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Year 1

Thursday 9th May - Exploring Arrays in Maths

Year 1 - Summer 1 Science Provision (Topic: Growth)

Today, Year 1 have been using drawing materials to make different lines and marks reflecting what they can hear in music (our focus music was Debussy’s ‘La Mer’). We learnt that there are many different ways of drawing lines, that they feel different to make, and that they look different. Next, we added plants and creatures to bring our artwork to life. Afterwards, we evaluated our art and the work of others using the language we had learnt. What super artists Year 1!

Science - Identifying common garden and wildflower plants in our school environment (Thursday 2nd May)

Today, Year 1 have been recognising and identifying a range of common garden and wildflower plants. We learnt that:

• Wildflowers have not been chosen by humans to grow in their garden.

• Most wildflowers have not been planted by humans.

• Garden plants have been chosen by humans to grow in their gardens.


Key enquiry questions you can ask your children at home to help with our Science knowledge:

What is the name of this plant?

• How can you describe the flower?

• How can you describe the smell?

• Which garden plant is tall with a very large yellow flower?

• Which wildflower has a white and yellow flower?

• Which wildflower has five yellow petals?

• Which wildflower has spiky leaves?


Science - Identifying Parts of a Tree (Thursday 25th April)

Still image for this video
Today, Year 1 have been expanding their knowledge of plants by identifying parts of a tree. We learned that trees have roots, a trunk, branches and leaves. We explored also how some trees also have fruit and that not all trees are the same (we loved looking at blossom trees in particular!)
Next, we explored our own school grounds and worked in partners to label the different parts of the tree we could observe. Super work Year 1!

Year 1 Science - Planting Seeds (Thursday 25th April)

Year 1 Science - Dissecting Parts of a Plant (Friday 19th April)

Still image for this video
This half term, Year 1 are learning all about plants. We begun our exciting learning journey today by learning all about the different parts of a flower. We explored the stem, petals, leaves, anther and also looked at the roots of a plant. We conducted an experiment to observe what the function of the stem of a plant is and discovered that stems transport water and nutrients to the plant/flower. We then dissected the flowers and labelled the different parts. Well done Year 1!

Friday 19th April - Ready to Read & Our Vocabulary Lesson

Today we had our first 'Ready to Read' session of the Summer Term. We are focussing lots on developing our knowledge of Alien Words in preparation for our upcoming Phonics Screening Check. It was wonderful to have so many parents, grandparents and siblings join us for our session today, developing a love of reading within our Year 1 Classroom.


Within our Vocabulary lesson today, our focus word was 'Huddle'. Can you ask your child at home what the word 'Huddle' means? When might they see huddling? Why might animals huddle? Take a look at the pictures of Year 1 forming a Huddle together!

Year 1 Meet our Special New Chicks!

Year 1 - The Tale of Peter Rabbit [Class Assembly and World Book Day] Friday 8th March

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, Year 1 told the Tale of Peter Rabbit in our Friday Whole School Good Work Assembly. All of the adults in Year 1 are so proud of the children, they all performed amazingly and with confidence. What super stars you are Year 1!

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School Ofsted 2024

Year 1 School Council 2023-2024

Here are our Year 1 School Council representatives. These members have been elected by their peers, using a democratic process in line with our British Values. These children attend special meetings weekly and conduct roles around school. They represent the views of our Year 1 pupils. Congratulations on this special role during this academic year. We are very proud of you! 

Our Ready to Read Weekly Parent Session - Friday 19th January

Our Science Learning - Exploring Fish! (Thursday 18th January)

Still image for this video
Today, we explored the features of fish up close! We identified their special features and used our observational skills to discover more. Year 1 were amazing at describing how fish have fins, scales, gills and a tail. We discussed what each of these features help a fish to do and how they help them to survive. We used magnifying glasses to explore the scales and fins up close. Mrs Gledhill was so impressed with our amazing use of scientific vocabulary and Mrs Reuben - our Science Leader - was blown away by our knowledge. Amazing work Year 1!

Our Maths Learning - Thursday 18th January

Still image for this video
Today, Year 1 have been using our Maths Manipulatives to find 'one more' than a given number up to 20. We have also used number lines and cubes to help us see how the number is becoming greater each time we add one more. Tomorrow, we will be exploring one less.

Here are some questions you can explore with your children at home to assist with their learning:
How can you show the number ?
• How can you find 1 more? How does this change the number? Which digit changes?
• How can you find 1 less? How does this change the number?
• What is the same and what is different about finding 1 more and finding 1 less?
• When you are finding 1 more or 1 less, which digit changes? Is it always the same digit?

Use the following sentences to help structure your thinking:
___ is 1 more than ___
___ is 1 less than ___
1 more than ___ is ___
1 less than ___ is ___

Well done Year 1!
Mrs Gledhill

A School of Faith

Monday 15th January - Exploring number in Maths

Year 1 are exploring the place value of numbers up to 20. Today, we used the Rekenreks to make one group of 10 and then added ones to make our whole number. Year 1 have been representing numbers in a range of ways, including using the tens frames, Base 10 and place value charts. Below are some key questions you can ask your child at home to help them develop their knowledge:


Key questions
• How can you show me 17/18/19 in three different ways?
• How much more than 10 is 17/18/19?
• How can you write the numbers 17, 18 and 19?
• Can you see 17/18/19 anywhere at home?
• How many ones are there in 19?
• What is the same and what is different about 17, 18 and 19?

Help your child to structure their thinking with the following sentences:
• 17 has ____ ten and ____ ones.
• 18 has ____ ten and ____ones.
• 19 has ____ ten and ____ ones.


What super learning Year 1, well done! 

Mrs Gledhill

RE - Exploring our Families and God's Special Family (Friday 12th January)

Maths - Exploring Representations of 11, 12 and 13 (11.1.24)

Christmas at St Anthonys 2023

Year 1 Elf Day - Friday 15th December 2023

Still image for this video
Year 1 have had an amazing day celebrating Elf Day! All of the children looked fantastic and we have had a day filled with laughter, fun and festivities! Take a look at some of our photos from our exciting day...

Baking Christmas Biscuits - Thursday 14th/Friday 15th December

Still image for this video
Year 1 have been busy making some amazing Christmas biscuits. We had to weigh and measure the ingredients carefully, before rolling out our mixture to cut into Christmas shapes. Next, we decorated our biscuits dressed as elves. They all tasted super yummy too! Well done Year 1.

Science - Floating and Sinking Experiments (Thursday 14th December)

Advent Artwork

Year 1's Snuggle Up and Read Pictures 2023

Year 1 are taking turns in taking home our special 'Snuggle Up and Read' story pack. With a delicious hot chocolate to enjoy and our cuddly reading pal Ember the Elephant, we are enjoying reading the magical Dear Father Christmas with our families at home! Each child has then wrote in our special travelling book what they enjoyed about the story as well as drawing their favourite parts. Here are some photos of our Snuggle Up and Read sessions. What a magical time of the year for our super Year 1 class!

Ready to Read - Friday 8th December

Every Friday, we have our 'Ready to Read' sessions where we share special books with our families and read them together. As well as reading to our relatives our new Little Wandle books for the week, here are some of the other books we enjoyed sharing together. Thank you to all relatives who join us for this session and help us to continue growing each child's love of reading! 

Computing systems and networks - Technology all around us (Autumn 2 2023) Year 1

The Year 1 children have developed their understanding of technology and how it can help them in their everyday lives. They have now become familiar with the different components of a computer by developing their keyboard and mouse skills. The children have explored why we have rules in school and how those rules help us, and then they applied this understanding to rules needed for using computer technology safely.

Science - Investigating Melting and Freezing (Friday 8th December)

Today, we conducted some super investigations into melting and freezing. We explored how ice is a solid and water is a liquid then discussed the similarities and differences between ice and water. We then predicted which method will melt the ice the quickest, salt, a hairdryer or warm water. We observed what happened in order to make conclusions. Next, we explored what happens to chocolate when it is heated up. Afterwards, we made yummy buns from our melted chocolate. Miss Plant was so impressed with our use of scientific vocabulary. Well done Year 1!

Science - Investigating the Properties of Rock

Year 1 have been exploring a range of different everyday materials in our new Science topic. This week, we have been exploring the properties of rock. We gathered a range of different rocks and investigated their similarities and differences. We used our focus vocabulary in the picture above, to describe their differences and sort the rocks into groups. Within our lesson, we gathered the following knowledge:


Factual knowledge
• There are different types of rocks.
• Rocks come in different shapes, sizes and textures.
• Rocks can also be used to build things such as walls or buildings.


Some wonderful investigations Year 1, well done!

St Anthony's: You're in safe hands

War Memorial Visit - Monday 20th November 


Our History assessment question for this half-term is:

Why do we remember soldiers like Walter Tull on Remembrance Day?


Our first line of enquiry is

Why do we have Remembrance Day?


On Monday 20th November, Year 1 continued our History learning on Remembrance. Today we began by looking closely at photographs of a variety of war memorials. We discussed the different features we could see and shared these as a class. Afterwards, we made paper poppies as we know that we wear poppies to remember the soldiers who gave their lives so we can live in peace. The children know we wear poppies because these were the flowers that grew on the battlefields when the war was over. We then walked to Holbeck Cemetery. It was a long walk for our little legs but we were such super stars. When we arrived, we saw the war memorial and discussed the features we could see. We laid our paper poppies and observed a minutes silence to remember the soldiers. Finally, we went on a poppy hunt and saw lots of beautifully crocheted poppies hung around the cemetery.


Year 1, you were amazing today. You were so knowledgeable and respectful. Well done!

Science Materials - Exploring Plastic, Wood, Metal and Glass [Friday 17th November]

Our Science Focus Question this half term is: What material would be best to make a boat and why?


Today, Year 1 have begun exploring a range of everyday materials, considering their properties. We recognise that we have a variety of materials around us, including wood, plastic, glass and metal. We considered why these materials are chosen for different objects based on their property features e.g. Wood is used for tables because it is hard and cannot be bent easily. We then explored a range of different everyday objects into groups and recognised that some objects could be in more than one group (e.g. Our classroom chairs have metal legs and a plastic seat). Super Scientific exploration Year 1!

Maths: Making Fact Families of 8 [16.11.23 - 17.11.23]

Road Safety - Pedestrian Training

Road Safety - Pedestrian Training

On Monday 13th November, Year 1 took part in Pedestrian Training. The children discussed the different vehicles which use the roads and some key words - kerb, pavement and road. The children then found out about how we can keep safe using the principles of The Green Cross Code - Stop, Look, Listen and Think! We also discussed the importance of using a booster seat and wearing a seat belt. The children saw what happened to teddy when he forgot his seatbelt, he fell out of his seat! The children listened extremely well during this important session. Well done Year 1!

Maths - Finding Missing Parts using a Tens Frame and Part-Whole Models

Independent Maths Learning in our Provision Areas - Thursday 26th October

Computing - Creating Media -Digital Painting 24th October

Year one have been exploring how we can paint using computers. We explored a range of tools used for digital painting and used them to create different shapes and lines and we then used these tools to create our own digital pictures.

Come and look at our amazing writing about Owls!

Creative RE Afternoon - We have been learning about Noah's Ark [Friday 20th October]

Still image for this video
In RE this half term, we have been learning about the story of Creation and the story of Noah's Ark. This afternoon, we explored the story of Noah's Ark using a range of creative medias. We enjoyed exploring a range of high quality texts such as, 'Mrs Noah's Pockets' in order to create our own puppets so we could retell the story. We discussed and explored in depth the significance of the rainbow and used our focus words to consider how Noah and his family were feeling. We also learned and sung the song, "The Animals Went in Two by Two". Ask Year 1 all about the story and see how much they can share with you! Well done Year 1, a super afternoon of learning!

Our focus RE words this lesson:

Our RE focus question: What does the rainbow represent?

Our focus RE question this half term is: What does the rainbow represent?


We have been exploring the story of Noah's Ark and reflecting on why God sent a rainbow at the end of the story. We recognise that:


"God sent a rainbow in the sky to serve as a sign of his promise that he would never flood the Earth again."


As a class, we then discussed how the rainbow reminds us of God's forgiveness, truthfulness and however great the trials are that we endure, that God will remain faithful and good. We have displayed our beautiful rainbows in our Year 1 classroom so we remember God's special promise to His world. 

Geography - Exploring our Local Area of Beeston to discover Human and Physical Features [Thursday 19th October]

Still image for this video
Year 1 conducted a walk around our local area of Beeston in order to identify different human and physical features. We explored lots of different buildings including the library, church, pharmacy and shops. We also saw lots of physical features, including trees, grass and hills. We also discussed things that we couldn’t find in our local area, such as a river or a farm. We are going to explore this further through looking at maps to see if Beeston has these features or not. Well done Year 1 – some excellent learning!

Year 1 are making Number Fact Families!

In Maths, Year 1 are learning how to make fact families involving numbers. In order to do this, we have created our own part-whole models in order to establish different components of our fact families. We practically made each value before discussing the + and = symbol.

We rehearsed saying what information our part-whole models show using the STEM sentences below:
_____ is a part.

_____ is a part.

_____ is the whole.

_____ plus ____ is equal to ____

_____ + _____ = _____.


Take a look at some of our super learning in the pictures above. Mrs Coldman and myself are so proud of everybody in Year 1 with their super enthusiasm for our Maths curriculum. Well done Year 1!

Friday 13th October - Maths (Making number sentences)

Outdoor Literacy - The Gruffalo

Still image for this video
We have been learning all about the story of 'The Gruffalo' in our English lessons and took part in an outdoor literacy afternoon to help us to bring this story to life. We used our knowledge of the story to join in with the text, answer questions about the characters and sequence key events. Our acting skills were fantastic as we journeyed around our school field retelling the story and meeting all the different characters. We even worked well as a team to create some Gruffalo Crumble! Have a look at our video to see all our fantastic learning. Well done Year 1!

Geography Fieldwork

In this lesson, Year 1 carried out simple fieldwork within our school grounds, observing its main features and using simple charts to collect data about: key sites (e.g. school office, hall); things that they can spy / spot around the school, including their locations; their favourite part of the school grounds. We discussed the difference between physical and human features in our school.

Year 1 have been exploring the collage artwork of Kurt Schwitters. Today, we explored the nature within our own school environment to create our own collages. We enjoyed exploring the different textures and colours of the items we found. Mrs Gledhill was so impressed with how we described the way in which we put different colours and types of leaves together. Take a look at our beautiful artwork in the pictures.

Developing our knowledge of Number Lines in Maths

Year 1 have been developing their knowledge of a number line and how it is used. We recapped counting from zero to 10 forwards when labelling a number line and can also practise counting backwards when we read from right to left. We can clearly see that 1 more is the next number to the right on the number line, while 1 less is the previous number. We then explored different ways to represent each number on the number line, using objects from nature outdoors and also our class manipulatives. Well done Year 1!

Year 1 Owl Experience Day - 28.9.23

Still image for this video
This half term, Year 1 are reading the story 'Owl Babies'. In order to develop each child's knowledge and understanding, we had the most exciting visitors...some beautiful owls! Year 1 explored the owls, asked questions and learned so many new words - such as nocturnal - to describe the owls. We had the most wonderful experience and cannot wait to show this first hand experience in our upcoming Owl Babies writing. What an amazing day to bring our story to life!

Thursday 28th September - Comparing Values in Maths

In Maths, Year 1 have been using a range of manipulatives to compare values. Using our focus words of, "more than", "less than" and "equal to", we compared values and described how we sorted the numbers. We then progressed our knowledge through the use of the symbols < , > and = . Take a look at some of our super Maths work today in the pictures above. Well done Year 1!

Geography - Exploring Maps of our Local Area

This half term, Year 1 are learning all about 'Our Local Area'. Today, we were using photographs and maps to identify key features of Beeston. We observed different features of maps and discussed what they are used for with various examples. Using Digimaps, we studied the Geography of Beeston then identified different symbols which represented key human and physical features. Super Geography work Year 1!

Sound Talk and Blend - "Chunk it up"

Still image for this video
Year 1 have been working really hard on reading words with more than one syllable. In our lessons, we use the "chunk it up" method to break down a word into smaller parts so we can sound talk and blend. Watch Year 1 using this method in the video. Can you encourage your child at home to "chunk it up" when reading longer words where needed? Happy reading Year 1!

Top Tips for Reading at Home

At St Anthony's, our systematic synthetic phonic scheme is Little Wandle. All children will be reading matched texts daily to increase their fluency and comprehension. Books will be brought home each Thursday and we kindly request that these are shared each night with your child using the prompts below. Thank you for being true partners in your child's reading journey. We hope you enjoy watching our video below.

In RE, during Autumn 1 2023, we have been thinking about how God created the world and everybody in it. We recognised that God made us all unique and special because of all of our different characteristics. We know that God loves us all for being exactly as we are - he loves us to pieces! We met our new St Anthony's Bears, Anthony and Antonia who remind us how special we are. We can have a hug to think about how much God cherishes each of us in Year 1. 

Week 1 Maths - Counting objects and representing these numbers using our Tens Frames

 smiley Hello Year 1 smiley

We are so excited to begin our journey together this year and learn so much more about your interests, passions and talents. This year, we will embark on a journey of discovery together across a range of exciting, immersive topics. To start with, we will be learning all about the The Human Body and the Local Area in which we live.


Our first core texts we shall explore will be:

The Gruffalo and Owl Babies
The majority of class updates will be posted onto the Google Classroom platform. This includes things such as copies of letters and announcements/reminders. Below, we have posted some useful information to begin the year with:
*Mrs Coldman teaches us Monday - Wednesday and Mrs Gledhill teaches us Wednesday - Friday.

*Read every night at home, focussing on your understanding of the text. Remember to aim for quality over quantity of pages read. All books sent home will be in line with our Little Wandle Phonics scheme.
*PE will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday for Year 1. Please come to school in your PE kit on this day. (Please note that PE will not take place on Tuesday 5th September with it being our first day back. PE will begin for Year 1 on Wednesday 6th September, so please come in your PE kit on this day).
*Come into school everyday, excited and ready to learn!
*Our meet the teacher meeting will take place on Thursday 7th September 3.15 - 3.45pm with Mrs Gledhill.
*Half termly newsletters (including any key dates) and spellings can be found via the Year 1 class page. 

*Mrs Hennigan and Mrs Cecil will also be supporting your children in Year 1 to achieve their very best.

We know that we will have a year filled with exploration, discovery, imagination and wonder! 

Keep scrolling down the Year 1 page to meet the team and also explore our wonderful learning environment.
Take care and we cannot wait to see you all soon,
The Year 1 Team

Meet the Year 1 Team

Our Year 1 Learning Environment...we can't wait to get started!

End of term

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed completing in sports day last week. They did so well and loved cheering on their team mates! 

This half term Year 1 have created working windmills! The children were fantastic at creating their 3D structures using different nets to form the shapes. They listened well to their instructions and as you can see have made some lovely windmills! 

PSHE D-Side visit to Year 1!

D-Side Visit.

Year 1 recently had a visit from D-Side Dave! D-Side Dave taught Year 1 all about the body and what foods are healthy or unhealthy and why. The children had lots of fun showing off their knowledge of healthy and unhealthy foods at the end of the session! 

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Top Tips for Reading at Home

Science: Amazing Animals (Visit to Lotherton Hall on Monday 19th June 2023)

Wildlife World - Lotherton Hall

Still image for this video
Year 1 were absolutely amazing during our recent visit to Wildlife World at Lotherton Hall. All the adults were amazed by the knowledge the children had retained about their science topic of Animals. They were able to explain what is special about mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish using amazing vocabulary including cold blooded, warm blooded, camoflague and skeletons! The children were also able to explain what herbivores, omnivores and carnivores eat. I wonder if you tell your adults Year 1? Enjoy the video - it is very long but we wanted to show you all what an amazing day we had!

Exploring History at St Anthony's

Year 1 Maths- Fractions (May 2023)

Still image for this video
Year 1 are currently learning about fractions and the children will be learning how to identify a half and a quarter of an object and amount. This week we introduced the topic by looking at half of an object: different items of food were cut into half demonstrating that a half was a whole split into two equal parts.. The children then demonstrated their understanding by folding shapes into half, it was wonderful to hear the children explain if the picture did or did not show a half after folding. Well done Year 1.

Year 1's Science Topic Animals (May 2023)

Still image for this video
Year 1's current science topic is Animals and today this learning was enhanced by a visit from Sam's Safari. The children were so excited to see which animals were visiting St. Anthony's and were amazed to be able to see, touch and hold a range of animals including snakes, lizards, cockroaches, stick insects and their favourite the armadillo. The children are currently learning to classify animals using the terminology -mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds and fish! Can your child tell you any animals that fit into each category?

Celebrating King Charles' III Coronation

Year One Learning Environment - May 2023

St Anthony's - Curriculum of Excellence

Year One Love Learning English with Miss Taylor

History: 1950s Wonder Day

Still image for this video
As part of the History Curriculum, Year 1 had a wonderful day discovering what music, dance and art was like during the 1950s. Thank you to all the parents who joined us for our family friendly lesson where we danced to Rock Around the Clock and played popular games from the 1950s including Snakes and Ladders and Yo yo! How many of you have mastered the art of the Yo Yo yet?

World Book Day 2023 - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Year 1 Home Learning - Spring 2

Still image for this video
At the start of this half term, Year 1 were given some challenges to complete with their parents at home. All these challenges linked to the learning that would be taking place in the classroom therefore supporting retention of knowledge and strengthening home/school links which are such a strength at St. Anthony's. This half term Year 1 were asked to do the following: learn spellings; develop ball skills; demonstrate how they pray; enhance their mathematical learning by completing a range of measuring tasks including cooking and finally discovering what plants are in their garden and learning what plants need to grow well. Miss Cook and Miss Taylor were delighted with the range of learning that was completed - watch the video to see what we learnt! Well done to everyone - you have provided so many wonderful learning opportunities!

Year One are following their RE lessons based on our scheme, The Way, The Truth and The Life. We are currently in the season of Lent. We held a special act of collective worship on Ash Wednesday as Lent began. We have made our own Lenten promises and created our own Lenten display in our Year One classroom. We continue to journey together during Lent, towards Easter. We are focussing upon our focus virtue of Charity. 

Year 1 were so excited to develop their archery skills this week with a special enhanced workshop of learning from an Archery Teacher from Premier Sport (supplementing our PE wider offer through the Well Schools Partnership). All children had a great time improving their technique in order to aim at a target. What fabulous learning and progress Year 1!

Year 1: Geography Workshop - One Day Creative: Arctic and Antarctica

Still image for this video
As part of the Year 1 Geography Curriculum, the children had a wonderful morning exploring the difference between Arctic and Antarctica. The North and South Poles may be on opposite sides of the earth, but just how different are they? Like Ernest Shackleton and Ann Bancroft, the children went on an expedition into these (not so) desolate tundras. Using performing arts, this Arctic and Antarctic workshop looked at brave explorers, Arctic habitats to Antarctic wildlife. The children hopped on board the mighty ship Endurance and set sail towards the ends of our world! I was very proud of all the children they listened well and their love of Geography shone brightly! Well done Year 1.

Geography in Year 1

Celebrating Writing: Year 1's Non-chronological reports

During Spring 1 2023, we have been learning all about Antarctica through our Geographical learning and through reading lots of information texts about Antarctica and the features that make it a unique place. After researching the different types of animals that live in Antarctica, the children created some wonderful non-chronological reports. The Year One children wrote clear sentences, starting with a capital letter and ending with a full stop. The children have produced some beautiful writing in line with our expectations for Year One and I am extremely proud of them all. Well done Year 1!

Geography - Antarctica

Still image for this video
Where in the world is Antarctica? The children in year one have been busy finding Antarctica using the atlases. We have found out some amazing facts!

This half term in Music we have been learning how to play steady beat. We played a steady beat using body percussion whilst we listened to music. We then accompanied a song by playing a steady beat on different types of instruments. The children used there fantastic listening skills to identify changes in the tempo of the music. Well done Year 1!


Top Tips for Reading at Home

On Wednesday 11th January 2023, St Anthony's led a Stepping Up to Reading Family Learning Session for our Year One class. We were absolutely delighted that 21 of our parents attended! The children worked with their parent to learn top tips for reading and writing. Our parents were so impressed by how we teach reading, and observed Mrs Goodwin modelling the reading process with a Year One pupil. I know our children left so eager to read to thier parents, and for parents to record all their reading in their home school yellow reading book. The children are doing so well on their journey of reading in partnership with our incredible parents. Keep up the good work everyone. Huge thanks to Miss Taylor, Mrs Goodwin and Miss Leonard who led our meeting. Thank you to our parents for making time to attend. God bless you all. 

Stepping up to Reading in Year 1: Family Learning 11.01.2023

Elf Day

Still image for this video

Christmas Fun in Year 1

Still image for this video

Christmas 2022 at St Anthony's

In PSHE this half term the children have learnt all about how to keep themselves safe.  This week we looked a lot of pictures and the children sorted them into safe and unsafe whilst also explaining their decision.  Some children thought that some of the pictures could be safe and unsafe as we needed a little more information - to help solve this problem they were introduced to Venn diagrams. It was wonderful to hear how much the children have remembered. Well done Year 1

This week (5.12.22) we are beginning to learn about 3d shapes. The children will be learning to name cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, pyramids and triangular prisms. They will also be describing the faces of these shapes using the words curved and flat.   Can you find any of these shapes in your home? Please reply to Santa's challenge on Google Classroom and keep an eye out here for your photographs to appear!

We are also starting to think about the number 20.  Can you see the number 20 anywhere on your journey to school? Can you think of any numbers that when added together make 20?

Advent: Making Advent Wreaths

Science Investigation: Which materials are waterproof?

St Anthony's: You're in safe hands

Safeguarding is our top priority at St Anthony's. Please view our video to see some of the many ways we keep our Year One children safe. We hope you enjoying viewing our video and reading our safeguarding policies below. Our designated safeguarding staff are: Miss Leonard (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mr Whittle (Deputy Safeguarding Lead), Miss Taylor and Mrs Doherty. Please make an appointment to see us if you have any concerns using
God bless and keep safe

Year one History

Still image for this video

Road Safety Lessons - How to cross a road safely November 2022

On Tuesday 15th November 2022, Leeds City Council Road Safety Team visited Year One. We listened carefully how to keep safe on the roads, for example by finding safe places to cross and holding an adults hand on the pavement. We began to think about where and when it is safe to cross roads and how we need an adult to support us. We also remembered our learning from last year including how to keep safe in a car by wearing our seatbelts and using a booster seat or child seat. We are going to keep very safe and use all our new learning from today! 

Our Year One class were very excited to be able to take part in a wider curriculum opportunity for PE. They each took part in a very exciting Judo session where they listened carefully and learnt lots of new skills working with their partners. I am so proud of our Year One children. I know some of our children have been interested in finding our more about Judo with some children joining after school provision locally. Great news everyone! 

Our Black History work

As part of Black History Month, Year One have been focussing upon the lives of inspirational black people. They have studied the artist Alma Thomas (inspiring their beautiful artwork), listened and reflected upon the inspirational message of Rosa Parks and considered the influence and life as well as the music of Stevie Wonder.

Home Sweet Home

Still image for this video
This half term our geography topic was – Home Sweet Home. Using a Birds eye view we have made our own maps of the year one classroom. We used our observational and map reading skills to explore the school and its grounds in our fieldwork. Using the story 'Me on the map' we put ourselves on a map of our own! We explored human and physical geographical features and then sorted photos from Beeston and the surrounding areas into the two groups. Then we used this knowledge of Beeston to help us draw a basic map of our local area using a key. Come and take another look at all your super work! Can you show off your geography skills and talk about some of the key vocabulary found in this video?

Our Year One class have been using the sense of sight, smell, touch and taste when investigating pumpkins. They really enjoyed observing, describing what they could see and being Scientists! Well done Year One!

RE: Noah's Ark

Still image for this video
The children are currently learning the story of Noah's Ark as part of our RE topic - God's Creation. Today, they listened to the story and retold it using picture clues. They then worked with a partner to create the Ark out of lollipop sticks. Once the Ark's were completed the children added the details of the story to create some amazing pictures. They were all fantastic and remembered so much
It would be fantastic if you could discuss this story with your child. Can they remember how many days it rained for? Which animal told Noah that the land was dry? What was God's promise?