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Year 2

Year 2's Wonderful Writing

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This year, Year 2 have really impressed me with their efforts when writing. I am so proud of all of their achievements and hard work. Come and take a look at some of their wonderful work!

Year 2's Special RE work

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Year 2 is filled with such thoughtful, reflective children. Take a look at some of our special RE work from this year...

Year 2 RE Poetry

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During our work on 'Mysteries', Year 2 read a poem called 'Heaven'. Together as a class we discussed the poem and shared our own thoughts with others. We then wrote our own verses for the poem using the questions we had. Take a look at some of our poetry...

Our Gifts to God

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During our RE topic, 'The Mass', we have been thinking about the offertory. We reflected deeply on what gifts we offer to God and others through our thoughts and actions. Take a look at some of our special gifts...

Collective Worship in Year 2

Y2 D&T - Making process and developing technical skills

Science experiment - Can materials be changed through bending, twisting, squashing and stretching?

Science - The chicks visit Year 2!

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Year 2 had a wonderful morning meeting the chicks! We have been learning all about living things and we enjoyed having an up close look at the chicks in our classroom. Take a look at our pictures!

Reading Week March 2020

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Year 2 love to read! We had a wonderful reading week and World Book Day celebration. Come and look at some of our pictures from the week...

Celebrate a love of reading!

Celebrating a love of reading!


Year 2 love to read! Reading for enjoyment is something which St Anthony's holds of great value and importance. 

Here are a few tips for reading with your child at home:

- Read each and every night at home, developing and exploring their love of books.

- Encourage your child to read fluently. This means they are reading briskly and accurately from the text, adding expression and intonation where appropriate.

- Read a few pages well and discuss in depth with your child to check if they have understood. This is better than racing through books! Questions could include: What do you predict will happen next? Why do you think the character did that? How is the character feeling and how do you know? Can you retell the events of the story so far? Can you retrieve a word which means the same as ... ?

- Visit the local library to join and choose a book. There is a world of books out there to explore and it's free!

- Use and explore dictionaries and thesaurus'. They can really help with spelling patterns and understanding of new/unfamiliar vocabulary.

- If your child does not know a word, try the following strategies:

• Sound out the phonemes or sounds in the word

• Blend the phonemes back together

• Look in the pictures for clues

• Read the whole sentence then go back and see if you can decide on a word that fits

• Use syllables to break the word down into chunks

- Focus on vocabulary when reading. Don’t assume your child knows the meaning of all the words they read. Try to teach your child a new word within the text read. What does it mean? Can they put it into a sentence?

- Share your favourite stories from your childhood! What did you like about them? Could you possibly read them again together at home?


Enjoy your journey of reading!

Mrs Gledhill

D&T Making pancakes!

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To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, Year 2 made pancakes! We thought really carefully about why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday as we prepare for the season of Lent. To make the pancakes, we mixed together the ingredients and enjoyed the pancakes together. Look at our pictures below!

Investors in Pupils - Year 2 Governor visit

Our class governor, Mr Lall, came to visit our class so we could have the opportunity to find out more about the role of a governor in school. Year 2 asked some amazing, insightful questions and learned so much about the role of a governor!

RE - Year 2 lead Collective Worship for KS1

Design and Technology

This half term, Year 2 are going to make their own pop-up, for the purpose of sharing information all about climates across the world. 

To begin this, we are currently researching a variety of exciting pop-up books. 

We loved exploring the pop-ups books to develop our understanding of design criteria

Come and look at our research pictures below!


Science Experiment - Which material is best to make toddler dungarees?

Marvellous Money!


We have been learning all about money in Maths! Including identifying the greatest amount, comparing totals and making the same value in different ways. 

In order to support with this at home, could you ask your children the following questions?

- How many different ways can you use coins to make 87p?

- Can you make 13p using only two coins? Why?

- True or false? "I can make £12 and 56p using two notes and six coins."

- How many different ways can you make £16 and 84p?

- Which coin has the greatest value?

- Which coin has the smallest value?

- Which note has the biggest value?

- When you are counting coins, will you start with the greatest or smallest value?


Marvellous Money

Geography - Continents and Oceans


In Geography, we have been learning all about the continents and oceans in our wonderful world! We used the atlases in order to explore and complete our own maps. We then had to find out which continent different countries are in.

In order to continue retention of this knowledge, see if you can ask your children the following questions at home...

How many continents are there?

How many oceans are there?

Which continent in Egypt in?

Which continent is the UK in?

Which is the biggest ocean in the world?

Which is the smallest continent in the world?

Geography - Continents and Oceans

Design and Technology - Christmas dinners

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Within our D&T 'Cooking and Nutrition' topic, Year 2 designed and made their very own Christmas dinners! They carefully researched what a traditional Christmas dinner included...which linked to our History topic of 'Christmas in the past and present'.
Next, we designed what we were going to have on our Christmas dinner based on our research. We used our Science knowledge of where food comes from and what is needed for a healthy, balanced meal in order to make our plans.
After that, we prepared all of our food from scratch, learning how to do this is a safe way! Finally, we got to eat and evaluate the Christmas dinners we had made!
Have a look at our Research, Design, Make and Evaluate process to make healthy Christmas dinners in the photo story above!

Artwork - Inspired by Kandinsky

Abbey House Museum - History - Christmas in the past

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To support with our learning of, "What was Christmas like in the past?", Year 2 visited Abbey House Museum. Here we explored old toys, comparing them to our toys today, Christmas traditions in the past and how people celebrated Christmas in the past.
Year 2 were so enthusiastic to ask questions and share their knowledge from school!
The Abbey House staff were so impressed with how we discussed who made the first Christmas card, when and why Christmas trees became popular in England and also what people in the past used to decorate their Christmas tree with.
We expanded our knowledge to learn so much more about Christmas in the past and present! Take a look at our photos from the day above!

Art - Christmas Hats

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Science Week Experiments

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Take a look at some of our exciting experiments during Science week...

Teddy Bear Hospital

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Year 2 visited the Teddy Bear Hospital! We worked in small groups to learn about different parts of the body and how to keep them healthy. For example, we learnt the recovery position, how to keep our teeth healthy, how to keep our heart healthy and more! We practised applying bandages and taking care of our teddy bears to show what we have learnt. We had lots of fun and learned so much about the human body. Take a look at some of our pictures...

Life Long Ago - Dinosaurs!

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Year 2 took part in a 'Life Long Ago' workshop, where they explored prehistoric life! Using sandboxes, the children located and identified fossils from some iconic dinosaurs from the past. We saw fossils of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and a lots more! We then learnt about when each dinosaur lived, where they came from, what they ate and much more. Year 2 loved being paleontologists for the day! In Friday assembly...we even had a couple of exciting visitors! Take a look at our photostory to see our learning from the day...

Wiggly Worms

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Our upcoming Science topic is 'Animals including humans'. For this, we had a workshop with 'Mad Science' learning all about wiggly worms! During the workshop, we looked at the internal workings of a worm - discovering that they have five hearts - we learned about the diet of a worm, how worms move/travel and compared them to humans. We then got to observe worms in their habitat, before taking our own worm to look after carefully. What a super start to our new topic!

Sensational Science Week!

Sensational Science Week!

Wow...what an incredible week we have had developing our Science knowledge in Year 2! 

With photostories to follow, I wanted to share some quotes from our Year 2 pupils at the end of this amazing week:

- "I loved mixing liquids to create a reaction. We saw a volcano erupt and all the lava bubbles came out of the top."
- "We got to learn about how fossils are made. I liked learning about dinosaurs from the past and what they left behind."

- "I found out all about Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. They helped us with science today."

- "I know that worms have five hearts and they eat different food to us."

- "I was so excited to make our own slime. We mixed things together to make something new. It was a bit tricky but we did it."

- "We saw that sugar melts in warm water. It was so exciting to see the colours mix together!"

Bowland Farm Visit

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In anticipation of our Science week, we had a visit from Bowland farm! During our time, we learned lots of information about the animals and even got a chance to feed them all. Year 2 had a wonderful time and asked some insightful questions about the animals. Take a look at the pictures from the visit!

Our Creative Curriculum! Year 2 Afternoon Tea

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This half term, our Geography topic is 'What countries make the United Kingdom?' This week, we were focussing on the country of England and celebrated all things English by sharing afternoon tea together, alongside our families. We have studied the physical features of England, including discovering what the longest river and highest mountain in England is.
During our afternoon tea, we participated in lots of activities which explored the human features of England. We made traditional English roses, sketched portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, made English flags, researched about St George and read books by English authors. In addition, we used the construction materials to recreate Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, whilst listening to English music. Outside, we were able to participate in traditional maypole dancing which was lots of fun! During our afternoon, we learned so much about England and enjoyed doing it alongside our families.
Well done Year 2!

What a super first week!

Wow Year 2, I am so impressed with how wonderfully you have immersed yourselves in learning this week! What a fantastic start to the year! We have been asking lots of questions about our new topics, discussing artwork, joining in with collective worship and having lots of fun learning new things. In our Geography this week, we have been learning about the United Kingdom. At home, I wonder how many of you can find...

Which countries are close to the United Kingdom?

Have you visited any of these countries?

How long would it take to travel there? 

Well done again for a fantastic first week! I cannot wait to continue our wonderful journey in Year 2 smiley

smiley Welcome to Year 2 smiley


I am extremely excited to be working in Year 2 this year! I have planned lots of wonderful, fun-filled activities which will continue to fuel your love of learning even further! I know that you are all eager to begin a brand new school year and embrace all the challenges of Year 2.

Below, I have outlined a few important things which will help you get off to a wonderful start this year:


*Never doubt yourself or your abilities. I know that you all have the ability to achieve anything that you set your mind to. Always believe in yourself!

*PE lessons will usually take place twice a week. Please ensure that your PE kit is in school at all times, so that if our usual PE day changes, you are always able to participate readily. The indoor kit is as follows: White top and black shorts. Outdoor kit: Black tracksuit, white top and trainers.

* Read at home every night and discuss what you have read in great detail...remember to aim for quality over quantity. Make a note of what you have read or if you enjoyed a particular book/theme at home, then we can explore this further in class. I always like to share one of my favourite quotes at the beginning of the school year...


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go."

– Dr Seuss


* Practise your spellings at home each day. The spellings follow the patterns we are learning in class and really will enable your children to develop an embedded understanding of the spelling patterns. Spellings shall be tested on a weekly basis in school in order for us to identify when spelling patterns can be applied independently.

*Learn your number bonds to 20 and your times tables (In Year 2, we focus on 10s, 2s, 5s and 3s)

*Ensure that your weekly homework or Learning Log is completed and handed in on time.

* Come to school every day ready to learn! The doors open at 8.35am and registration begins promptly at 8.45am. 


I know these are things you all can achieve. Year 2 is going to be a year filled with laughter, development and

excitement. I cannot wait to see each and every child flourish in confidence, knowledge and independence!


Please see our class newsletter for details of our 'Meet the Teacher' meetings, which will help to inform you as parents/guardians for the year ahead.


Kind regards,


Mrs Gledhill