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Year 3

2020/21 Finale

Indian style printing

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Year 3 have been working really hard to create printing blocks, taking inspiration from Indian printing. Today they have used the blocks to print repetitive patterns.

Year 3/4 Chamber Choir

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The Chamber Choir were invited to sing for the Headteacher Mass in St. Anne's Cathedral last week. It was an absolute honour and the children were a credit to themselves, their parents and the whole school.

Year 3 Chamber Choir at The Leeds Cathedral

Our Year 3 Chamber Choir visited The Leeds Cathedral to sing a repertoire of songs for The Annual Headteacher's Mass with The Bishop of Leeds. The children sung a large repertoire of secular songs including:


  • On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's cry (C Coffin 1676-1749)
  • Gloria
  • As I went down to the river to pray (Trad Arr; Alex Kyle)
  • The Sanctus (Missa Mundi, John Duggan)
  • The Agnes Dei (Missa Mundi, John Duggan)
  • Brother James' Air (James Bain, Arr, Gordon Jacob)
  • Alleluia, Sing to Jesus (W. Chatterton Dix 1837-1898)


The standard was extraordinary, praised by The Bishop of Leeds and many Head Teachers in our Diocese, with one noted below:

"It was noticeable that not only did the children sing some quite complex repertoire in parts, in tune and with confidence, but they were also clearly paying close attention to their MD, which shows a very professional attitude! Outstanding St Anthony's!"


I am so proud of you all Year 3!

What do plants need to grow?

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The Year 3 children have been discovering the simple pleasures of planting a seed and watching it grow as they learn about what plants require to be healthy.

PSHE - Discussing ways that we pay for things.

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This half term in PSHE, Year 3's topic is 'Careers, financial capability and economic wellbeing'. Today, we were exploring and discussing various ways that we can pay for items. The children worked in pairs to match up payment methods to their definitions.

Art - Exploring Sculptures

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Today, we brought an art gallery experience to life in the Year 3 classroom. The children observed, discussed and answered questions about various sculptures by the Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti.

Geography - Map Reading

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Using an 8 point compass, Year 3 have worked excellently hard reading maps and identifying geographical human features in our local area of Beeston

RE - The Celebration of New Life

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Year 3 have been discussing the events of Easter Sunday and how the resurrection of Jesus links to other forms of new life at this time of Year. Using a 'Hot Seating' activity, the children have taken on roles of those who first discovered Jesus had risen and considered their thoughts and feelings. Through group work, the Year 3 children have read and performed a poem about 'New Life' through beautiful expression and actions. This is part of the children's ongoing learning in RE through the scheme, The Way, The Truth and The Life. Our Year 3 class are growing in faith, on their journey with Jesus. Well done Year 3.

The Year 3 PE Curriculum - Cricket

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Year 3 have been practicing their throwing and catching by learning to develop their bowling and fielding skills through cricket. They have twice weekly PE sessions delivered by our PE expert, Mr Hanson. Each session progressively builds skill and knowledge in a carefully sequenced curriculum. This is supplemented by nightly optional extended after school provision by both Primary Sports Partnership and Ace Club. Well done Year 3.

Science Week

Our Whole School Science Week was amazing and a super way to start our Summer Term. Year 3 were so excited to be the first class to resume educational visits. Their first hand learning of habitats at Skelton Grange, launched their focus for the week. All learning was focussed around prior topics, and topics missed due to lockdowns. The first hand experiences, visits, experiments and content were all carefully planned and crafted to ensure Science knowledge is secure. What an amazing week we had. I am so proud of you Year 3. Miss Leonard and the Year 3 team.

Science Week: Year 3 Science Catch Up Week

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Year 3 have had a fantastic Science Week learning about animals and their habitats! This was a carefully crafted week, planned to deliver and retain previously taught or missed content due to lockdowns. This included a visit to Skelton Grange Environment Centre, pond dipping and observations of plants and animals. In school, Year 3 were lucky to be treated to first hand visits linked to this same focus by Mad Science, Sublime Science, Artforms (sound visit) as well as many activities provided in school. What a fun week we had! Ask us all about our Science knowledge!

Our Year 3 Music Curriculum - The development of skill of playing the ukulele

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Year 3 are learning to play a variety of simple tunes on the ukulele by learning basic chords. They have also been developing their knowledge of rhythm by experimenting with body percussion. Our lessons take place weekly through Artform and they are taught by Mr Tongue. We build our knowledge and are progressing through our curriculum content superbly. We hope to perform for you all very soon!

The Year 3 Computing Curriculum - Garage Band

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This half term, Year 3 are using the Garage Band app to develop their computing skills through making music! The children have selected and compiled a sequence of sound in pairs to create their own composition. We are very lucky to have a computing expert teaching us each week from Junior Jam alongside our teachers in school. Our Computing curriculum builds progressively and is carefully sequenced to allow us to be computing experts!

Year 3 Easter Competition

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Well done to all the children in Year 3 who entered the Easter Competition. We are very proud of you all as you created some wonderful Easter bonnets, gardens and decorated eggs! Watch the video to see the wonderful entries!

Easter at St Anthony's

Holy Week - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

During Holy Week in 2021, we have been reflecting on the key events of this most important week. Each of our classes have re-enacted important events, shared liturgical dances, songs and prayers. This truly reflective video shows Holy Week at St Anthony's at its most holy. We hope you can share our learning, prayer and humble praise in your homes with us this year. God bless you all this Holy Week. 

World Book Day - The Rainbow Fish - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Hello Year 3,

Happy World Book Day. The theme of our World Book Day this year is "share a story". All our staff in school have made two very special stories for you to share together with your families. We are watching them both today at school, but you might want to share this with your families too.

Keep sharing your love for reading as this is one of the most important gifts we can give our children.

God bless and enjoy,

Miss Leonard


I wish to thank Mr and Mrs Easton for their kind assistance making this reading compilation in partnership with us. 

World Book Day - Franklin's Flying Bookshop - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Captain Tom Moore wonder Day

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The year 3 children designed and played a life size board game built around calculations involving the number 100 to honour Captain Tom Moore's grand old age. The year 3 heroes were also treated to their own medals of honour Captain Tom Moore style.

Anglo-Saxon Villages

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Year 3 have been building Anglo-Saxon villages at home and in school and they have done an absolutely fantastic job! Take a look and enjoy!

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School - Carol Service 2020

Please join us for our 2020 carol service.

Year 3 message from Santa

Chamber Choir - Do you hear what I hear?

Chamber Choir - Once in Royal David's City

Pneumatic Monsters - Design and Construct

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The year 3 children have been working really hard on their DT project this half term. They have designed and built a moving monster which is controlled by a device conducting air pressure.

Pneumatic Monsters - The Final Product

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Some elves have arrived in the Year 3 classroom!

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This half term, year 3 have been given the exciting opportunity to begin learning the ukulele. They have made a superb and enthusiastic start to their lessons, and I think it's safe to say there are certainly some young musicians budding in the year 3 classroom

The Annunciation

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"Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God. You will have a son, and you will name him Jesus."

The year 3 children did a superb job of re-telling the story of the Annunciation. They demonstrated Mary's thoughts and feelings incredibly well.
Our Year 3 class came alive today as we undertook a World War 2 Wonder Day led by One Day Education in partnership with St Anthony's. Miss Doherty and the Year 3 evacuees re-enacted scenes from World War 2, recalling all their incredible knowledge from the topic. I am so proud of our Year 3 class. Superb History learning!

Testing the strength of our Anderson Shelters!

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The Year 3 children each simulated an air raid by dropping a water bomb on their Anderson Shelters to test its strength.

Anderson Shelters

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In DT, year 3 have been creating some WW2 Anderson shelter models. They have chosen their materials to provide strength to withstand an air-raid (water bomb test...).

Demonstrating thanksgiving for God's wonderful world in our RE work (with a visit from Bowland Farm).

Our Year 3 class were lucky to experience a visit from Bowland Farm. We reflected upon the wonders of God's world and said thanks to God for the wonderful world in which we live. We really enjoyed experiences this wonder as a class! What an exciting morning we had!

DT - Anderson Shelters

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As part of the design stage for their World War 2 Anderson shelter models, year 3 have been considering where would be an appropriate place to put a working light. The children experimented with making a circuit in today's lesson.

Drama for World War 2 descriptive writing

Our Year 3 class have been so eager to learn knowledge to bring alive their understanding of events in World War 2. They are using drama to captivate and freeze frame moments in History as time travellers! They can't wait until their World War 2 Wonder Day later this half term! Great History learning Year 3. Well done. 

Our Year 3 class have embraced their start to Year 3, and are loving their place value work in Mathematics. They are using their manipulatives to represent digits accurately working up to 1,000. We are so proud of how our children are gaining fluency in number in this first number block. Well done Year 3.

As we find ourselves at the beginning of another academic year, I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome my new class to the year 3 classroom.  We are about to begin a new year like no other and I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you.  My aim is to make the year 3 classroom a very happy, fun and safe place to be; and with this, I would like you to know that I am here to support all of you the best I can.  I am very much looking froward to getting back to the normality of a regular school routine, as I am sure you are too.  There will be some differences, but rest assured the consistency, reliability and support of St.Anthony's will remain.


Here's to a memorable and wonderful year!


Miss Doherty

Year 3 Word Book Day Fabulous Costumes!

Our Music Curriculum in Year 3: Playing an ostinato.

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Year 3 have been listening to Gustav Holst's musical representation of 'The Planets'. We have been looking at the musical term 'ostinato' - a short pattern of notes that are repeated constantly throughout a piece of music. The children have used percussion instruments to replicate the ostinato in 'Mars'. They have been perfoming and listening to the highest standard. Well done Year 3!

'The Smartest Giant in Town' Workshop

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For book week Year 3 were involved in a drama workshop based on the Julia Donaldson book 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. The children had a fantastic time taking on roles of giants, humans and animals! They had the opportunity to design the lay out of their own town and play characters from this in various situations.

Year 3 Music curriculum: Learning to play the cornet

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For Spring 2, Summer 1 and Summer 2; Year 3 will be having a 1 hr session per week on playing the cornet. Here are some photos from their very first session. The children were learning how to hold the instrument and make a sound out of it correctly (it's harder than it looks!). They all did an excellent job and even managed to play the song 'A sailor went to Sea' in their first lesson! Well done Year 3!

Year 3 English Writing

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This photo story shows the steps the year 3 children have made building up their knowledge for writing; the children are working in groups sorting formal and informal language in preparation for writing letters. These pictures also show the year 3 children reading various shape poems in preparation to write their own based on Ted Hughes' book 'The Iron Man'.

Year 3 Geography Work

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Over the Autumn and Spring terms, year 3 have been looking at the topics 'Weather' and 'The Local Area'. Take a look at these great examples of learning that include: comparing hot and cold climates, locating hot and cold climates, directions, human/physical features and map reading.

Year 3 Addition - Using concrete and pictorial representations

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Year 3 Sketch Books

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Examples of work exploring line, tone and texture. The children have created their own patterns, drawn real life objects and completed observational drawings using these techniques.

Year 3 History Work

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Examples of work from the topics 'Anglo Saxons' and 'The Stone Age'.

Year 3 RE Work

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Examples of work from the following topics: The Christian Family, Baptism, Mary our mother, Reconciliation, Called to Change and Jesus the Teacher.

Year 3 recent examples of work from our topic 'Statistics'.

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Science Week

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During this exciting week Year 3 have been involved in a number of workshops including, the study of light, amazing chemistry experiments and excavating dinosaur bones with a palaeontologist! The children hove conducted their own experiments and made predictions and recorded their results. We have looked at the bones of the human skeleton and how they interconnect. We have also been lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs. Mehmood who delivered a fantastic, insightful lesson on the human eye. Myself and the children in Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed this theme week and are feeling inspired for the rest of our science topics this school year!

Year 3 DT Work

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Examples of work where children have brainstormed ideas for a light up sign, along with the sign design and final product. Also featured, examples of Stone Age necklace designs.

Our Design and Technology Curriculum: Stone Age Necklaces

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As part of their DT unit of work (linking to their ongoing History unit on The Stone Age), Year 3 have designed and created their own Stone Age style necklaces. These have been made out of clay with the use of tools to carve shapes and create texture. The children and I were very proud of their work so we invited Mr. Whittle, Miss. Taylor and Mr. Daly to visit our Stone Age museum, which featured the children's excellent work on display.

Our Art Curriculum: Experimenting with clay!

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Year 3 have been making 3D shapes and experimenting with texture using clay. These skills will be put further into practice when creating a Stone Age style necklace.

Rock Detectives: Science

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During Science, Year 3 have been looking at different types of rocks and comparing their properties. Our children have been amazed by the different rocks they have found. They are observing closely, comparing and investigating, as well as recording their findings in increasingly varied ways. What a super start to our Science topic for Spring term. Well done Year 3.

Year 3 class assembly Christmas 2019

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Our Year 3 class shared their learning in our final class assembly in December. They performed a superb performance to the whole school, speaking audibly, acting with clarity and confidence and shared their learning across the curriculum with the whole school community. I am so proud of you all. Well done Year 3.

Harlow Carr Gardens Trip

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Road Safety Day

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In Year 3 this week we learnt some very important things about keeping safe on the roads; a couple of these things were that all children under 135cm tall must be in a booster seat in a car at all times and that all passengers must have a seat belt on no matter how long or short the journey.

The Year 3 children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and responded to the talks very responsibly.

Identifying features of leaves

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A welcome message from Miss Doherty to Year 3 and their families:


I hope you are all looking forward to the new school year as much as I am.  This is my first year as a class teacher and I feel very lucky to be starting my teaching career with the wonderful children of St. Anthony’s.  I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you and getting started with all the fun learning we will have on our journey through the school year.  During our first term we are going to be authors, writing stories about familiar settings.  We will look at how plants grow and even draw some flowers in the style of famous artists.  This is only to mention a few of the new and interesting things we will be looking at this school year.


I am very much looking forward to working with you all, and the fun, joy and laughter we will have along the way.


Here are some things to help you:

  • Please remember your PE kit must be in school at all times.  (Indoor – white top and black shorts.  Outdoor – black tracksuit and trainers). Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursdays. 
  • Read every night and talk about what you have read.  Make sure an adult records this in your diary!
  • Practise your spellings each day.  The ‘look, cover, write, check’ method and learning the spelling rule will help you.  Spelling tests will take place on a Wednesday.
  • Learn your times tables (3, 4 and 8 are the focus in year 3).
  • Our library day will be Tuesday mornings. Please remember to bring your library book and change this before school from 8.35am-8.45am. 

Here’s to a fantastic year as we learn together in faith!


Miss Doherty.