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Design and Technology

Our Intent

Our high-quality, purposeful Design Technology education at St Anthony’s aims to inspire our pupils to be creativeinnovative and passionate through the engagement of first-hand learning experiences. We inspire our children to develop strong technical skills and knowledge that will remain with them for the rest of their lives so they are able to make products which solve real and relevant problems in their future lives.

DT continues at home...

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Come and take a look at the continued Design and Technology learning from home!

Our special Arts books! 2019 - 2020

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Across our school we develop not only our artistic and design skills, but also our knowledge of influential artists and designers throughout history. We are inspired to develop our own creations and express our feelings in lots of different ways through Design and Technology. Take a look at some of the work in our special Arts Books to discover what happens at St Anthony's within our Design and Technology lessons. Keep an eye out for our super use of vocabulary!

Reception - Junior Kitchen

Year 1 Kites- Design and Make process

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Once Year 1 had completed the research process of making a kite, it was now time to design their own. The children completed a design and chose the materials they wanted to use. The most popular choice was a black bin bag as it was light and waterproof. The children then made their kites and took them on the playground to fly. The children had great fun and loved to see their creations flying in the sky!

Year 1 Kites- Research process

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In Design and Technology Year 1 were making kites. In order to find out what makes the best kite, they carried out some research and went to fly them. Despite it not being very windy the children were amazing and eventually got the kites to fly! They had so much fun and couldn't wait to start designing their own kites.

Year 2 Pop-ups - Research phase

Y2 Pop-ups - Developing our technical skills in the making process 1/2

Year 2 Pop-Ups - Making process 2/2

Year 2 Pancake Making - Food and Nutrition

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In order to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, Year 2 made pancakes. We thought carefully about how we prepare to celebrate the season of Lent by mixing ingredients and observing how they change when cooked. We then enjoyed our pancakes together!

Year 2 - Cooking and Nutrition

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Within our D&T 'Cooking and Nutrition' topic, Year 2 designed and made their very own Christmas dinners! They carefully researched what a traditional Christmas dinner included...which linked to our History topic of 'Christmas in the past and present'.
Next, we designed what we were going to have on our Christmas dinner based on our research. We used our Science knowledge of where food comes from and what is needed for a healthy, balanced meal in order to make our plans.
After that, we prepared all of our food from scratch, learning how to do this is a safe way! Finally, we got to eat and evaluate the Christmas dinners we had made!
Have a look at our Research, Design, Make and Evaluate process to make healthy Christmas dinners in the photo story below!

Year 3 DT work

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Examples of work where children have brainstormed ideas for a light up sign, along with the sign design and final product. Also featured, examples of Stone Age necklace designs.

Year 4 Tudor Lemon Tarts

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As part of our history topic, we carried out our own research and found out about the types of foods eaten in Tudor times. During our Tudor themed day, we worked together and made Tudor Lemon Tarts. We made excellent use of our measuring skills and timed our baking to perfection. We evaluated our tarts and they were yummy!

Year 5 - The History of Chocolate Workshop: We learnt all about where food comes from, following its journey before making some for ourselves!

Year 5 - Building Structures

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This half-term, Year 5's Design and Technology topic is 'Building Shelters'. Last week, we looked at lots of different shelters and what materials they were made of. Today we were set the challenge of building a sturdy structure using a range of materials including straws, pipe cleaners, tape and more! We wanted to find out how best to join materials together to create a structure and how to reinforce these structures to make them stronger.

Year 5 is clearly full of future engineers - well done! :)

Baking in Year 6

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During Spring 1, Miss Leonard set Year 6 a challenge: could they raise 10% of the fee for a Macbeth day in Spring 2? Of course... Year 6 got straight to work.

Firstly, we worked in groups to discuss ideas of how we could raise the money. Eventually, we all decided on baking treats which we could sell to the rest of the school. Each table then began researching ideas for healthier treats to link to our Science unit about the importance of a balanced diet. The final products agreed were: raspberry oat bars, raisin flapjacks, cherry flapjacks, banana and strawberry smoothie and mixed berry smoothie.

On Wednesday 12th February, we spent the day preparing the oat bars and flapjacks. We used our mathematical knowledge of ratio to double the recipes to ensure there would be plenty to sell! On Thursday 13th February, we prepared the fruit for the smoothies - we wanted these to be as fresh as possible.

At playtime, we invited all the classes to come and purchase a treat - it was a huge success! We quickly made the 10% required for our Macbeth day and also made an additional £80 which we are going to donate to Wheatfields Hospice. Well done Year 6!