and things we couldn't. Then we used all of our knowledge to create our own model Beeston which filled our whole classroom! We had so much fun driving the remote control cars around our amazing creation, whilst identifying lots of features of our local area.

Reception - Holi

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We all thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Hindu festival of Holi. Before we went outside, we learnt lots of different facts about the festival and how some children might celebrate it. We used our geographical skills to find India on the map and talked about similarities and differences between Holi and some of the celebrations we have experienced such as Christmas or Bonfire Night.
"We learnt about Holi. We were playing with the paint. They go to their church. They take off their shoes at their church, we don't do that" said Jamelia.
"We fight with paint, it's Holi! They eat special food. I have food at Christmas" said Harrison.

Geography in Reception

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We had a very exciting theme day learning all about the festival of Diwali. The children learnt so much about this interesting festival and compared this to other celebrations they have experienced.

Reception - Chinese New Year

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We learnt all about the festival of Chinese New Year. We did our research, made some amazing things and some of us even ate some Chinese food. We talked about the similarities and differences between Chinese New Year and festivals that we celebrate.

Reception - Rockpool Environments

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We learnt all about the features of a rockpool environment and compared this to puddles we might find in Beeston. Then we learnt about the different animals that live in a rockpool. We made some absolutely beautiful rockpools - have a look at some of our creations!

Reception - Chinese New Year

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We used the internet, books and some special objects Mrs Capaldi had brought in to learn about how some children around the world might celebrate the festival of Chinese New Year. We used globes and maps to find the location of China but also talked about how some children in Leeds might celebrate Chinese New Year too. Then we took part in lots of activities to explore the festival in lots of different ways across our Foundation Stage curriculum.

Reception - Exploring the Festival of Holi

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As part of our learning about different cultures in our world we learnt about the festival of Holi. We used Google Earth to locate India where many people celebrate this festival. Then we watched videos to find out all about how and why children from around the world celebrate this festival. We finished out special morning by recreating part of the festival outside. Look at the video to see how much fun we had exploring this fantastic colourful festival celebrating the beginning of Spring!

Reception - Identifying Features of our School Environment

We used aerial photographs to identify features of our school grounds. Then we used this knowledge to collect pirate coins on a treasure hunt around our school. We developed our geographical vocabulary linked to our local area. 

Year 1 Assembly

Our Year 1 class have been learning about cold locations. They have used maps and globes to locate the polar regions. They performed their learning from their Geography topic this February 2022. Ask them all about it.

Year 1 trip to Cannon Hall Farm

Year 1 have been learning about different settings. They made a field trip to the Farm to learn new vocabulary to help them with their topic.

Year 1 Amazon Adventurers

Year 1 - Catch-up Learning - Mapping Skills

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Mrs Coldman spent a day in Year 1 developing their mapping skills and use of locational and positional language. I was so impressed with how you threw yourselves into each activity and what you could remember at the end of the day too! We began by being divided in to different crews and designing our own pirate hats. We then made an essential pirate tool - a compass. We labelled each direction, added the arrow and used these to follow directions that were given to us. After, we used this knowledge when studying maps! Our last activity involved doing a survey of the human features of our school grounds. We then added these to a treasure map and created a key. Finally we hunted for the buried treasure belonging to another crew using their maps. Wow what a super set of pirates and an amazing set of geographers you are Year 1!

Geography in Year 1- Local area walk

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In Year 1 we were learning about the features of our local area. We developed our skills of enquiry by asking questions, what is it like in Beeston? What makes it a special place to live? We undertook fieldwork in Beeston to look for human and physical features and found these on maps and plans. We developed our vocabulary of geography by naming the features we could see.

Geography in Year 1

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Continents and Oceans:
In the Spring term Year 1 were learning all about the seven continents and five oceans. The children loved getting out the maps and globes to see if they could spot each continent and each ocean around the world

Bridlington Explorers

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Wow, Year Two! What a set of super stars you are! I was so impressed with your behaviour, manners and grown-up attitude on our trip to Bridlington on Friday. You listened so carefully and had smiles on your faces all day. You were an absolute joy to spend time with and a credit to your families and our school. A huge well done!
I was also very impressed with your amazing Geography knowledge. You showed what seaside experts you are; naming the physical and human features, finding out about the jobs in a seaside town and thinking about what tourists can do in Bridlington. Mrs Gledhill will be very proud of you!
Mrs Coldman

Year 2 Seaside Explorers

Seaside Explorers!

Year 2 had the most wonderful time being Geography explorers in the coastal town of Bridlington. Over the last few weeks, Year 2 have conducted research to discover more all about Bridlington and are planning a non-chronological report based around their research. During the visit, they identified and named a range of human and physical features of the coastline and considered how a seaside town generates tourism. I am so proud of them for all of their hard work and I know they had a superb time exploring at the seaside! Take a look at our special video from the day!

Year 2 - Catch-up Learning - Australia Day

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In the Summer 2, Mrs Coldman led a Geography Day in Year 2, catching up on missed learning from the previous year. Year Two became Australian explorers in our catch up Geography Day. The children worked incredibly hard to develop their knowledge of the continents and oceans. They used atlases and globes and worked as a team to place them all in the correct places. Then they made balloon globes - Wow! The children listened carefully to the reasons for the design of the Australian and United Kingdom flags before making their own. They asked lots of questions and were very inquisitive when I spoke to them about my own trip to Australia a few years ago. Finally the children pieced together the 6 states of Australia and added the important cities and landmarks. We had a wonderful day Year Two and I was so impressed with each and every one of you!

Geography in Year 2 - Observing photographs to identify physical features

Year 2 - Exploring and reading maps

Year 2 - Which countries make the UK?

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To support with our Geography topic, Year 2 hosted an English afternoon tea to enhance our learning all about the country of England. Our parents/grandparents/relatives visited to help us delve deeper into the capital city of London, explore the River Thames, Scafell Pike and many other English traditions. We looked at maps, made our own English flags and recreated some key physical and human features of England. We had a wonderful afternoon and learned so much about the country of England! Take a look at some of our pictures below.

Geography in Year 3

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Over the Autumn and Spring terms, year 3 have been looking at the topics 'Weather' and 'The Local Area'. Take a look at these great examples of learning that include: comparing hot and cold climates, locating hot and cold climates, directions, human/physical features and map reading.

Year 3 - Map Reading

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Using an 8 point compass, Year 3 have worked excellently hard reading maps and identifying geographical human features in our local area of Beeston

Year 3 Topic: The Local Area

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Year 3 have been further developing their skills of fieldwork and enquiry by learning about the human and physical features of our local area Beeston. During a Geography fieldwork visit around Beeston we identified a number of human features and followed a map of a local route using a compass to record direction. We named features, and located these accurately on maps. We used digimaps to locate Beeston, and identify its features, comparing it to other locations we have studied in Geography.

As part of our Geography topic on rivers, we were very lucky to spend the morning with education workers from Yorkshire Water. We found out about the different stages of the Water Cycle and learnt about the process of water treatment. We explored the causes and effects of river pollution and found out what not to put down the kitchen sink or flush down the toilet. 

Year 4 - Catch-up Learning - Our Local Area

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Mrs Coldman led a catch-up learning day, where Year 4 studied our local area. We began the day thinking about where Beeston is; which city, which county, which country and which continent. We also considered its location compared to other areas. We used Google Maps to plan a local route and designed a tally chart to collect our data. We added the possible different types of land use we may find. During our local walk, we collect land use data in a tally chart and took photographs on i-pads. Once we returned to school, we used our data to create a bar graph demonstrating the different types of land use and created pencil sketches using our photographs. We then added these to a local area map. An amazing day of learning. Well done Year 4!

Year 4 - Geography Wonder Day - France

Our Year 4 class studied the topic of France. They have identified the main physical and human features of France, and brought the topic alive through a French wonder day. They can identify and talk about a range of French landmarks and even created their own verions of the Eiffel Tower through DT! French cuisine was explored as well as learning French from our native French expert Madame Mattaeus.

Geography in Year 4

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We love geography in Year 4. Throughout the year, we have worked hard to develop our mapping skills, building sequentially on the skills taught in previous year groups. We have created graphs to represent climate data and have used these when comparing different regions, considering their proximity to the equator. We have developed our use of geographical vocabulary and have considered the positive and negative effects of human activity on the environment.

Year 4 - Fantastic France

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We really enjoyed our 'Geography Wonder Day'. It was a brilliant opportunity to bring alive, celebrate and enhance our Geography topic on France. The children were amazing and it was such a joy to see their enthusiasm, co-operation and love of learning!

Year 5 - Food Trade and Transport

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"Before you've finished your breakfast this morning, you'll have relied on half the world." - Martin Luther King
Year 5 were tasked with a very interesting project this week exploring the ultimate question: Where does your food come from? Each day Year 5 were set a focus area to complete researching and presenting the following areas: trade, export and import, food miles and Fair Trade. From PowerPoints to booklets, our work was published to a very high standard. Year 5 enjoyed exploring the food in their homes and finding out about their country of origin.

Year 5 - Biome in a Box

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We have been very busy learning all about the major biomes of the world in our Geography work this half term. We became experts on a biome of our choice and looked at animal adaptions, designing our own animal adapted to a particular biome. Finally, on Friday we made 'Biomes in a Box', thinking carefully about how to best represent our chosen biome and the flora and fauna found there! Both the children in school and at home have worked incredibly hard - take a look...

Geography in Year 5

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Exploring Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest

In Year 5, we loved learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. We worked hard to develop our mapping skills and looked closely at the countries which border Brazil. Next, we explored the physical geography of Brazil, focusing on landscape, climate, wildlife and people. We then used data to draw our own graphs showing the average monthly temperature in a tropical rainforest and average rainfall. Some of us drew line graphs to compare the average temperatures in Manaus and London! After gaining a good understanding of the climate, we explored deeper into the rainforest learning about the four layers.Our learning was topped off with a visit to Tropical World, comparing our native woodland with tropical rainforests! Whilst learning about the rainforest, we learnt all about the life and work of Sir David Attenborough. Year 5 are truly inspired to continue with his amazing work saving the world's precious rainforests!

Year 5: Locating the Amazon Rainforest

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In Year 5, we loved learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. We worked hard to develop our mapping skills and looked closely at the countries which border Brazil. Next, we explored the physical geography of Brazil, focusing on landscape, climate, wildlife and people.

Year 5: Animals of the Rainforest

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Year 5 took part in a rainforest animals workshop led by Sam’s Safaris. The workshop gave us the opportunity to meet rare and exotic invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals from around the world. We had the chance to handle and observe the animals whilst learning about their life cycles.

Geography in Year 6: Amazing Africa

Year 6: African Wonder Day

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On Tuesday 23rd November, Year 6 had their very own African Wonder Day! We began the morning with an African Quiz to test our Geographical knowledge. Afterwards, we created our own wonderful African masks using a dotting art technique. After playtime, we used our African masks and learnt an African masked dance. Finally, in the afternoon, we completed an African drumming workshop using djembes. Have a look the highlights of our wonderful action-packed day...

Year 6: Out of Africa Display

Year 6: African Drumming

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As part of our African Wonder Day, we participated in an African Drumming workshop. During this, we learnt about how drums are an integral part of tribe life; what they are made from as well as different rhythms. By the end of the session, we had created impressive polyrhythmic music which was so loud that the rest of the school could hear it!

Year 6: African Masks

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As part of our African Wonder Day, we created our own African Mask Masterpieces. Watch the video and see if you can play 'Guess who?' at the end...