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History around St Anthony's

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Come and take a look at the wonderful History work on display around our school!

Reception - The History of Ourselves

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We have been exploring our own histories by looking at photographs of ourselves when we were younger. We used these to talk about how we had changed over time and events from our past. I wonder if you can work out who is in these photographs?
"I've got taller and my hair is longer" said Daisy.
"I couldn't walk or talk but now I never stop talking" said Dolly.

History in Year 1

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Over the year we have looked at significant events in history and looked at changes through time. Year 1 especially loved acting out The Gunpowder Plot and learning all about Guy Fawkes. They also enjoyed learning about old toys and what their grandparents used to play with as children.

Year 2 Life Long Ago workshop - Science/History

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Year 2 - Christmas in the past

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Year 2 visited Abbey House Museum to bring our topic 'Christmas in the past' to life! During our visit, we discovered old decorations, when/how Christmas trees became popular in the United Kingdom, toys which children used to get for Christmas and how Christmas is different from the past and present. We had a wonderful day and enhanced our knowledge and understanding in an experiential way. Take a look at some of our pictures from the day!

Year 3 - History

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Examples of work from the topics 'Anglo Saxons' and 'The Stone Age'.

Year 4 - The Terrific Tudors

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We brought our History topic alive with our Tudor themed day. We found out about the wives of Henry VIII, made Tudor houses and Tudor roses and really enjoyed making and eating Tudor lemon tarts. They were yummy!

Year 5 - Murton Park

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Today Year 5 were Viking settlers and experienced first-hand the daily life of a Viking family at Murton Park! We arrived in a new land and tried to make a new life for ourselves and families. In our Viking village, we learnt lots of new skills and the hard work and dangers that were part of daily life. As well as domestic tasks such as firewood collecting, grinding grain to make bread and making oil lamps, we also had to learn about farming and how to guard our homes against danger. The day ended with a visit to the longhouse to compare our homes with the home of a Viking Lord, and the arrival of an unexpected visitor...

Year 5 - Maya Archaeologist Visit

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On Friday 13th December, Dr Diane Davies came to visit Year 5. Dr Diane Davies is an archaeologist. During our workshop, we learnt so many fascinating facts on the Maya! Here are some of the things we looked at:

-How archaeologists gain an understanding about the past from only the material remains
-Information about the rainforest and what it is like to work there
-The magnificent achievements of the Maya in architecture, art, maths, astronomy, the calendar, writing and chocolate
-Handling and carrying out historical enquiry with a vast collection of artefacts
-Calculating using the Maya number system

Year 6 - Chronology

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During Spring 2, Year 6's History topic is going to be 'The Victorians.' In our first lesson, we completed a 'British History Timeline' to identify and understand where in historical chronology Queen Victoria reigned. We found it really interesting to see how the Victorians were only around 200 years ago in comparison to other aspects of British History we have studied previously (like the Roman Britian and the Vikings) which are over 1000 years ago. We are really looking forward to finding out more about Queen Victoria, the Industrial Revolution, inventions during this era as well as medicial developments too.