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Reception - Chinese New Year

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We used the internet, books and some special objects Mrs Capaldi had brought in to learn about how some children around the world might celebrate the festival of Chinese New Year. We used globes and maps to find the location of China but also talked about how some children in Leeds might celebrate Chinese New Year too. Then we took part in lots of activities to explore the festival in lots of different ways across our Foundation Stage curriculum.

Reception - Exploring the Festival of Holi

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As part of our learning about different cultures in our world we learnt about the festival of Holi. We used Google Earth to locate India where many people celebrate this festival. Then we watched videos to find out all about how and why children from around the world celebrate this festival. We finished out special morning by recreating part of the festival outside. Look at the video to see how much fun we had exploring this fantastic colourful festival celebrating the beginning of Spring!
We used aerial photographs to identify features of our school grounds. Then we used this knowledge to collect pirate coins on a treasure hunt around our school. 

Reception - Identifying Features of our School Environment

Year 1- Continents and Oceans

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In the Spring term Year 1 were learning all about the seven continents and five oceans. The children loved getting out the maps and globes to see if they could spot each continent and each ocean around the world

Year 2 - Observing photographs to identify physical features

Year 2 - Exploring and reading maps

Year 2 - Which countries make the UK?

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To support with our Geography topic, Year 2 hosted an English afternoon tea to enhance our learning all about the country of England. Our parents/grandparents/relatives visited to help us delve deeper into the capital city of London, explore the River Thames, Scafell Pike and many other English traditions. We looked at maps, made our own English flags and recreated some key physical and human features of England. We had a wonderful afternoon and learned so much about the country of England! Take a look at some of our pictures below.

Year 3 Geography Work

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Over the Autumn and Spring terms, year 3 have been looking at the topics 'Weather' and 'The Local Area'. Take a look at these great examples of learning that include: comparing hot and cold climates, locating hot and cold climates, directions, human/physical features and map reading.

Year 3 Topic: The Local Area

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Year 3 have been learning about the human and physical features of our local area Beeston. During a Geography walk we identified a number of human features and followed a map of a local route using a compass to record direction.

Year 4 Geography

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We love geography in Year 4. Throughout the year, we have worked hard to develop our mapping skills. We have created graphs to represent climate data and have used these when comparing different regions, considering their proximity to the equator. We have developed our use of geographical vocabulary and have considered the positive and negative effects of human activity on the environment.

Year 5 - Exploring Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest

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In Year 5, we loved learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. We worked hard to develop our mapping skills and looked closely at the countries which border Brazil. Next, we explored the physical geography of Brazil, focusing on landscape, climate, wildlife and people. We then used data to draw our own graphs showing the average monthly temperature in a tropical rainforest and average rainfall. Some of us drew line graphs to compare the average temperatures in Manaus and London! After gaining a good understanding of the climate, we explored deeper into the rainforest learning about the four layers.Our learning was topped off with a visit to Tropical World, comparing our native woodland with tropical rainforests! Whilst learning about the rainforest, we learnt all about the life and work of Sir David Attenborough. Year 5 are truly inspired to continue with his amazing work saving the world's precious rainforests!