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Reading is at the core of our curriculum at St Anthony's. Our standards demonstrate that our reading curriculum has clear impact in all three key stages. As part of our Reading Curriculum all our children are exposed to:



  • Guided reading or novel study lessons.
  • English lessons with a focus on reading.
  • KS1 and FS Story sessions.
  • Individual reading experiences.
  • Visits to our two in school libraries weekly by all classes using our electronic library systems.
  • World Book Day annually with a focus on reading.
  • Regular family learning with a reading based focus for parents and carers.
  • Year 6 Keeping up with the kids reading parent and child sessions in the Spring term. 
  • Reception Language Sessions led by Mrs Capaldi in Autumn 2 onwards funded by Leeds Council. 
  • All classes visit our local library termly.


Please take a look over the evidence of the impact of our wonderful curriculum for reading below ...

Reception - Popcorn and Pyjama Day!

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Inspired by the Popcorn poem we have been learning, we had a brilliant Popcorn and Pyjama day. We cuddled up and read lots of amazing Christmas stories, performed our Popcorn poem and thoroughly enjoyed making our own popcorn treats to celebrate our learning. What a fantastic way to celebrate our love of reading!

Reception - We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt

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We had a fantastic time exploring the story 'We're Going on a Pumpkin Hunt'. One of our highlights has to be our outdoor story trail. We had so much fun acting out the story and joining in with the repeating refrains. Alongside this we have also been doing lots of other activities surrounding our interest in pumpkins and Halloween. Have a look at this video to see what we have been up to.

Reception - The Smartest Giant in Town

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We had a very special visitor this week who helped us to launch our learning about 'The Smartest Giant in Town' by Julia Donaldson. All of the children were so sensible, following our listening rules and taking on the roles of different characters. They were super actors and actresses! Have a look at some of the exciting learning we did around this story.

Reception - The Bog Baby

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We spent a fantastic afternoon outdoors exploring the story of 'The Bog Baby' by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward. After listening to the story, we explored the character of the Bog Baby and discovered some little Bog Babies of our own. We thought about how we could look after them and decided to build them some homes and prepare them some food. Our team-work skills were fantastic as we worked collaboratively to make sure our Bog Baby was well looked after. We also thought about how the Bog Baby might be feeling at different points of the story and made Bog Baby faces using clay and natural materials. Look at our amazing creations!

World Book Day - The Rainbow Fish - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

World Book Day - Franklin's Flying Bookshop - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Reception - Phonics Olympics

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We had a fantastic time at our phonics olympics! We played honeypot relay, parachute pop and even went on a treasure hunt to practise reading the phonics sounds we have learnt this term. The children did a fantastic job of spotting different digraphs and trigraphs.

Reception - Sensational Stories Session for Parents

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Reception - Phonics Family Learning Session

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Reception - Book Week

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Year 1- Fairytales and Dragons workshop

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During reading week Year 1 were lucky enough to take part in a Fairytales and Dragon workshop in order to support their story writing in Literacy. The children watched an incredible performance of The Princess and the Dragon, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The children then had to create their own fairytale land and characters using recycled materials. The workshop sparked the children's imaginations and they came up with some fantastic ideas!
Well done Year 1

Year 1- World Book Day

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What an eventful World Book Day! We all dressed up as our favourite book characters and took part in many activities that inspired our love of reading. Year 1 made Gruffalo crumble after reading the story, it was delicious. They were also very lucky to have the Year 6 children read their favourite books to them in the playground. They listened so well and loved every minute of it.

Year 2 Reading Week

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Year 2 love to read and be inspired by books! Come and look at some of our photos from the 2020 Reading Week including World Book Day!

Year 3 'Smartest Giant in Town' workshop

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For book week Year 3 were involved in a drama workshop based on the Julia Donaldson book 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. The children had a fantastic time taking on roles of giants, humans and animals! They had the opportunity to design the lay out of their own town and play characters from this in various situations.

Year 3 World Book Day

Year 4 Reading Week

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We had a fabulous time during our book week. We explored opposing points of view during our drama workshop which was inspired by Julia Donaldson's book, 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. We loved writing book reviews and enjoyed the 'Dictionary Detective Challenge'. As 'Perfect Performers' we shared extracts from our favourite books, making excellent use of intonation and expression in our voices.

World Book Day in Year 5

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What a fantastic day we had celebrating a love of books and reading!

Year 5's Creative Writing Workshop with James Nicol

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To celebrate World Book Day, Year 5 joined the bestselling children’s author, James Nicol, for a creative writing workshop at Leeds Central Library. We had a fantastic afternoon and are filled with many story ideas! At the end of the workshop, we had a question and answer session all about life as an author. James gave us lots of top tips for writing and we can’t wait to try them out in the classroom!

Year 5 Beowulf and Warriors Workshop

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As part of St Anthony's Book Week, Year 5 had a special workshop celebrating Beowulf. Using narration and working in role, we experienced the story from the point of view of warriors who follow Beowulf on a journey across the Baltic sea to avenge his father’s allies of a monstrous human called Grendel.

Year 6 - Macbeth Day

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On Monday 9th March, Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed their visit from SPLATS Entertainment! The class were split into four groups and each group rehearsed an act from the play written by William Shakespeare. To end the day, the children performed Macbeth to Year 4, Year 5 and some of their parents. It was a wonderful experience and is really going to help inspire their diary writing from Macbeth's perspective.

Year 6 - Beowulf and the Warriors

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On Wednesday 4th March, Year 6 participated in a 'Beowulf and the Warriors' workshop - it was a wonderful afternoon! We learnt that Beowulf is the oldest story in written form from England and dates back between the 8th and 10th Century. We completed several activities throughout the afternoon:
1. Created our own imaginery swords and used superb vocabulary to describe them as well as create a backstory as to how we acquired the sword.
2. Became warriors within a mead hall and shared tales of our recent battles - there was a little exaggeration at this point!
3. Used freeze frames to show our warrior qualities in the hope that Beowulf would choose us to join his army.

Year 6 sharing stories with Year 1

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World Book Day in Year 6

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What an action-packed World Book Day Year 6 had! Firstly, we all came dressed as a book character – our costumes were fantastic! In Guided Reading, Miss Taylor shared her favourite childhood picture books and let us read them too. In maths, we used a book called’365 Penguins’ to learn more about days, weeks, months and years. In English, we designed and described Macbeth’s sword. To end the morning, in pairs, we made a book character using a potato and art materials – it was so much fun and Miss Leonard came to vote for the winning potato character! Finally, in the afternoon, some of Year 6 participated in a Family Learning Reading session whilst the rest of the class shared picture books with our Year 1 class. What a wonderful day!

Year 6 - Family Learning

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During our World Book Day celebrations, Year 6 completed their final Family Learning session, with a focus on reading. Firstly, our adults shared their favourite childhood story and then we discussed the books we remember our families reading to us when we were younger. It was lovely to see familiar authors being mentioned by all, for example: Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Julia Donaldson and Michael Rosen. We all agreed that reading can be enjoyed by all from such an early age!

Afterwards, we completed a word study about the word: superiority. We investigated: how many syllables it has, how to spell it, the different meanings it can have as well as its synonyms too. Remember you can complete a word study about any word at all – pick one out in your reading book tonight!

Finally, we read an extract aloud with our adults from H. G. Well’s ‘The Time Machine.’ We then completed some questions which required us to create our own point and then justify it using evidence from the text. A tricky concept but we are all getting much better at it!

World Book Day 2019

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During 2019 we celebrated World Book Day around the theme - 'Curl up with a book' - to promote and encourage bed time reading. To make this day special all the children (and adults) came to school in their pyjamas. The day started with an extra special breakfast club and then we welcomed Harry Heape the author of Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest. We hope you enjoy our Photostory!

Reading Day takes place annually as reading is high status in our school

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Reading together at St.Anthony's!

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