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Year 2

Ace Club Sports Gala

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Many thanks to Ace Club who provided a wonderful day of sport for the whole school on Friday. It was amazing to see the children enjoying such a wide range of sports led brilliantly by the Ace Club Leaders.

St Anthony's Marian Procession 2022

Year 2 Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee! May 2022

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Our Year 2 class were incredibly lucky to have a bespoke day of learning, led by Big Foot Education. The day was entitled "Party at the Palace" which was chosen to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. What a super day of learning we had! It will help us to celebrate with our nation next week with understanding and joy. God save the queen!

The Great Fire of St Anthony's! History - May 2022

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Year 2 have been immersed in our History topic, 'The Great Fire of London'. In order to bring our learning to life, each child made their own house so we could recreate the city of London in 1666. We then set fire to Thomas Farriner's Bakery shop on Pudding Lane and observed how the fire left a trail of destruction throughout the city. Take a look at some of our photos from our exciting day!

Year 2 Visit our Special Prayer Garden

Years 2 & 3 - Liturgical Dance - Alleluia

Year 2 - Liturgical Dance - Hail Mary

On Tuesday 17th May, our Year Two class were incredibly lucky to take part in a very special visit by More Than Dance. As it is the month of May, they celebrated their knowledge and love for Mary through learning a new liturgical dance, The Hail Mary. The children demonstrated great reverence, prayerfulness and respect through their actions and worked together to pray and praise Mary. They also mastered a new "Alleluia" dance to continue to bring their Eastertide learning to the focus. I am so proud of our Year Two class. God bless you all.

Science - Planting Seeds - May 2022

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Year 2 have been planting their own seeds! Beforehand, we made predictions about how our plants would grow and described what we predict they will need in order to grow in a healthy way and survive. We gathered our equipment and carefully planted each of our seeds in healthy soil, making sure they have space to grow. We are so excited to document their journey as the weeks progress!

Science - Investigating Seeds and Bulbs - May 2022

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Year 2 have been using their scientific investigation skills to explore a range of different seeds and bulbs! We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the size, shape and colour of each seed and bulb, including their distinguishing features. We discussed which one was the 'odd one out' and used our speaking skills to carefully reason our choices. We then made careful observational drawing of each seed and bulb, whilst describing what we could see. By the end of the lesson, we could all describe the difference between seeds and bulbs, including the difference in planting patterns throughout the year. Well done Year 2!

Jesus has risen! Creative RE at Eastertide

English - Researching facts about Hedgehogs for our own Information Texts. Inspired by our class novel, 'The Hodgeheg' by Dick King-Smith

RHE - Emotions, Actions and Consequences

In our RHE lessons, we have been thinking hard about how to manage and show our emotions in a safe and expressive way. We explored different scenarios and discussed ways in which we could navigate difficult decisions. We then looked at many different emotions and considered 'sensible, safe' actions and what the consequences of these would be. We all contributed to discussion in a really mature and sensible way, showing our growing emotional literacy. Well done Year 2!

Year 6 Lead Collective Worship for Year 2 - 26.4.22 Focus virtue: Respect

A Pilgrimage of Faith

Easter Fundraising

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Well done to everyone who entered our Easter Competitions this year. Watch our photo story to see the amazing bonnets, decorated eggs and Easter gardens - we were amazed by all your entries.

Art - Creating Clay Minibeasts (Link to our current Science Topic)

Science - Microhabitats

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This half term, Year 2 have been learning all about Animals and their Habitats. We have been deepening our understanding of Microhabitats, including the animals that live there. We explored how microhabitats enable certain animals to survive and how they provide them with things like food and shelter. We then hunted for microhabitats in our school grounds and enjoyed finding a whole host of different minibeasts! We developed criteria of what a microhabitat needs, then we decided to create our own to put in our school grounds. Take a look at some of our microhabitat investigating!

Lenten Workshop

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Year 2 took part in a special workshop all about Lent. We sung songs and danced together as we shared our knowledge of the Lenten journey. Together, we then acted out key moments from the Easter story, including Palm Sunday, Good Friday and the Resurrection of Jesus. We deepened our understanding of the Easter story and helped one another to prepare for the most special time of year. Take a look at some of our photos from our workshop...

Celebrating New Life - Chickens!

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Year 2 loved exploring the theme of 'New Life' before we broke up for Easter. In Science, we have been learning all about animals and their habitats, and loved being able to hold the chickens after we watched them for a number of weeks within their eggs. We were so lucky to see the special moment the eggs hatched and our chickens appeared! Take a look at Year 2 with our new chicks!

Monday 28th March - Year 2 Visit to Church

Year 2 Visit Church

On Monday, Year 2 deepened their knowledge and understanding of 'The Mass' by visiting St Anthony's Church and Father Whitwell. We explored around the Church and looked for signs and symbols which remind us of the Last Supper. We talked through different parts of the Mass with Father Whitwell and explored the deep meanings within each symbol. Afterwards, we were extremely lucky to go into the blessed Sacristy, where Father Whitwell discussed his sacred vestments with us. Tomorrow on Tuesday 29th March, we will visit Church together to celebrate our first class mass with members of the parish.

A special visit from Father Whitwell - 25.3.22

A special visit from Father Whitwell

Year 2 had a wonderful afternoon listening to and learning from Father Whitwell. We shared our special learning from our current RE topic, 'The Mass' and discussed the link between the Last Supper and the Consecration. We explored different parts of the Mass together and asked Father Whitwell lots of questions. We felt truly blessed to share our learning with Father Whitwell and we look forward to visiting St Anthony's Church on Monday to learn more about the Mass, ahead of our Year 2 Class Mass on Tuesday.

Year 2 - Florence Nightingale Experience

Our Year 2 pupils had a super day using sources of evidence to find out about the past. They took part in role play as soliders and nurses in Scutari Hospital. Watch our video to find out what we got up to! What an amazing visit to Thackray Museum.

Year 2 Visit to Thackray Medical Museum - March 2022

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Year 2 have been learning all about Florence Nightingale and her impact on our lives today. To further enhance our learning, we visited the Thackray Medical Museum to bring our learning to life and delve deeper into the life of Florence! We explored the changing role of nurses, the conditions in Scutari Hospital and how Florence Nightingale made such a positive impact. We then explored the museum to discover what life in Leeds was like in the Victorian Era and also what health issues the people faced during this time. We had such a wonderfully immersive day and enjoyed every second of learning! Take a look at some of our photos from the day...

History - Developing an understanding of chronology - Florence Nightingale

Collective Worship - Praying for Peace in Ukraine

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

St Anthony's follows Little Wandle Systematic Synthetic Phonic Scheme with fidelity. Find out more by watching our video below, or visiting our Curriculum; Early Reading page. Ask our children all about it! We have daily phonic lessons and practice reading sessions three times a week. We capture our love of reading by also visiting our school library weekly where we choose a quality sharing book. Keep on reading everyone!

Year 2 World Book Day 2022

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Year 2 have had an amazing day celebrating World Book Day! We all came to school dressed as our favourite book characters or chefs who were ready to 'stir up' a super story! Take a look at some activities from our day.

World Book Day 2022

Our whole school celebrated our love for reading on Friday 4th March 2022. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.
Our theme this year was "cooking up a story!". All our children came dressed as chefs, fairy tale characters or a character from their class novel for this half term. We launched our new "Reading Hut" and all our children were able to take home a new free book to share at home.
We continue to read, read, read and enjoy the passion for vocabulary and language. What an amazing day we had. Watch our video to find our more. Happy reading!

Year 2 adore reading in school! From our exciting class novels to our wide range of texts to explore, we love discovering something new each and every day. Take a look at our current reading provision in Year 2 using the photographs above.

Design and Technology - Researching Pop-Ups

Year 2 Research Phase - Pop Ups

In order to develop our design criteria, Year 2 have explored a range of texts with pop-ups. From fiction to non-fiction, Year 2 have been immersed in a range of pop-up products, which have inspired them to develop their own designs. We have thought carefully about the purpose of our pop-up and who the pop-up is intended for. Next, we will design our products carefully, using the information we have gathered from our research. Stay tuned for the design, make and evaluate processes to follow!

Exploring Poetry in Year 2

Exploring Poetry

Year 2 have been immersed in our new class novel, a narrative poetry adaption of the story 'Peter Pan' by Caryl Hart. The children have been so excited to explore the rhyming couplets, new vocabulary and language techniques within our class novel and have gathered together so many ideas for their own narrative poetry. Watch this space to discover how we have carefully crafted our own outstanding narrative poetry!

Artwork - Inspired by our Geography topic 'Climates'

Festive Fun at St Anthony's - 2021

Wishing all our Year 2 class a wonderful Christmas. What an amazing Christmas we have had. God bless.

History Christmas in the Past - Temple Newsam Trip - December 2021

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In History, Year 2 are learning about Christmas in the past. We visited Temple Newsam to learn about how Christmas was celebrated in the past, including traditional Christmas decorations, traditions and gifts. We then engaged in an interactive story telling workshop, using our knowledge to assist us with retelling the story in the historic surroundings of Temple Newsam. Take a look at some of our pictures from the day!

Year 2 - Christmas in the past

Elf Day 2021

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Year 2 have had such a wonderful time preparing for Christmas when celebrating Elf Day! Take a look at some of the activities we have enjoyed together today!

D&T - Food and Nutrition - Healthy Christmas Dinners

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In Year 2, we have been learning about where food comes from and how to prepare it safely. Linking to our History topic - 'How was Christmas celebrated in the past?' - Year 2 prepared their own healthy Christmas dinner. We explored where the different food came from, how it was grown, what we need to do to get it ready for cooking, how to ensure demonstrate good food hygiene techniques and also how to prepare food safely using equipment. We really enjoyed our unit of work and make fantastic evaluations afterwards about what worked well and what we could improve next time. Well done Year 2!

Year 2 Christmas Party - 10.12.21

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Year 2 had a wonderful time preparing for Christmas with our Christmas party day. We enjoyed hot chocolate with marshmallows, party games, dance competitions and more! Take a look at some of the fun we had...

Skylar's Missing Note

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Key Stage One were lucky enough to be involved in a performance of 'Skylar’s Missing Note'. This musical story was all about Skylar’s prized piano and how one of the notes (middle C) became lost as the piano was transported to their new house. The note did appear in the mouth of a pigeon but unfortunately, despite Skylar’s best efforts, the note could not be reunited with the piano. However, Skylar continued to enjoy her piano and she found other ways to use her piano to create music.

Following the performance, each class took part in a workshop where we continued the story but this time based on the pigeon. Along the way, we learnt many musical terms: dynamics (loud or quiet); pitch (high or low); tempo (fast or slow) and rhythm (the pattern of the music). A huge well done to all of Key Stage One who threw themselves in to both the performance and the workshops.

Marvellous Maths

Our Year 2 class undertook wonder afternoons to ensure they have a strong retention of knowledge of age related expectations for shape within Key Stage 1. They experienced a Number Fun day, putting their knowledge of shape into many fun contexts, including singing. In class, Year 2 explored 2-D and 3-D shapes, increasing their fluency of knowledge in this area of the mathematics curriculum. Ask Year 2 all about it! Our video below shows highlights from the week across school. I hope you enjoy it!

Textiles - Making Pouches October 2021

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In our Design and Technology lessons, Year 2 have been researching, designing and making their own pouches. We were inspired by our class novel, 'Jack and the Baked Beanstalk' and wanted to make a pouch that a child like Jack, could use to carry magic beans up and down the beanstalk. We planned our pouches very carefully and worked very hard to develop our technical sewing skills. Take a look at our making process and see our amazing finished products!

RE: Year 2's Harvest Festival

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Year 2 did an amazing job in their first ever class assembly. They performed a play about Old Macdonald's Farm, thinking about how we are all so grateful for the yearly gifts of Harvest. Every child was absolutely amazing and I am so proud of them all! Take a look at some pictures from our special performance. We collected Harvest goods and brought them to the SVP to share our harvest with those who need it most of all. The SVP sent a letter of thanks to us!
Well done Year 2.

Our Year 2 Learning Environment

smiley Welcome to Year 2 smiley


Welcome to a brand new school year in Year 2!


I am so excited to begin our journey together this year and learn so much more about your interests, passions and talents. This year, we will embark on a journey of discovery together across a range of exciting, immersive topics. To start with, we will be learning all about the United Kingdom, including the four countries within the UK, the capital cities and surrounding seas. 


The majority of class updates will be posted onto the Google Classroom platform. This includes things such as weekly spellings, copies of letters and announcements/reminders. Below, I have posted some useful information to begin the year with:


*Read every night at home, focussing on your understanding of the text. Remember to aim for quality over quantity of pages read.
*Work on practising your spelling patterns and times tables every night. This will help to develop your accuracy and fluency recalling key information. Times Table Rockstars is a great resource to use for extra practise. Additional useful links can be found via the Year 2 class page.
*PE will take place every Monday for Year 2. Please come to school in your PE kit on this day.

(Please note - For the first week ONLY, PE will take place on Thursday, due to Monday being a teacher training day).

*Come into school everyday, excited and ready to learn!

*Our meet the teacher meeting will take place virtually this year on Wednesday 8th September 4 - 4.30pm via Zoom (more information to follow).

*Half termly newsletters (including any key dates) and spellings can be found via the Year 2 class page. 


At the beginning of every school year, I like to share one of my favourite quotes from a book. I adore reading and I believe that this year, the below quote perfectly sums up the exciting year we are about to embark on together as a class. I know that we will have a year filled with exploration, discovery, imagination and wonder!


Take care and I cannot wait to see you all soon,


Mrs Gledhill smiley


2020/21 Finale

Music - "Sounds of the Sea" project

Design and Technology - Making Healthy Wraps

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Year 2 received a very exciting letter setting them a design brief to make a healthy wrap for Primary Schools within the United Kingdom. In order for the wrap to be healthy, it needed to include the following: carbohydrates, diary, protein and vegetables/fruit. The children then designed a range of different wraps with their design brief in mind and compared each other's designs in order to discuss and evaluate. We then learned how to handle and use a knife correctly and safely, specifically thinking about the positioning of our hands. We then got to bring our designs to life! Afterwards, we evaluated what worked well and what didn't, suggesting further improvements. We had so much fun making our healthy, balanced wraps! Well done Year 2!

Exploring Bridlington

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Wow, Year Two! What a set of super stars you are! I was so impressed with your behaviour, manners and grown-up attitude on our trip to Bridlington on Friday. You listened so carefully and had smiles on your faces all day. You were an absolute joy to spend time with and a credit to your families and our school. A huge well done!
I was also very impressed with your amazing Geography knowledge. You showed what seaside experts you are; naming the physical and human features, finding out about the jobs in a seaside town and thinking about what tourists can do in Bridlington.

Year 2 Seaside Explorers

Seaside Explorers!

Year 2 had the most wonderful time being Geography explorers in the coastal town of Bridlington. Over the last few weeks, Year 2 have conducted research to discover more all about Bridlington and are planning a non-chronological report based around their research. During the visit, they identified and named a range of human and physical features of the coastline and considered how a seaside town generates tourism. I am so proud of them for all of their hard work and I know they had a superb time exploring at the seaside! Take a look at our special video from the day!



Our Day at the Seaside!!

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Year 2 were absolutely incredible during their visit to the seaside on Friday. I was filled with pride as members of the public stopped us to comment on how lovely it was to see the children playing, having fun and behaving impeccably. They really were a pleasure to be with! Here are a few photos from the day - there will be more to add!! Many thanks to all the adults who gave their time to make the trip such a success. Well done Year 2

Design Technology - Designing the best way to wrap our products

ACE Sports Gala - Athletic Games and Football

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As part of our Sports Gala, we took part in a range of athletic games and football games. We enjoyed working as part of a team and developing our strategy skills. Take a look at some photos from our fun Sports Gala!

ACE Club Dance Workshop

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As part of our Sports Gala run by ACE Club, we took part in an exciting dance workshop. Practising a range of dance moves, we created a dance to 'Friend Like Me' from Aladdin. Year 2 loved dancing different moves and joining their moves together for their final masterpiece. Well done Year 2!

Congratulations on your Baptism!!

Congratulations to Harry and his family who were all baptised at St. Anthony's on Friday evening.  Following a period of catechesis and commitment, inspired by both Mrs Corah and our school and parish family, they have each been welcomed into God’s family. We congratulate Harry and his brother, as well as his mum and grandma. God bless them all. True evangelisation guided by St Anthony.

History Wonder Day - St Anthony's in the Past

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Year 2 had an amazing day experiencing what life at St Anthony's was like for a child in the past. From clothes worn, lessons taught and even paying a penny to get into school...we were immersed in the past! We explored the history of our local area, asked historical questions and observed different ways in which the past is represented e.g. through songs, displays and historical artefacts. This allowed us to identify similarities and differences between life in different periods, including in our own lives. We had a superb day of learning and the children experienced so much about life in the past! Well done Year 2!

Our Australia Day

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Year Two became Australian explorers in our catch up Geography Day. The children worked incredibly hard to develop their knowledge of the continents and oceans. They used atlases and globes and worked as a team to place them all in the correct places. Then they made balloon globes - Wow! The children listened carefully to the reasons for the design of the Australian and United Kingdom flags before making their own. They asked lots of questions and were very inquisitive when I spoke to them about my own trip to Australia a few years ago. Finally the children pieced together the 6 states of Australia and added the important cities and landmarks. We had a wonderful day Year Two and I was so impressed with each and every one of you!

Celebrating St Anthony's Day

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Year 2 have been thinking all about our Patron Saint Anthony of Padua. We have learnt lots about his life and how he showed the mission of Christ in his words and actions. Year 2 produced some beautiful stained glass windows to help us remember St Anthony's Day on 13th June. Take a look at our stained glass windows...

Year 2 - Animal Magic at Skelton Grange

Come and watch Year 2 learning at Skelton Grange. This day was a bespoke day, planned to teach missed content from previous lockdowns in Key Stage 1. The children worked creatively on key objectives they needed to consolidate in readiness for moving to Key Stage 2. They had an incredible day of first hand learning all around the topic of Animals. This has allowed our pupils to learn new knowledge, linking this sequentially to that taught in their classroom. Well done Year 2. We hope you enjoy our video! 

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

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As part of our Science learning, 'Animals and their Habitats', Year 2 have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We began by seeing the tiny caterpillars and observing them through a microscope. Next, they grew and grew before they went into their pupa in order for the metamorphosis to begin. We watched and waited as the caterpillars changed into magnificent, beautiful butterflies! Year 2 got to see the butterflies wiggling their way out of their pupa and transform into butterflies. We each got to observe the butterflies up close before releasing them.
Take a look at our special photographs from our learning...
Well done Year 2!

Minibeasts and their Habitats - Year 2 visit Skelton Grange!

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Year 2 had a wonderful day at Skelton Grange investigating mini-beasts in their habitats. Throughout the day, they asked amazing questions and used all their investigative and enquiry skills. All the adults who accompanied the children were very proud of them! Watch the photo-story to see the exciting challenges they completed!

When will it emerge?

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Year 2 have been focussing on the life cycle of a butterfly and have been observing the whole process from beginning to end. We are waiting on our very last butterfly to emerge! Stay tuned for some exciting photographs to follow...

History - Recreating the Great Fire of London

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Fire! Fire! London's burning!
Today, we recreated the Great Fire of London at St Anthony's! I am so proud of Year 2 for how well they have engaged in our class topic. Their knowledge is incredible and we even had a visit from real firefighters to strengthen our knowledge last week! Today, we set 'London' ablaze and sung 'London's burning', as the fire spread through London. Each child could describe why the fire spread so quickly and this afternoon, we learned more about the aftermath of the fire. What an incredible day of learning! Well done Year 2!

Take a look at our amazing Great Fire of London!

Artwork inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe

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Year 2 have been inspired by the artwork of our focus artist, Georgia O'Keeffe. Today, we have begun developing our own artwork in her style, to represent the Great Fire of London. The children have thought really carefully about how Georgia O'Keeffe uses obscure shapes to represent objects, and have reflected this in the flames that they have created. We are next going to consider how Georgia O'Keeffe uses layering techniques to develop her artwork further.
Take a look at the start of our creations...

Visit from Hunslet Fire Service - The Great Fire of London

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Today, Year 2 had an exciting virtual visit from Hunslet Fire Service! We prepared lots of questions to ask the Fire Fighters, and make excellent links to our History topic of the Great Fire of London. The children discovered lots about how the fire service has changed throughout history, why the Great Fire of London spread so quickly, how to stay safe in the event of a fire, the role of a fire fighter and more! I was so impressed with the insightful questions Year 2 thought of....they learned so much from our special visitor though seeing fire drills taking place and also had a virtual tour of a fire engine! We made excellent links to our History topic throughout.
Take a look at some pictures from our day...
Well done Year 2!


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This half term Year 2 are learning to be gymnasts in PE and will be learning to travel in different ways and on different parts of the body. By the end of the term the children will be able to link shape, balance and rotation to create a sequence. In today's lesson the children demonstrate different shapes that they could make - Mr Hanson was very impressed! Well done year 2.

Science Week - Planting Seeds

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Year 2 have been learning all about plants and how they germinate in order to grow. On Friday, we gathered our equipment and planted our own seeds in the sun. We then watered our seeds in order to help them grow. We will continue to observe how they grow with our own personal sunflower growth diary.
Take a look at some of our planting pictures!

Mad Science

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During Science Week, Year 2 meet a Mad Scientist and were amazed by what they saw!! They learnt all about materials and different forces including gravity and friction. Watch the photo story to see the awe and wonder in the children's faces! It really was a pleasure to see!

Science Week - Investigating Plants and Trees

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In class we were looking at the key features of different plants and trees, including deciduous and evergreen trees. Afterwards, we explored our school grounds to try and identify as many plants, flowers and trees as possible. We thought carefully about the structure of each plant, in order to ensure we identified it correctly. We had lots of fun investigating and found so many different varieties of plants, flowers and trees! Take a look at some of our photos...

Science Week - Micro Habitats

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Year 2 were so excited to make micro-habitats with Miss Taylor! They spoke carefully about the key features of a micro-habitat, in order to determine how to construct their own. They worked really well together in order to build their micro-habitats. We then went into our school grounds to place our habitats outside. Each pair gave fantastic, scientific reasons, as to why they had placed their micro-habitat in a certain place. Have a look at some pictures of our super micro habitats!

Science Week - New Life comes to St Anthony's!

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We were so excited by the arrival of some special eggs in school! We watched the eggs wobble and move until chickens were born! Year 2 were extremely lucky to be present when three of our many chicks hatched from their eggs! We saw their tiny wings, feet and beaks in their very first moments. After that, we could observe how the chickens were growing...seeing the difference in their feathers and size. We each then got a turn to hold a chicken so we could observe it up close. Take a look at some of our beautiful photos from this special time!

Science Week - Rockpool visit

Still image for this video
Year 2 had a wonderful time learning about underwater habitats! We learned so much about animals that live in rockpools and how they have adapted to their habitat. We got to hold lots of different animals and could describe lots of facts about them too. Take a look at some photos from our special visit!

Science Week

Our whole school Science Week was totally amazing! Just look at all the fun we had! Year 2 were able to consolidate all their prior Science topics and catch up on any missing content from lockdown. They did this in adventurous and memorable ways! I am so proud of our Year 2 class. Enjoy our Science Week film.

Miss Leonard and the Year 2 team.

Year 2 Easter Competition!

Still image for this video
Well done to all the children in Year 2 who made some wonderful bonnets, decorated eggs and Easter Gardens! As you will see it was a very hard decision but this year's winner was Elia!

Easter at St Anthony's

Holy Week - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

During Holy Week in 2021, we have been reflecting on the key events of this most important week. Each of our classes have re-enacted important events, shared liturgical dances, songs and prayers. Year 2 have signed their song, directed by Alina from our Year 2 class. Thank you so much Alina for sharing your beautiful talents with the class. This truly reflective video shows Holy Week at St Anthony's at its most holy. We hope you can share our learning, prayer and humble praise in your homes with us this year. God bless you all Year 2 this Holy Week. 

Year 2 join Artforms -The Little Sing!

Still image for this video
On Friday 26th March, year 2 joined 80 other schools to take part in this year's Little Sing organised by Artforms. We had a wonderful afternoon singing songs, dancing and playing rhythms on instruments. It was an absolutely amazing afternoon and was such a joyful experience hearing the children sing once again! We hope you enjoy the photos!

A Huge Thank You!!

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It was wonderful to welcome all of Year 2 back after lockdown, to see the smiles and hear the laughter as they played and learnt together. Throughout the day we spoke about our feelings during lockdown and now as we return to school. It was an extremely positive day - all the children (and adults) were delighted to be back as 'one big family'. We spent the morning writing thank you poems and making a special poster for all our grown ups!

World Book Day - The Rainbow Fish - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Hello Year 2,

Happy World Book Day. The theme of our World Book Day this year is "share a story". All our staff in school have made two very special stories for you to share together with your families. We are watching them both today at school, but you might want to share this with your families too.

Keep sharing your love for reading as this is one of the most important gifts we can give our children.

God bless and enjoy,

Miss Leonard


I wish to thank Mr and Mrs Easton for their kind assistance making this reading compilation in partnership with us. 

World Book Day - Franklin's Flying Bookshop - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

A True Inspiration: Sir Captain Tom Moore

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During lock down, we spent the day learning about the truly inspirational gentleman: Sir Captain Tom Moore. We all aim to be like him by doing acts of kindness to help others during this difficult time. Throughout the day we made thank you posters, wrote fact files, completed 100 maths questions and much more. Watch our photo story to see the wonderful work we completed.

Delicious Instructions!

Still image for this video
This half term we have started looking at instruction texts in Year 2. Last week, we identified different features of instructions and improved Mrs McGuire's instructions for how to make a jam sandwich whilst making our own (yummy!). This week, we've been making tasty treats to help us write our own instruction text. As we made the treats, we jotted down notes after each step to use for our plans. Next lesson, we used our plans to write up our instruction texts and today we have edited and improved our writing. We've had a great time making (and eating!) our delicious snacks and have produced some fabulous writing too. We hope you enjoy looking at what we made!


Still image for this video
On Monday in Year 2 (both at home and in school) we spent a lovely afternoon learning all about Lent and the sacrifices Jesus made in the desert for 40 days. We thought about what we could do as we prepare for Easter before making our Lenten promises which we turned into beautiful pieces of artwork! We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed making them. Each of us has also been given "Lent in a bag" to take home so we can continue to grow in faith and share this special time with our families.

The Polar Regions - Geography

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Today (2nd February), the children were learning about the Polar Regions. We couldn't have asked for better weather to help us to imagine what it must be like in the Arctic. After comparing the Arctic and Antarctica the children completed a Goggle Quiz to see how much they had remembered! (I must say the results were amazing!!) As an additional challenge the children were asked to go out in the snow and create an animal that they would find in either the North or the South Pole. Watch the photo story to see the wonderful work that was completed! Miss Taylor was extremely impressed.

Den Building- Science

Still image for this video
On Friday 29th January, Year 2 were set a challenge of making a waterproof den for their favourite toy. Miss Taylor was absolutely amazed by the videos and photographs uploaded onto the Google Classroom. Please watch our photostory to see our amazing designs - we hope you enjoy!

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School - Carol Service 2020

Please join us for our 2020 carol service.

Year 2 message from Santa

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School - Year 2 Nativity - A Bundle of Joy

Our Year 2 class have been very busy creating their nativity "A bundle of joy". They have really enjoyed acting out the most special story of the Christmas season. We hope you enjoy watching this virtually this year, as we endeavour to keep both you and all our school community safe this Christmas time. God bless you all. Well done to our incredible Year 2 class. 

Party Day in Year 2

Still image for this video
We have had an amazing party day today! We made wands for the Opera North performance of Cinderella before we ate a superb Christmas dinner. After dinner it was time for party - we danced, sang and played lots of games! We then had EVEN MORE food! The day ended with a very special visitor appearing on our screen - WE WERE ASTONISHED!! Watch our video to see what a wonderful day we had!!!!

Our Special Visitors

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Something very special happened at St. Anthony's today! Santa heard all about our very special elves so decided to send two of his most precious reindeers to visit. Year 2 followed the magical glitter trail to find our visitors in the corner of the playground. It was an absolute delight to see such joy, awe and wonder! As Harry T said, "It was the best day ever!"

Happy Elf Day!

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We've all had such a wonderful day in Year 2 as elves! I'm sure we're all going to sleep well tonight after all the special jobs we've done today. We made reindeer candy canes, Christmas baubles, Christmas cards and even built some delicious, biscuit houses! It's hard work being an elf! We hope you enjoy looking at what we got up to. Well done to all of our Year 2 elves on a super day. You made your head elves very happy!

Nativity Day!

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Christmas Traditions: Pomanders

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This half term Year 2 are learning about Christmas traditions. We have already learnt about the history of the Christmas tree and on Friday (11.12.20) we learnt about Pomanders. Watch our photo story to see the fun we had and how proud we were of our work. You will have to imagine the smell - it was WONDERFUL!!

Advent Wonder Day!

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What a wonderful day we have all had! It's been our Advent Wonder Day and we all came into school dressed in purple to mark the occasion. We began our day reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas and how we can let our light shine by making our Advent promises. After this, we were very busy for the rest of the day making travelling cribs that we could take home and share with our families, as well as some beautiful Advent art using watercolours and collage. We hope you enjoy sharing in our day through this photostory - Enjoy!

Computing - Junior Jam Taster Session

Printing inspired by William Morris.

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This half term, we've been learning about William Morris in our Art lessons and have used his work to inspire us to create our own fabulous, nature prints! We had a wonderful afternoon designing our own printing tiles which we then went on to make and use with a variety of different coloured paints. We hope you enjoy looking at what we got up to. There are definitely lots of super artists in Year 2 I'm sure you'll agree!

Our Geography Wonder Day: The United Kingdom

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What an amazing day we had learning about English traditions. We learnt about our capital city and the Royal Albert Hall before watching the Proms whilst waving our flags in time to the music. After lunch it was time to have afternoon tea but we had to prepare it first! We learnt how to butter bread, cut off crusts and then prepare scones with jam and cream! Watch our Photo story to see the joy!!


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We have really enjoyed PE during Autumn 1 - Watch our Photostory to see us in action!

Computing: We are Programmers

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During Autumn 1 the children were programmers, entering algorithms and debugging mistakes. They loved exploring both the Bee-bots and Scratch and could all successfully create a Sprite and move it around the screen! Well done Year 2 my programming superstars.

Growing together on a journey with Jesus.

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This week, Year 2 thought carefully about how they can grow closer to Jesus through their actions. They recognised that Jesus wants them to 'love one another' and the wonderful world in which they live. To help them remember this they all planted their very own bulb and wrote promises explaining how they would love and nurture their bulb just like Jesus cares for them. Watch our Photostory to see just how proud the children were!

Year 2's Wonderful Writing

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This year, Year 2 have really impressed me with their efforts when writing. I am so proud of all of their achievements and hard work. Come and take a look at some of their wonderful work!

Year 2's Special RE work

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Year 2 is filled with such thoughtful, reflective children. Take a look at some of our special RE work from this year...

Year 2 RE Poetry

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During our work on 'Mysteries', Year 2 read a poem called 'Heaven'. Together as a class we discussed the poem and shared our own thoughts with others. We then wrote our own verses for the poem using the questions we had. Take a look at some of our poetry...

Our Gifts to God

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During our RE topic, 'The Mass', we have been thinking about the offertory. We reflected deeply on what gifts we offer to God and others through our thoughts and actions. Take a look at some of our special gifts...

Collective Worship in Year 2

Y2 D&T - Making process and developing technical skills

Science experiment - Can materials be changed through bending, twisting, squashing and stretching?

Science - The chicks visit Year 2!

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Year 2 had a wonderful morning meeting the chicks! We have been learning all about living things and we enjoyed having an up close look at the chicks in our classroom. Take a look at our pictures!

Reading Week March 2020

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Year 2 love to read! We had a wonderful reading week and World Book Day celebration. Come and look at some of our pictures from the week...

Celebrate a love of reading!

Celebrating a love of reading!


Year 2 love to read! Reading for enjoyment is something which St Anthony's holds of great value and importance. 

Here are a few tips for reading with your child at home:

- Read each and every night at home, developing and exploring their love of books.

- Encourage your child to read fluently. This means they are reading briskly and accurately from the text, adding expression and intonation where appropriate.

- Read a few pages well and discuss in depth with your child to check if they have understood. This is better than racing through books! Questions could include: What do you predict will happen next? Why do you think the character did that? How is the character feeling and how do you know? Can you retell the events of the story so far? Can you retrieve a word which means the same as ... ?

- Visit the local library to join and choose a book. There is a world of books out there to explore and it's free!

- Use and explore dictionaries and thesaurus'. They can really help with spelling patterns and understanding of new/unfamiliar vocabulary.

- If your child does not know a word, try the following strategies:

• Sound out the phonemes or sounds in the word

• Blend the phonemes back together

• Look in the pictures for clues

• Read the whole sentence then go back and see if you can decide on a word that fits

• Use syllables to break the word down into chunks

- Focus on vocabulary when reading. Don’t assume your child knows the meaning of all the words they read. Try to teach your child a new word within the text read. What does it mean? Can they put it into a sentence?

- Share your favourite stories from your childhood! What did you like about them? Could you possibly read them again together at home?


Enjoy your journey of reading!

Mrs Gledhill

D&T Making pancakes!

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To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, Year 2 made pancakes! We thought really carefully about why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday as we prepare for the season of Lent. To make the pancakes, we mixed together the ingredients and enjoyed the pancakes together. Look at our pictures below!

Investors in Pupils - Year 2 Governor visit

Our class governor, Mr Lall, came to visit our class so we could have the opportunity to find out more about the role of a governor in school. Year 2 asked some amazing, insightful questions and learned so much about the role of a governor!

RE - Year 2 lead Collective Worship for KS1

Design and Technology

This half term, Year 2 are going to make their own pop-up, for the purpose of sharing information all about climates across the world. 

To begin this, we are currently researching a variety of exciting pop-up books. 

We loved exploring the pop-ups books to develop our understanding of design criteria

Come and look at our research pictures below!


Science Experiment - Which material is best to make toddler dungarees?

Marvellous Money!


We have been learning all about money in Maths! Including identifying the greatest amount, comparing totals and making the same value in different ways. 

In order to support with this at home, could you ask your children the following questions?

- How many different ways can you use coins to make 87p?

- Can you make 13p using only two coins? Why?

- True or false? "I can make £12 and 56p using two notes and six coins."

- How many different ways can you make £16 and 84p?

- Which coin has the greatest value?

- Which coin has the smallest value?

- Which note has the biggest value?

- When you are counting coins, will you start with the greatest or smallest value?


Marvellous Money

Geography - Continents and Oceans


In Geography, we have been learning all about the continents and oceans in our wonderful world! We used the atlases in order to explore and complete our own maps. We then had to find out which continent different countries are in.

In order to continue retention of this knowledge, see if you can ask your children the following questions at home...

How many continents are there?

How many oceans are there?

Which continent in Egypt in?

Which continent is the UK in?

Which is the biggest ocean in the world?

Which is the smallest continent in the world?

Geography - Continents and Oceans

Design and Technology - Christmas dinners

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Within our D&T 'Cooking and Nutrition' topic, Year 2 designed and made their very own Christmas dinners! They carefully researched what a traditional Christmas dinner included...which linked to our History topic of 'Christmas in the past and present'.
Next, we designed what we were going to have on our Christmas dinner based on our research. We used our Science knowledge of where food comes from and what is needed for a healthy, balanced meal in order to make our plans.
After that, we prepared all of our food from scratch, learning how to do this is a safe way! Finally, we got to eat and evaluate the Christmas dinners we had made!
Have a look at our Research, Design, Make and Evaluate process to make healthy Christmas dinners in the photo story above!

Artwork - Inspired by Kandinsky

Abbey House Museum - History - Christmas in the past

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To support with our learning of, "What was Christmas like in the past?", Year 2 visited Abbey House Museum. Here we explored old toys, comparing them to our toys today, Christmas traditions in the past and how people celebrated Christmas in the past.
Year 2 were so enthusiastic to ask questions and share their knowledge from school!
The Abbey House staff were so impressed with how we discussed who made the first Christmas card, when and why Christmas trees became popular in England and also what people in the past used to decorate their Christmas tree with.
We expanded our knowledge to learn so much more about Christmas in the past and present! Take a look at our photos from the day above!

Art - Christmas Hats

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Science Week Experiments

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Take a look at some of our exciting experiments during Science week...

Teddy Bear Hospital

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Year 2 visited the Teddy Bear Hospital! We worked in small groups to learn about different parts of the body and how to keep them healthy. For example, we learnt the recovery position, how to keep our teeth healthy, how to keep our heart healthy and more! We practised applying bandages and taking care of our teddy bears to show what we have learnt. We had lots of fun and learned so much about the human body. Take a look at some of our pictures...

Life Long Ago - Dinosaurs!

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Year 2 took part in a 'Life Long Ago' workshop, where they explored prehistoric life! Using sandboxes, the children located and identified fossils from some iconic dinosaurs from the past. We saw fossils of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and a lots more! We then learnt about when each dinosaur lived, where they came from, what they ate and much more. Year 2 loved being paleontologists for the day! In Friday assembly...we even had a couple of exciting visitors! Take a look at our photostory to see our learning from the day...

Wiggly Worms

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Our upcoming Science topic is 'Animals including humans'. For this, we had a workshop with 'Mad Science' learning all about wiggly worms! During the workshop, we looked at the internal workings of a worm - discovering that they have five hearts - we learned about the diet of a worm, how worms move/travel and compared them to humans. We then got to observe worms in their habitat, before taking our own worm to look after carefully. What a super start to our new topic!

Sensational Science Week!

Sensational Science Week!

Wow...what an incredible week we have had developing our Science knowledge in Year 2! 

With photostories to follow, I wanted to share some quotes from our Year 2 pupils at the end of this amazing week:

- "I loved mixing liquids to create a reaction. We saw a volcano erupt and all the lava bubbles came out of the top."
- "We got to learn about how fossils are made. I liked learning about dinosaurs from the past and what they left behind."

- "I found out all about Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. They helped us with science today."

- "I know that worms have five hearts and they eat different food to us."

- "I was so excited to make our own slime. We mixed things together to make something new. It was a bit tricky but we did it."

- "We saw that sugar melts in warm water. It was so exciting to see the colours mix together!"

Bowland Farm Visit

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In anticipation of our Science week, we had a visit from Bowland farm! During our time, we learned lots of information about the animals and even got a chance to feed them all. Year 2 had a wonderful time and asked some insightful questions about the animals. Take a look at the pictures from the visit!

Our Creative Curriculum! Year 2 Afternoon Tea

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This half term, our Geography topic is 'What countries make the United Kingdom?' This week, we were focussing on the country of England and celebrated all things English by sharing afternoon tea together, alongside our families. We have studied the physical features of England, including discovering what the longest river and highest mountain in England is.
During our afternoon tea, we participated in lots of activities which explored the human features of England. We made traditional English roses, sketched portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, made English flags, researched about St George and read books by English authors. In addition, we used the construction materials to recreate Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, whilst listening to English music. Outside, we were able to participate in traditional maypole dancing which was lots of fun! During our afternoon, we learned so much about England and enjoyed doing it alongside our families.
Well done Year 2!

What a super first week!

Wow Year 2, I am so impressed with how wonderfully you have immersed yourselves in learning this week! What a fantastic start to the year! We have been asking lots of questions about our new topics, discussing artwork, joining in with collective worship and having lots of fun learning new things. In our Geography this week, we have been learning about the United Kingdom. At home, I wonder how many of you can find...

Which countries are close to the United Kingdom?

Have you visited any of these countries?

How long would it take to travel there? 

Well done again for a fantastic first week! I cannot wait to continue our wonderful journey in Year 2 smiley