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Design and Technology

Our Intent

Our high-quality, purposeful Design Technology education at St Anthony’s aims to inspire our pupils to be creativeinnovative and passionate through the engagement of first-hand learning experiences. We inspire our children to develop strong technical skills and knowledge that will remain with them for the rest of their lives so they are able to make products which solve real and relevant problems in their future lives.

Design & Technology Subject Policy

Our Curriculum Intent, Entitlement and Enrichment for Design & Technology

We used our Design and Technology skills to the full to plan, design, make and evaluate our own biscuits.

Watch out 'Bake Off', here we come!

We made excellent use of our knowledge about electrical circuits when designing a torch for a particular audience and purpose. We worked together and followed our designs carefully when making our torches. We evaluated our completed torches and considered possible refinements.  Well done Year 4 for shining so brightly during this project!

Year 5 Stuffed Toys - Design Phase

Year 5 have designed their stuffed toys! After conducting our research about what components a stuffed toy would need to be successful and which stitch we would need to use, we explored a range of designs. We then discussed these designs with one another to consider which design would be the most suitable. Mrs Gledhill was so impressed with how we all recognised that a blanket stitch would be a good choice for stitching in order to strengthen the edge of the material so the stuffing of the toy doesn’t come out. We labelled our designs using the key words on our Knowledge Organisers. Well done Year 5 – I can’t wait to see your designs come to life in the next phase of your learning…making!

Year 5 Stuffed Toys - Research Phase

Year 5 have had a fantastic afternoon researching the key components needed to make a successful stuffed toy. Our design brief is to make a stuffed toy for a 7 year old child who likes animals.


We considered the following questions in our research:

- How are stuffed toys made?

- How are the different pieces joined together?

- What equipment do you think you will need to make a stuffed toy?

- What appendages can you see?


Mrs Gledhill was so impressed with the facts we researched and the information we gathered. We recognised that materials need to be cut and stitched in order to make the toy. Then, they need stuffing and shaping to create the perfect shape and huggable softness. Then we considered the quality control measures which will be put in place to make sure that the toy is safe to use. Well done Year 5!

Year 2 have done an amazing job designing, making and evaluating their new chair for Baby Bear. We tried to make sure our chair was strong, stable, rigid and had a design that Baby Bear would like. Using a variety of different junk modelling materials and paper, we carefully constructed our chairs. Then Baby Bear got to test all of our finished chairs - she was so happy with our designs! We then evaluated our work carefully against our design criteria, suggesting what we might improve if we were to construct a chair again. Super work Year 2!

Year 2 DT - Investigating Structure and Stability (Autumn 1 2023)

We investigated the stability and strength of different shapes made using paper by testing them with heavy books. Following our investigation, we concluded that cylinders were the most effective. We then worked together to make our own paper cylinders, attaching them together to form on large structure. Our tests revealed that our cylinder was very strong, stable and rigid. It could hold Baby Bear, lots of books and almost held one of our children! We then applied this knowledge when designing and making our new chairs for Baby Bear.

Year 2 Making Healthy Wraps - July 2023

Still image for this video
Year 2 were set a special challenge - To create a healthy wrap for school aged children. Our design brief was to ensure that it contained a range of food groups for a healthy, balanced diet and that it tastes nice, so lots of children would want to try it. We conducted Research by exploring the Eatwell Guide to establish the different food groups. We then designed three wraps, ensuring that they included varied, healthy ingredients. We then explored each others designs and voted for which ones we liked the best and gave suggestions on how they could be made better. Next, we prepared a range of ingredients ready for putting our wraps together. It was important to learn how to hold different utensils carefully whilst preparing the food. We then got to make our wraps - how exciting! We are going to conduct our evaluations next week based on our design criteria. Take a look at our wonderful Design and Technology work in the video. Amazing skills Year 2!

Year 1- Windmills! 

This half term Year 1 have created working windmills! The children were fantastic at creating their 3D structures using different nets to form the shapes. They listened well to their instructions and as you can see have made some lovely windmills! 

Year 2 - Wheels and Axles (June 2023)

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Today, inspired by our History topic 'The Great Fire of London', Year 2 developed their knowledge of Wheels and Axles to make the base for a fire engine.
Within our lesson, we researched axles and axle holders on a range of different products (including cars, bikes and trucks). We then designed our own chassis and added the axle and axle holders to ensure that it would be secure. We considered different ways to join the materials together (and also considered which materials to include in our final designs). We worked together to make the base of our chassis and used trial and error to explore further. We then tested our designs to see if they could make it across the 'finish line' securely. Tomorrow, we will evaluate what worked well and what could have been done to improve. As Design Technology leader, I was so proud of our Year 2 class today as they showed such resilience and determination! Take a look at our exciting learning in the video above!

Wheels and Axles - Come and see photos of Y2 developing their skills in Design Technology! [June 2023]

We made excellent use of our knowledge about electrical circuits when designing a torch for a particular audience and purpose. We worked together and followed our designs carefully when making our torches. We evaluated our completed torches and considered possible refinements.  Well done Year 4 for shining so brightly during this project!

Come and take a look at our amazing moving information books designed to teach Year 1 children about food chains! We all tried so hard to use the skills we learnt in our exploring sliders lessons and are thrilled that the slider mechanisms work. Some of us were even able to independently create bridges/guides to prevent the sliders from wobbling. After finishing our books, we took time to evaluate them and consider what we like about our own product and how it could be improved.

Year 2 exploring sliders

Our D&T topic this half term has been to make our own moving information books. We first explored and responded to the work of Ramon Llull who created the first "pop-up". Then, we had a session exploring sliders in which we discovered how slider mechanisms can make pictures move vertically and horizontally. Mrs McGuire also gave us a challenge to see if we could prevent a vertical slider from wobbling side-to-side. She was very impressed with our efforts! We later learnt that these were called guides and bridges. Since then, we have designed our own moving information books, designed to teach Y1 children about food chains (linking in with our Science topic). We have made a great start to constructing them and look forward to finishing our wonderful creations next week!

We used our Design and Technology skills to the full to plan, design, make and evaluate our own biscuits.

Watch out 'Bake Off', here we come!

Last week we had a wonderful day constructing our own spaghetti truss bridges. The purpose of the bridge was to enable a child's toy car to move from point A to point B (across the bridge). Therefore, being strong and stable enough to hold the weight of the toy car was an essential element of the design criteria we agreed upon. After building them, we tested each bridge and I am delighted to report that all the bridges held the weight of the car and many exceeded 1kg. In fact, the strongest bridge buckled at 3.55kg! I was so proud at the perseverance and problem solving skills all children showed throughout the day, as well as the excellent team work. Our final task will be to evaluate our bridges and suggest possible improvements. Well done, Year 5! 

D&T: Exploring how to reinforce bridges.

During our Spring 1 Design and Technology topic, we have been exploring how to reinforce structures to make them stronger, looking initially at simple beam bridges and arch bridges. We then moved our learning on further and began investigating how to reinforce beam bridges by folding card in different ways, creating corrugated horizontal beams, using lamination (adding extra layers) and some of us even decided to experiment with additional vertical supports. We recorded are results and were amazed at the weight some of our structures could hold. Stay tuned for next week when we move on to truss bridges!

Reception - Our Café

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As part of our learning about 'The Runaway Pea' we decided to create our own café to practise naming different foods. We worked so hard to make sandwiches, pizzas, fruit salad and cakes, thinking about the different ingredients we could use to design super dishes and developing our cutting skills. At the end of the morning when the food was ready, we sat with our friends inside our very special café to enjoy eating what we had produced. What super little chefs we have in Reception!

Reception - Investigating Joining Methods

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This half term we are investigating different methods of joining. We were introduced to cable ties and learnt all about how to use them. Then we were set a special challenge to create a superhero hideout. We worked together so beautifully with our friends and investigated how we could use the cable ties and pegs to help us to construct our hideouts. I was so impressed with the amazing displays of co-operation, negotiation and perseverance on display from all of Reception. What incredible superheroes you are becoming!

Reception - Superhero Costumes

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We have been working so hard to design and make our own superhero costumes. We designed and made our own masks, chose the colour we wanted our cape and our t-shirt to be and even sewed our own superhero badges for the front of our t-shirts. This was the first time many of our class had experienced sewing. They were absolutely brilliant and showed excellent perseverance! The children were all so proud of their finished costumes and have had lots of fun wearing them and doing lots of fun activities. I know many of Reception have enjoyed being little superheroes at home too!

DT continues at home...

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Come and take a look at the continued Design and Technology learning from home!

Our special Arts books!

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Across our school we develop not only our artistic and design skills, but also our knowledge of influential artists and designers throughout history. We are inspired to develop our own creations and express our feelings in lots of different ways through Design and Technology. Take a look at some of the work in our special Arts Books to discover what happens at St Anthony's within our Design and Technology lessons. Keep an eye out for our super use of vocabulary!

Reception - Junior Kitchen

Year 1 Kites- Design and Make process

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Once Year 1 had completed the research process of making a kite, it was now time to design their own. The children completed a design and chose the materials they wanted to use. The most popular choice was a black bin bag as it was light and waterproof. The children then made their kites and took them on the playground to fly. The children had great fun and loved to see their creations flying in the sky!

Year 1 Kites- Research process

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In Design and Technology Year 1 were making kites. In order to find out what makes the best kite, they carried out some research and went to fly them. Despite it not being very windy the children were amazing and eventually got the kites to fly! They had so much fun and couldn't wait to start designing their own kites.

Year 2 - Research Phase - Pop-Ups (February 2022)

Year 2 - Easter Sewing Skills at home by Hanna - March 2022

Year 2 Research Phase - Pop Ups

In order to develop our design criteria, Year 2 have explored a range of texts with pop-ups. From fiction to non-fiction, Year 2 have been immersed in a range of pop-up products, which have inspired them to develop their own designs. We have thought carefully about the purpose of our pop-up and who the pop-up is intended for. Next, we will design our products carefully, using the information we have gathered from our research. Stay tuned for the design, make and evaluate processes to follow!

Y2 - Food and Nutrition - Christmas Dinners December 2021

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In Year 2, we have been learning about where food comes from and how to prepare it safely. Linking to our History topic - 'How was Christmas celebrated in the past?' - Year 2 prepared their own healthy Christmas dinner. We explored where the different food came from, how it was grown, what we need to do to get it ready for cooking, how to ensure demonstrate good food hygiene techniques and also how to prepare food safely using equipment. We really enjoyed our unit of work and make fantastic evaluations afterwards about what worked well and what we could improve next time. Well done Year 2!

Year 2 Textiles - October 2021

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Year 2 were inspired by our class novel, 'Jack and the Baked Beanstalk'. We wanted to create a pouch for a child like Jack to use, to carry magic beans inside! We researched the use of pouches, designed and made our super pouches focussing on our key design criteria. We created templates before cutting our fabric, and learned how to develop a running stich, in order to sew the fabric together. Take a look at our creations!

Year 2 - Making Healthy Wraps (Design, Make, Evaluate)

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Year 2 received a very exciting letter setting them a design brief to make a healthy wrap for Primary Schools within the United Kingdom. In order for the wrap to be healthy, it needed to include the following: carbohydrates, diary, protein and vegetables/fruit. The children then designed a range of different wraps with their design brief in mind and compared each other's designs in order to discuss and evaluate. We then learned how to handle and use a knife correctly and safely, specifically thinking about the positioning of our hands. We then got to bring our designs to life! Afterwards, we evaluated what worked well and what didn't, suggesting further improvements. We had so much fun making our healthy, balanced wraps! Well done Year 2!
Mrs Gledhill

Year 2 - Designing the best way to wrap our products (June 2021)

Year 2 Pop-ups - Research phase

Y2 Pop-ups - Developing our technical skills in the making process 1/2

Year 2 Pop-Ups - Making process 2/2

Year 2 Pancake Making - Food and Nutrition

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In order to celebrate Shrove Tuesday, Year 2 made pancakes. We thought carefully about how we prepare to celebrate the season of Lent by mixing ingredients and observing how they change when cooked. We then enjoyed our pancakes together!

Year 2 - Cooking and Nutrition

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Within our D&T 'Cooking and Nutrition' topic, Year 2 designed and made their very own Christmas dinners! They carefully researched what a traditional Christmas dinner included...which linked to our History topic of 'Christmas in the past and present'.
Next, we designed what we were going to have on our Christmas dinner based on our research. We used our Science knowledge of where food comes from and what is needed for a healthy, balanced meal in order to make our plans.
After that, we prepared all of our food from scratch, learning how to do this is a safe way! Finally, we got to eat and evaluate the Christmas dinners we had made!
Have a look at our Research, Design, Make and Evaluate process to make healthy Christmas dinners in the photo story below!

Year 3 DT - Anderson Shelters

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As part of the design stage for their World War 2 Anderson shelter models, year 3 have been considering where would be an appropriate place to put a working light. The children experimented with making a circuit in today's lesson.

Year 3 DT work

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Examples of work where children have brainstormed ideas for a light up sign, along with the sign design and final product. Also featured, examples of Stone Age necklace designs.

Year 3 - Anderson Shelters

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During our DT project this half term, we have been constructing our own Anderson Shelters. The children have focused on choosing appropriate materials and designing a functionable layout based on research of real life Anderson Shelters. We finished our project by testing the sturdiness of our shelters with water bombs! Lots of fun with a mixture of results!

Year 3 - Pneumatic Monsters

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Year 3 have been working very hard making our very own pneumatic monsters. Pneumatics in the science of pressurised air, it uses the energy in the pressurised air to create movement. After we learnt and understood what pneumatic science was, each pair in Year 3 worked really hard together to design, create and construct their very own monster. We used the pressurised air, moving between two syringes, to open and close the monsters mouth!

We made excellent use of our knowledge about electrical circuits when designing a torch for a particular purpose. We worked together and followed our designs carefully when making our torches. We evaluated our completed torches and considered possible refinements.  Well done Year 4 for shining so brightly during this project!

Brilliant Biscuits Designed by Year 4

We very much enjoyed our Design Technology Wonder Day.  We discussed which three inventions we considered to be the most important and explained the reasons for our choices.  We found out about famous inventors from the past and reflected upon their legacy.  We took part in a technology workshop and learnt how to use 'Crumble' software.  We designed our own 'Cracking Contraptions' and presented them to the class.

Year 4 - Geography Wonder Day - France

Our Year 4 class designed and made their own Eiffel Tower structures to support their learning on France. They explored French cooking and designed, made and created their own French inspired food products. Well done Year 4. Watch the video to find out more ....

Year 4 Tudor Lemon Tarts

Still image for this video
As part of our history topic, we carried out our own research and found out about the types of foods eaten in Tudor times. During our Tudor themed day, we worked together and made Tudor Lemon Tarts. We made excellent use of our measuring skills and timed our baking to perfection. We evaluated our tarts and they were yummy!

Year 5 Textiles: Stuffed Toys Project - Autumn term 2021

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As part of our textiles work in DT, Year 5 completed a stuffed toys project! We started by looking at homemade stuffed toys already on the market and moved on to designing our own. We first decided on a simple shape to base our design on before listing other materials we would need. Next we were introduced to the blanket stitch; this was certainly a challenge but with hard work and determination, Year 5 were very successful! Our final step was adding any extra items, decorative stitches or appendages! Enjoy taking a look at our final products!

Year 5 Structures: Bridges - Spring 2022

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Our Year 5 children have been taking part in a Design and Technology project on bridges. They have been following the plan, design, make and evaluate process to undertake their research and making. I think there are some budding engineers in our Year 5 class! Well done!

Year 5 Gears and Engineering Workshop - Spring 2022

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Year 5 were incredibly lucky to take part in a fantastic engineering workshop today which was fascinating! It all started with an inspirational Career Kids Presentation, looking at what an engineer is and what they do in the world. I know this inspired some future engineers! This was followed by an exciting workshop all about gears. We looked at how and why gears are used and built different gears together to investigate rotation direction, rotation speed and ratio. The final part of the workshop had the children working in groups to build a small part of a machine, which we put together to build them all into one large class machine!

Year 5 Visit to The York Chocolate Story

Year 5 visited the York Chocolate Story to learn more about the origin of food and how it is produced from around the world!

Year 5 - The History of Chocolate Workshop: We learnt all about where food comes from, following its journey before making some for ourselves!

Year 5 - Building Structures

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This half-term, Year 5's Design and Technology topic is 'Building Shelters'. Last week, we looked at lots of different shelters and what materials they were made of. Today we were set the challenge of building a sturdy structure using a range of materials including straws, pipe cleaners, tape and more! We wanted to find out how best to join materials together to create a structure and how to reinforce these structures to make them stronger.

Year 5 is clearly full of future engineers - well done! :)

Year 6: Researching and Analysing Children's Toys

Still image for this video

Year 6 - Wonderful Waistcoats (November 2021)

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On Friday 12th November, Year 6 had an amazing ‘Waistcoat Wonder Day!’ Previously, the children had explored different waistcoat designs and commented upon their favourite designs, shapes, fabrics and colours. Their aim was to design and produce a waistcoat for a Victorian teddy bear being displayed in a Victorian museum. To begin with on our Wonder Day, the children designed their waistcoats using the fabric they had brought in from home as well as selecting buttons which complemented their fabrics. Once the design had been created, we used the templates and drew around them using chalk – it was rather tricky so we used lots of teamwork to stretch and hold our fabric. Next, we carefully cut around the template to create the back and front of our waistcoats. After lunch, we selected a thread that would also complement our fabric and used the straight stitch to sew the front and back together. Finally, we added buttons and some extra details. Look at our incredible creations...

Year 6 - Come Dine With Me

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For our DT project this half term, Year 6 have all become Masterchefs! After learning about the seven essential nutrients in our Science lessons, Mrs Nicholson set us a task to design a 3 course meal which included all of the nutrients and reflected a balanced diet. We discussed themes for 3 course meals and set about researching recipes. At home, we all prepared, cooked and presented at least one of the courses from our balanced meal; we then asked our families to rate each course we cooked and identify our successes and areas to improve. Watch the video above to see our amazing cooking. A special thank you to all the parents who have supported this project and let the children have control in their kitchens!

Year 6 - Pop-up Greetings Cards

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In Spring 1 half term, Year 6 have been making pop-up greetings cards. We began by watching videos to get inspiration and then had a go at completing different mechanisms (over zoom!) The children listened and watched so carefully and they were all able to produce a slider, pop-up beak and a pop-up podium/birthday cake. Next, the children designed their greetings card and selected which mechanism they were going to include – some even designed a mechanism on the front cover and one in the middle too. Then, the children spent an afternoon making their greetings cards and you can watch the finished products in the video above – what an amazing job they have done! Finally, we evaluated our greetings cards, thinking carefully about the successes, difficulties and what we might alter if we were to make them again.

Baking in Year 6

Still image for this video
During Spring 1, Miss Leonard set Year 6 a challenge: could they raise 10% of the fee for a Macbeth day in Spring 2? Of course... Year 6 got straight to work.

Firstly, we worked in groups to discuss ideas of how we could raise the money. Eventually, we all decided on baking treats which we could sell to the rest of the school. Each table then began researching ideas for healthier treats to link to our Science unit about the importance of a balanced diet. The final products agreed were: raspberry oat bars, raisin flapjacks, cherry flapjacks, banana and strawberry smoothie and mixed berry smoothie.

On Wednesday 12th February, we spent the day preparing the oat bars and flapjacks. We used our mathematical knowledge of ratio to double the recipes to ensure there would be plenty to sell! On Thursday 13th February, we prepared the fruit for the smoothies - we wanted these to be as fresh as possible.

At playtime, we invited all the classes to come and purchase a treat - it was a huge success! We quickly made the 10% required for our Macbeth day and also made an additional £80 which we are going to donate to Wheatfields Hospice. Well done Year 6!