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St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Growing together on a journey with Jesus


Year 1

Ace Club Sports Gala

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Many thanks to Ace Club who provided a wonderful day of sport for the whole school on Friday. It was amazing to see the children enjoying such a wide range of sports led brilliantly by the Ace Club Leaders.

St Anthony's Marian Procession 2022

Party at the Palace: The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrated by our Year One class

Year 1 - Liturgical Dance - Our Father

On Tuesday 17th May, our Year One class were so lucky to take part in a very special workshop led by More Than Dance. They learnt two new songs to praise God and share their faith with others. Their first dance was to learn a new version of Alleluia to celebrate the joy of Eastertide. They then recreated the Our Father, their special prayer to God. We hope you enjoy our Year One liturgical dance. God bless all our Year One pupils.

Liturgical Dance: Our Father brought into dance and led by Year One!

RE: A very special visit to Year One by Father Whitwell, our parish priest (and Shady the parish dog!) to learn more about Eastertide.

RE creative learning through role play: The Ascension retold by Year One!

RE: We visited our new school Prayer Garden!

Ascension Artwork

Mathematics: Learning about Fractions (Halves and Quarters)

Our Stained Glass Windows (Creative RE)

Our Year One children have really impressed us all with their excellent writing about traditional tales. They have been focussing upon Jack and The Beanstalk. Take a look at their superb work! 

A Pilgrimage of Faith

Our Year One class have been on a pilgrimage through Lent and have been so reflective in their learning. Take a look at our video which captures some of our learning.

Year 1 - Our God is a great big God

Our Year One children wanted to share with you one of their favourite songs which they share in their collective worships. They learnt this is in our Faith Week. Well done Year One.

Easter Fundraising

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Well done to everyone who entered our Easter Competitions this year. Watch our photo story to see the amazing bonnets, decorated eggs and Easter gardens - we were amazed by all your entries.

Holy Week- Washing of the Feet

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This week we have celebrated holy week. We have enjoyed learning the story of Easter starting with Palm Sunday all the way to Easter Sunday. When learning about Maundy Thursday Year one re-enacted the washing of the feet through symbolic actions. The children understood why Jesus washed his disciples feet and enjoyed showing love to others by washing the feet of a friend.
Well done Year one!

Lent Workshop

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Year One took part in a special workshop all about Lent. We sung songs and danced together as we shared our knowledge of the Lenten journey. Together, we then acted out key moments from the Easter story, including Palm Sunday, Good Friday and the Resurrection of Jesus. We deepened our understanding of the Easter story and helped one another to prepare for the most special time of year. Take a look at some of our photos from our workshop...

Year 1 Chicks!

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There has been great excitement this half term in Year one as we have been very lucky to have our own chicks! We have loved watching them hatch, grow and taking care of them. Our chicks have helped us learn all about Spring and new life in readiness of Easter.
Well done Year one for caring for our new chicks so carefully. Take a look at see...

History- St Anthony's in the past

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This half term Year 1 were learning about what it was like to be a pupil of St. Anthony's in the past. We looked at the school building and how it had changed. We also looked at what houses were like and what everyday life was like. To conclude this topic Year 1 had a wonder day, we all dressed up as past pupils and pretended were were living in the past to fully experience what life was like. We took part in a range of activities gardening, woodwork, arithmetic, graphics, cleaning, making bread and writing with chalk.
It was great fun!

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

St Anthony's follows Little Wandle Systematic Synthetic Phonic Scheme with fidelity. Find out more by watching our video below, or visiting our Curriculum; Early Reading page. Ask our children all about it! We have daily phonic lessons and practice reading sessions three times a week. We capture our love of reading by also visiting our school library weekly where we choose a quality sharing book and a library book of our choice. Keep on reading everyone!

Year 1 World Book Day 2022!

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On Friday 4th March we celebrated World Book Day. Our theme this year was "cooking up a story!" We focused on Traditional Tales. In Year 1 we had an amazing day learning the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We read the story and then brought our story to life through role-play. We also become chiefs and decorated our own Gingerbread men!
All the children then thought of adjectives to describe the Gingerbread Man which then helped them to produce some fantastic writing! What an amazing day we had, sharing our love of reading with everyone. Watch our video to find out more...

World Book Day 2022

Our whole school celebrated our love for reading on Friday 4th March 2022. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.
Our theme this year was "cooking up a story!". All our children came dressed as chefs, fairy tale characters or a character from their class novel for this half term. Year One had a super day all about The Gingerbread Man! We launched our new "Reading Hut" and all our children were able to take home a new free book to share at home.
We continue to read, read, read and enjoy the passion for vocabulary and language. What an amazing day we had. Watch our video to find our more. Happy reading!

Year 1 Assembly

Our Year One class brought their learning alive through a sensational class assembly all about the Antarctic. They were dressed as penguins, polar bears and they remember lots of key facts from the topic. Ask them all about it! This topic enhances the children's learning in Geography. The children could locate Antarctica on a map and have asked and answered lots of questions about what it is like? Some budding Geography explorers are in our Year one class. Well done!

Eddie and the Penguins!


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This half term we have been learning all about Antarctica! We have learnt all about non-chronological reports and used adjectives to create our Antarctica setting descriptions. The children have produced some beautiful writing and I am extremely proud of them! Well done Year 1, another super half term!

Year 1 Maths

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This half term in Maths we have been learning place value for numbers within 50. The children have learnt how to partition numbers to up to 50 using base 10. They have loved using the base ten to find out how many tens and how many ones are in a given number. They have been so enthusiastic in their learning and they would like to show you all their hard work! Come take a look...

Little Wandle - Practise Reading Sessions

Year 1 are really enjoying the new Little Wandle Practise Reading Sessions.  They are all working really hard to decode the new words, read with expression and understand what is happening in the story.  They will all be bringing home the book they have shared this week on Friday - we hope you are impressed by the wonderful reading. Well done everyone - You are all SUPER STARS!!!

Christmas in Year 1

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Year 1 have had just a wonderful time preparing for Christmas when celebrating Elf Day and Christmas Party Day! Take a look at some of the activities we have enjoyed together!

Festive Fun at St Anthony's - 2021

Wishing all our Year 1 class a wonderful Christmas. What an amazing Christmas we have had. God bless.

Year 1 - A bundle of joy

Our Year 1 class presented an outstanding production of "A bundle of joy" this Christmas for our school community. What little angels they each were. Please enjoy watching Year 1 singing, acting and performing one of the most precious stories ever told, the story of Christmas. Look at our incredible photos below too.

Happy Christmas everyone from Year 1 and all the school staff and leaders.

Christmas in Year 1

Year 1 History Wonder Day!

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We have had two fantastic wonder days for our History topic; Guy Fawkes. The children have loved learning all about the Gunpowder Plot and the reason why we celebrate bonfire night every year.

We started by learning all about bonfire, discussing how we celebrate bonfire night and how to stay safe. We made some fantastic firework art work, Miss Troops was blown away with how creative we were!
We then learnt about the Gunpowder Plot and that Guy Fawkes had plotted to blow up the house of parliament. We were super detectives, finding out what items he needed for his plan.
We then used our creative skills to make our very own firework rocket and discussed what might of happened if the plan had worked. All the children then lunched their rockets in the sky, outside in the playground!

On our second day, we re-told the story of the Gunpowder Plot together. We wrote some wonderful letters to warn parliament about Guy Fawkes' plan. In the afternoon, the children then made 'wanted' posters and created their own 'bonfires' using different types of art materials.

What a fantastic two days we had! The children really did make our two days so special, with their enthusiasm, passion and engagement, it really was a fantastic way to bring History to life!
Huge well done Year 1!

Skylar's Missing Note

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Key Stage One were lucky enough to be involved in a performance of 'Skylar’s Missing Note'. This musical story was all about Skylar’s prized piano and how one of the notes (middle C) became lost as the piano was transported to their new house. The note did appear in the mouth of a pigeon but unfortunately, despite Skylar’s best efforts, the note could not be reunited with the piano. However, Skylar continued to enjoy her piano and she found other ways to use her piano to create music.

Following the performance, each class took part in a workshop where we continued the story but this time based on the pigeon. Along the way, we learnt many musical terms: dynamics (loud or quiet); pitch (high or low); tempo (fast or slow) and rhythm (the pattern of the music). A huge well done to all of Key Stage One who threw themselves in to both the performance and the workshops.

Shape Week in Year 1

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Shape Week
Year 1 had a fantastic last week of half term learning all about 2D and 3D shapes! we explored the properties of shapes and learnt the names of some new 3D shapes! We had lots of fun afternoons being creative with shapes in different ways. Watch the video to see all the exciting things we did!

Marvellous Maths

Our Year 1 class undertook wonder afternoons to ensure they have a strong retention of knowledge of age related expectations for shape within Year 1. They experienced a Number Fun day, putting their knowledge of shape into many fun contexts, including singing. In class, Year 1 explored and named 2-D shapes, increasing their fluency of knowledge in this area of the mathematics curriculum. Ask Year 1 all about it! Our video below shows highlights from the week across school. I hope you enjoy it!

English: Year 1 Pumpkin Poetry

Our Year 1 class have been exploring poetry with a pumpkin theme to celebrate World Poetry Day. What amazing poets we have in Year 1. Hear our super poem in the video below. We went on to compose our own incredible poems too. What a clever class!

We have been learning all about Autumn in Year 1 and this week we have been reading the repetitive poem, "Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin".

We have really enjoyed learning this poem together and creating our own actions. Today we brought our poem to life and performed this video to share with everyone. This will help us tomorrow when we write our own Autumn poem.


Well done Year 1!


Year 1 Science: Senses

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This half term year 1 have been learning about the five senses in Science. Over the weeks we have explored each sense in different ways.
We used our sense of taste to talk about foods that were salty, sour and sweet. We used our sense of hearing on our sound walk around the school. We used our sense of touch to describe how different materials felt. We used our sense of smell to describe different scented stickers. We also used our sight to carve pumpkins! Year 1 have really enjoyed learning about their five senses. What a super half term!

Year 1 trip to Cannon Hall Farm

Our Year 1 class have been exploring and describing the setting of the farm. No English setting work would be complete without a visit to the farm to learn new vocabulary and to enrich our descriptions. Look at the fun we had at Cannon Hall Farm! On our return, we wrote some incredible information sentences with all the new knowledge we learnt on the day. Such a brilliant day year 1. Well done!

Year 1 P.E

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This Year we are learning a whole new Curriculum in P.E, using expert teaching from Primary Influence and Miss Troops. So far we have learnt how to balance and climb in Gymnastics, use our movement and control skills in Football. We have also used the virtue 'perseverance' to learn how to skip. Well done Year 1! We can't wait to continue to build upon our strong foundations of knowledge and skill as we move through Year 1.

Year 1 Trip to Cannon Hall Farm

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In English this half term we have been writing information texts about farm animals. To help us with our learning, we went to visit Cannon Hall Farm! We learnt so many facts about each animal. The children had an incredible day with Miss Troops and the Year 1 team. Watch our video to see all the fun we had!

⭐Welcome to Year 1!⭐

I hope you all had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready for an exciting year ahead in year 1. I am so excited to begin our journey together. I hope you are ready because Year 1 is going to be an adventure: we have so many exciting topics, challenges and opportunities ahead of us in the coming months.  We will begin our year down on the farm, learning lots of facts about farm animals, we will use our senses to explore the farm and learn about where our food comes from. This is one of my favourite topics and you will quickly discover my love for animals as I share this passion with you. 🚜 🐄 🐖 🐴


I have been so impressed with how many of you have been involved with home learning over the summer holidays. Thank you so much for sending photographs of what you have been doing at home to us on Tapestry. This year, our class updates will be posted onto the Google Classroom platform. This includes weekly spellings, copies of letters/announcements and any reminders. 


Below is some information that will help begin the year:

  • P.E will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays every week. (Please note-This will begin the week commencing 13th September).
  • Our meet the teacher meeting will take place virtually this year on Wednesday 8th September 4 - 4.30pm via Zoom (more information to follow).
  • Half termly newsletters (including any key dates) and spellings can be found via the Year 1 class page. 
  • Come into school every day, excited and ready to learn!
  • Practise your spelling every night.
  • Always try your best, remember every day is a new challenge!
  • Reading at home every night. One of my favourite quotes really sums up the importance of reading.




Enjoy your last few days of the summer holidays, I look forward to welcoming you all back next week! 


Miss Troops🐴 

2020/21 Finale

Year 1 Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 1 Amazon Adventurers

Our Year 1 class had a visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park to experience animals around the world. This visit linked to broadening language and experiences to link to both the topic of Animals in Science, and the Amazon in Geography. The children had an incredible day with Mr Whittle and the Year 1 team. Watch our video to see all the fun we had!

PSHE- D-side Visit

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We had a visit from the Drugs Education Teacher from D-side to help us to learn the new content from our Year 1 scheme of work for PSHE. Dave Hill came to lead expert sessions and Year 1 listened very carefully. Our first visit was to learn more about Internet Safety. Year 1 learnt a useful song during their D-side visit to remind them of how to keep safe when using the internet.
"When you tap and click you need to stop and think and tell someone!"

PSHE- D-side visit

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Year 1 had a visit from D-side to develop their knowledge of the Year 1 content from the PSHE curriculum linked to Drugs Education and thoroughly enjoyed it. They talked about who they can trust and how to keep their bodies healthy. They talked about which substances are safe to put into our bodies. Well done Year 1 for listening carefully and being so sensible with your answers.

ACE club sports gala

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Year 1 had a fantastic time yesterday taking part in a sports gala. They played football, team games and learnt a dance!

Geography Explorers

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Wow! What a wonderful day in Year 1 developing their mapping skills and use of locational and positional language. I was so impressed with how you threw yourselves into each activity and what you could remember at the end of the day too! We began by being divided in to different crews and designing our own pirate hats. We then made an essential pirate tool - a compass. We labelled each direction, added the arrow and used these to follow directions that were given to us. After, we used this knowledge when studying maps! Our last activity involved doing a survey of the human features of our school grounds. We then added these to a treasure map and created a key. Finally we hunted for the buried treasure belonging to another crew using their maps. Wow what a super set of pirates and an amazing set of geographers you are Year 1!
Mrs Coldman

RE- Jesus appears to the disciples in the upper room

Today Year 1 were learning about how shocked and astonished the disciples were to see Jesus appear in the upper room after he had died on the cross. The children created freeze frames to show what they though the disciples reactions would have been.

PE- Ball skills

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Year 1 have been learning about throwing, catching and passing the ball to each other in PE this half term.

History Wonder Day- A day in the life of a St. Anthony's past pupil

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Last half term Year 1 were learning about what it was like to be a pupil of St. Anthony's in the past. We looked at the school building and how it had changed. We also looked at what houses were like and what everyday life was like. To conclude this topic Year 1 had a wonder day, we all dressed up as past pupils and pretended were were living in the past to fully experience what life was like. It was great fun!

English- Innovating our own Traction Man adventure story

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This half term we have been focusing on Traction Man. The children have loved reading the story and writing about it. This week we started to create our own adventure stories. This is the Traction man adventure story we wrote together as a class!

Computing- Recording sound

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This week Year 1 recorded their very own sound effects for their Traction Man stories. They had great fun and loved listening to each others recordings.

Science Week

Our Year 1 class really enjoyed a return to the full excitement of our whole school themed week! Science week allowed our Year 1 class to consolidate prior learning in Science as well as be introduced to new knowledge on plants for this term. Year 1 really enjoyed their visit from Rockpool, Mad Science and Sublime Science. The most excitement came from the arrival of our nine new chicks outside the Year 1 classroom! This whole school summary shows just a tiny part of the outstanding learning that took place. I am so proud of our Year 1 class. 

Miss Leonard and the Year 1 team.

Science Week - Hatching chicks in Year 1!

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Year 1 have been very excited in Science Week. On Monday, we had some eggs delivered in an incubator from Living Eggs. We have successfully nurtured, watched and hatched 9 chicks! The children loved setting up the brooder box and having a little cuddle. First hand learning at its best! Well done Year 1.

Science Week in Year 1

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Year 1 have had a fantastic week this week. We have looked at the life cycles of animals and started our new topic, plants. We had lots of lovely visitors providing quality first hand experiences (including Mad Science, Sublime Science, The Rockpool Company) and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Look at all the Science learning they have mastered!

Easter Competition

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Well done to all the children who entered our Easter Competition! As you can see we had lots of entries which were all beautiful. Watch our video to see the wonderful Easter bonnets, gardens and decorated eggs!

Easter at St Anthony's

Holy Week - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

During Holy Week in 2021, we have been reflecting on the key events of this most important week. Each of our classes have re-enacted important events, shared liturgical dances, songs and prayers. This truly reflective video shows Holy Week at St Anthony's at its most holy. We hope you can share our learning, prayer and humble praise in your homes with us this year. God bless you all in Year 1 this Holy Week. 

English- Tea Party

Still image for this video
To end our English topic we acted out The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Year 1 were very good at 'eating all the buns' Delicious!

Music- Little Sing

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Year 1 took part in the Little Sing this afternoon and absolutely loved it! Here are just a few videos of them joining in.

Computing- Algorithms

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In Year 1 we have been learning about programming. The children learnt that an algorithm is a set of instructions that we can programme something to do. In this lesson the children gave the Bee-Bots an algorithm to follow. The Bee-Bot had to get from one partner to the other. It was great fun!

Maths- Capacity

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Year 1 have been learning about capacity in maths. They looked at what full, half full, empty, almost empty and almost full looked like. To help with this the children wrote their own recipe for a mocktail. They planned to fill their cups up to different capacities with the juices they wanted. They then got to make their very own mocktail to enjoy with their friends!

English - Retelling the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea

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Please watch this wonderful video of Year 1 retelling their focus text for this half term. Year 1 have been retelling the story "The Tiger Who Came To Tea". They used talk for writing and created actions to help them remember the story and where the punctuation should be. We will now start to write the story ourselves and we can't wait to get started on using all our punctuation, vocabulary and extended sentences. We are very proud of Year 1 and their improved listening and concentration skills as budding readers and writers. Keep this up Year 1.

English- Tiger masks to retell the story

Science- Walking Water Experiment

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In science this half term, Year 1 are focusing on working scientifically. During this lesson we explored our observation skills. We carried out an experiment that required us to observe changes over time. We had to use food colouring in the water and kitchen towels to connect the beakers. We watched over time and observed the water being absorbed by the beakers and moved into a different beaker. Year 1 had great fun and they were amazed at the results!

World Book Day - The Rainbow Fish - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Hello Year 1,

Happy World Book Day. The theme of our World Book Day this year is "share a story". All our staff in school have made two very special stories for you to share together with your families. We are watching them both today at school, but you might want to share this with your families too.

Keep sharing your love for reading as this is one of the most important gifts we can give our children.

God bless and enjoy,

Miss Leonard


I wish to thank Mr and Mrs Easton for their kind assistance making this reading compilation in partnership with us. 

World Book Day - Franklin's Flying Bookshop - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Captain Sir Tom Moore wonder day!

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Today the children payed tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore and the 100 years that he lived. The children took part in many activities linked to Captain Tom and the number 100. They had great fun and produced some beautiful artwork.

Geography- Save the planet

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This half term Year 1 have been learning about the five oceans and seven continents, the theme of this lesson was 'save the planet.' We looked at what was harming our planet and how we can stop climate change. A common way year 1 were trying to save our planet was by recycling. I challenged the children to make a new outfit or toy out of the recycled materials they had at home. I was blown away by their creativity!

English- Setting descriptions

In English this half term, the children were writing setting descriptions. They wrote some amazing descriptions from the book 'The Fish who could wish.' The children then went on to design their own settings. There were under the sea settings, magical settings, beach settings and many more. Here are just a few of the wonderful pieces of writing the children created. They worked so hard on using adjectives and expanding their vocabulary.

Art- The 5 Oceans

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Today, Year 1 put their creative and artistic skills to the test. The children chose an ocean to research, they then represented the ocean with some amazing artwork!

Geography- Learning about the 7 continents

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In Geography we have been learning about Oceans and Continents. Year 1 chose one continent that they wanted to research and find out all about. They went away and used the internet and books to find out as many facts about that continent. The work they produced was fantastic!

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School - Carol Service 2020

Please join us for our 2020 carol service.

Year 1 message from Santa

Nativity Wonder Day!

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What a brilliant day Year 1 had on Nativity Wonder Day. They acted out the Nativity story and discussed the true meaning of Christmas. Year 1 made stain glass windows and painted the nativity scene.

Year 1 Science- Waterproof investigation

In today's science lesson, Year 1 were learning about materials being waterproof. 

Year 1 investigated which material would be best to make an umbrella for teddy. They concluded that metal and plastic were waterproof and would be best. They also decided that fabric and paper would not make the best umbrella as they are not waterproof!


Year 1 Design and Technology- Design a porridge for Goldilocks

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After writing the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Year 1 designed a porridge they thought would be best for Goldilocks to eat. They learnt about healthy and unhealthy foods and decided fruit and honey would be the best option. They then chose which topping they wanted and made the porridge. We checked that the porridge wasn't too hot and waited for it to be just right! The children absolutely loved it and had a great time making it.

Year 1- Travelling Crib (Advent Wonder Day)

Our final activity on our Advent Wonder day was to make a travelling crib to take home to our families. We made the nativity scene and some puppets of Mary and Joseph. We are going to take these home, set them up, light a candle and read the nativity story to help us prepare and remember the true meaning of Christmas.
To help prepare for Christmas, each child in Year 1 made a personalised decoration to put on our class Christmas tree. We talked about how we have to use our focus virtue of patience during Advent as we wait for Christmas day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

Year 1- Wreath hats (Advent Wonder Day)

To start off our very exciting Advent Wonder Day, Year 1 discussed the meaning of advent, the different parts of the Advent Wreath and what they mean. We talked about the wreath being in a circle to represent God's infinite love. We also learnt the meaning of each of the candles. The children then made their own Advent wreath hats.

Year 1- The Three Little Pigs

I was so proud of Year 1. They have worked so hard on their writing over the last two weeks. They have been retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs and they have worked on including finger spaces, full stops, capital letters and adjectives. Here are just a few examples of the wonderful work they have produced.
Today Year 1 carried out a science experiment to investigate which materials would be best to build a house for The Three Little pigs. Each group built their house out of different materials they had chosen. The Big Bad wolf then came along and tried to blow the houses down! Year 1 discovered that wood and plastic would make the best house for a little pig.

Our Amazing Year 1 Writing

Our Year 1 class have been really impressing Miss Darvill with their writing of traditional stories. They have been writing traditional tales. They are focussing on re-ordering the story, focussing on writing super sentences and character descriptions, and finally are planning, drafting and writing their own simple versions of the stories. They are enjoying acting out the stories using puppets. I wonder if they can retell the story to you? I am really impressed with the improvement in the quality of writing in Year 1. Keep up your hard, super work!

Year 1 English: Orally retelling a repetitive rhyme

Still image for this video
Year 1 are reading the repetitive poem, 'Brown Bear Brown Bear what can you see?'
We have really enjoyed learning this poem together. Today we created our own masks to link to our performance and learnt some actions to help us retell the poem. This will help us tomorrow when we write our own poems just like the ones in the book "Brown Bear".

Year 1 Science - Our Sensational Senses Wonder Day!

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This half term Year 1 have been learning about the five senses. To explore our five senses even further, we had a senses wonder day. Year 1 became Scientists for the day!
Year 1 used their five senses to carve pumpkins and watch them explode.
They explored what it would be like to lose their sense of sight and had to guide each other round the playground.
The class even explored their sense of touch by taking part in a mystery touch test!
It was an excellent day and all the children loved it!
In RE we are learning about the virtue thanksgiving. We visited the farm as we used our sense to say thank you to God for our wonderful animals. We really enjoyed the wonder of all the animals. We thanked God for his special gifts to us when we returned to class in our morning prayers. 

Bowland Farm- Research for an Information text

Still image for this video
In English this half term Year 1 are writing information texts about farm animals. To help us, Farmer David came to visit bringing his friends from Bowland Farm. We learnt many facts about the animals and we had lots of fun feeding and walking them too!

Year 1 Geography: Our walk around Beeston

Still image for this video
In Geography this half term we are learning all about our local area. To help with our learning we undertook some fieldwork and went on a walk around Beeston to look at all the different human and physical features that make Beeston a special place. We saw our church, shops, bus stops and a roundabout. We looked at the different buildings and discussed the different types of houses.

Year 1 Science: Exploring our sense of taste!

Still image for this video
Today Year one were learning about their sense of taste. We talked about foods that were sweet, salty and sour. We even tried some sour fruit that made us make a funny face!

Take a look back!

Religious Education in Year 1

Still image for this video
Year 1 are such a thoughtful and reflective class. I have loved to hear their responses and ideas in RE lessons this year!

Year 1's History Journey

Still image for this video
Take a look back at all the wonderful work Year 1 have completed in History this year.

Year 1's Wonderful Writing

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Throughout this difficult time I have loved seeing all the excellent work you have been doing at home. I took some time today to look back at all your amazing writing. Year 1 have worked so hard to improve their writing this year. I am so proud of their perseverance, resilience and all they have achieved.
Well done Year 1!

A visit from the Rock pool company

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This half term Year 1 have been learning all about animals in science and have been writing information texts in English. To help with this, the Rock pool company came into school with lots of different animals that you can find in the sea. They brought different types of star fish, a hermit crab, a spider crab and lots more. The children absolutely loved it and learnt many amazing facts. Next week the children will be writing their own information texts about all the different animals.

Science: Features of Fish

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Year 1 spent a science lesson investigating the features of fish with Miss Taylor. It was a fantastic lesson where the children used magnifying glasses to investigate the scales and asked lots of questions to deepen their understanding.

Making mocktails in Maths

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Last week Year 1 were learning all about capacity. We used mathematical vocabulary such as full, empty, almost full, half full and almost empty. We wrote our own recipes for a fruit mocktail using all the vocabulary we had learnt. We were then able to make them in the following lesson. They were delicious!

Reading with Year 6

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What a wonderful time our children listening to stories being told by our Year 6 class!

World Book Day

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What an eventful World Book Day! We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and took part in many activities that inspired our love of reading. Year 1 made Gruffalo crumble after reading the story, it was delicious. They were also very lucky to have the Year 6 children read their favourite books to them in the playground. They listened so well and loved every minute of it.

Fairytales and Dragon Workshop

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During reading week Year 1 were lucky enough to take part in a Fairytales and Dragon workshop in order to support their story writing in Literacy. The children watched an incredible performance of The Princess and the Dragon, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The children then had to create their own fairytale land and characters using recycled materials. The workshop sparked the children's imaginations and they came up with some fantastic ideas!
Well done Year 1 .

Our History Curriculum (Using primary sources of evidence to find out about toys in the past through a visit to Abbey House Museum)

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What a fantastic day! Year 1 visited Abbey house museum, linking to our history topic 'Old Toys'. The children looked around an old Victorian village and even got to dress up! They had lots of fun using old pennies to play in the old fashioned arcade. Year 1 were also lucky enough to take part in a workshop where they got to learn all about toys from the past and got the chance to play with them. They used first hand sources of evidence and were able to touch, feel and describe the old toys, comparing them to toys nowadays.
In Design and Technology this half term Year 1 are going to be making kites. In order to find out what makes the best kite, we carried out some research and went to fly them. Despite it not being very windy the children were amazing and eventually got the kites to fly! They had so much fun and they can't wait to start designing their own kites.

Science Investigation- What material would be best to make an umbrella for Teddy?

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This week Year 1 have been looking at which materials are waterproof and which our not. We investigated materials to find out what would be best to make an umbrella for teddy! We poured water over materials such as plastic, cotton, netting and kitchen roll to see if teddy would get wet. Year 1 came to the conclusion that plastic would be the best material as it is the most waterproof.

History- An interview with Mrs Pollard

History- An interview with Mrs Pollard


To support with our history topic 'Old Toys' we invited Mrs Pollard into our class to tell us all about the toys she played with as a little girl. We prepared some questions and found out all about toys from the past. Mrs Pollard liked to play with a whip and top, cards and the 'jacks' game. Mrs Pollard also played with games that we are familiar with! Hopscotch, yoyo's and hula hoops. We loved having Mrs Pollard in to talk to us and we are so excited for our upcoming school trip!

Bowland Farm

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Year 1 had great fun on Friday meeting and learning about all the animals from Bowland Farm!

Skylar's missing note

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On Monday Year 1 had to opportunity to take part in an incredible music workshop. The workshop was linked to what the children have been learning in their lessons this half term.
The children watched a brilliant performance in the hall and then completed the workshop in the classroom.
As you can see from the photos, they absolutely loved it!

School trip to Eureka

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What a day!
Year 1 had an incredible time at Eureka today and thoroughly enjoyed it. 'The Gross Lab' workshop was fantastic, they learnt about all the disgusting things the body does. The children made fake sick, fake wounds and lots more. 🤢
We then explored the 'All about me' gallery where the children were able to explore the human body and the senses, linked to our science topic this half term.
As my first school trip as a class teacher, I am so proud of how well behaved and sensible Year 1 were today. Well done!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

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This afternoon Year 1 acted out the story from The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We made our own sandwiches, created tiger masks and made invitations. We all sat together on the carpet and ate our delicious snacks and juice while we retold the story.

Year 1 Sound Walk

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Year 1 have had a fantastic week and completed some amazing work. This week we developed our science skills and looked at our sense of hearing. We went on a sound walk around school to see what we could hear.