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Year 4

Ace Club Sports Gala

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Many thanks to Ace Club who provided a wonderful day of sport for the whole school on Friday. It was amazing to see the children enjoying such a wide range of sports led brilliantly by the Ace Club Leaders.

We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Ace Club Sports Gala. We participated in a wide range of sporting activities and worked hard to develop our skills.  We worked superbly as individuals and as part of a team.

Congratulations on your First Holy Communion

St Anthony's Marian Procession 2022

We made excellent use of our knowledge about electrical circuits when designing a torch for a particular purpose. We worked together and followed our designs carefully when making our torches. We evaluated our completed torches and considered possible refinements.  Well done Year 4 for shining so brightly during this project!

Year 4 - Liturgical Dance - May Your Love Be Upon Us O Lord

On Monday 16th May, our Year 4 class were incredibly lucky to take part in a very special workshop with More Than Dance. They focussed upon the virtues of kindness and love linking to our current focus virtue across school. During their session, Year 4 mastered, learnt and performed a superb dance to represent their huge love for God. The dance is entitled "May your love be upon us O Lord, as we place all our hope in you! I know God continues to bless each of our Year 4 pupils daily in all they do at St Anthony's and will continue to do so forever. What a beautiful, prayerful example of your faith in action Year 4; I am so proud of you!

Congratulations to Phoebe, Max and Lacey on making your First Holy Communion - God Bless you all!

PE: Football Success for our U11 Team - We Are the Champions!!

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On Thursday 12th May, the football team won the Leeds and Holbeck Cup, following a season of successful teamwork, sportsmanship and skill! Throughout the match they showed amazing team spirit and determination - we are all very proud of every one of you! Well done!

We had a wonderful time during our Roman Day. It was an opportunity to bring our history topic to life.  We selected our own areas of interest and carried out research using a wide range of secondary sources.  We worked together and decided how to record our findings.  We then presented our learning to the rest of the class.   We found out about the importance of Roman mosaics and enjoyed creating our own examples. This was a day to remember!

Skip Dance 2022

We have worked hard this year to develop our skipping skills.  We used these successfully when taking part in the Leeds Skip Dance competition.  We represented our school brilliantly and had a fantastic time.  We were proud to win so many certificates.  Our hard work certainly paid off!

Exploring Faith: Year 4 visit the Gurdwara

As part of our 'Faith Week', Year 4 were very lucky to have the opportunity to visit the local Sikh Gurdwara. This is the place where Sikhs come together for congregational worship.  Mr Deagon welcomed us and led a guided tour.  He explained what makes the Gurdwara a special place and helped us to understand the main beliefs of Sikhism.  He showed us the five symbols, called the five Ks that all Sikhs wear to show their devotion to their faith.  This was a wonderful experience that helped us to further our understanding of the Sikh religion.

Year 4 Parent Zoom Meetings: Thursday 5th May 2022

Join Zoom Meeting: 

(copy and paste this into your browser to join)

Meeting ID: 975 597 0261

Passcode: 2ADnUt

Please enter the waiting room at least 5 minutes before your waiting time. Miss Peacey will let you in as soon as she is available. Thank you for your ongoing support. 

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Inspired by our RE topic, 'The Early Christians' we thought about how the disciples might have felt after the events of Easter.  We reflected on the gifts and symbolism of the Holy Spirit and discussed how this gave the disciples the courage and ability to spread the 'Good News' throughout the world.  

A Pilgrimage of Faith

Year 4 - Today - Easter Liturgical Dance

Our Year 4 class created a liturgical dance to celebrate the joy of the resurrection at Easter. In a song entitled, "Today" they reflected on the journey through Holy Week, the pain of the suffering of Christ on Good Friday, and then the risen joy of the resurrection. We hope you all enjoy watching Year 4 perform their dance for us all this Easter.
God bless all our Year 4 pupils. What a beautiful way to pray, demonstrate our faith and come together in the glory of this most special time in the liturgical calendar.

Brilliant Biscuits Designed by Year 4

During Spring 2, our Year 4 class used their Design and Technology skills to the full to plan, design, make and evaluate their own biscuits. In a day long Wonder Day experience, Year 4 enjoyed the entire process of being biscuit designers. Ask them all about it! We hope you enjoy all our fun from our Design and Technology learning this half term.

Easter Fundraising

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Well done to everyone who entered our Easter Competitions this year. Watch our photo story to see the amazing bonnets, decorated eggs and Easter gardens - we were amazed by all your entries.

World Book Day in Year 4

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We had a marvellous time celebrating World Book Day in Year 4! All the children looked amazing dressed as characters from our class text - Charlotte's Web. Throughout the day the children visited the Book Hut, used their close reading skills to create Wilbur's Menu and did some delightful web art! We hope you enjoy our video - thank you so much for all your costume efforts!!!

World Book Day 2022

Our whole school celebrated our love for reading on Friday 4th March 2022. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.
Our theme this year was "cooking up a story!". All our children came dressed as chefs, fairy tale characters or a character from their class novel for this half term. Year 4 launched their new text, Charlotte's Web! We also launched our new "Reading Hut" and all our children were able to take home a new free book to share at home.
We continue to read, read, read and enjoy the passion for vocabulary and language. What an amazing day we had. Watch our video to find our more. Happy reading!

Inspired by our studies of Howard Carter and Tutankhamun, we designed, made and evaluated ancient Egyptian burial masks. We are delighted with the results!

When investigating the features of ancient Egyptian burial masks, we made careful observational drawings of the one worn by Tutankhamun. 
We have used this experience to design and make our own.

Year 4 Residential to Herd Farm January 2022

We had an amazing time at Herd Farm.  We embraced every opportunity to work in co-operation with each other, had lots of fun and made many lasting memories.  Have a look at what we got up to!

Festive Fun at St Anthony's - 2021

Wishing all our Year 4 class a wonderful Christmas. What an amazing Christmas we have had. God bless.

We really enjoyed our 'Exciting Elves Wonder Day'. We designed, wrote and presented wanted posters for a naughty elf.  We made good use of our cutting skills when making an elf puppet.  We then designed and made naughty elf door hangings.  This was a wonderful day that we will always remember!

St Anthony's Christmas Carol Service 2021

As part of our Geography topic on rivers, we were very lucky to spend the morning with education workers from Yorkshire Water. We found out about the different stages of the Water Cycle and learnt about the process of water treatment. We explored the causes and effects of river pollution and found out what not to put down the kitchen sink or flush down the toilet. 

We used the paintings of Monet to inspire our own artwork.  We evaluated our paintings and considered any refinements. Have a look at our finished pieces, we are very proud of them!

Information for Year 4 Parents to assist with National Multiplications Test in 2022

Marvellous Maths

Our Year 4 class undertook wonder afternoons to ensure they have a strong retention of knowledge of age related expectations for shape within Year 4. They experienced a Number Fun day, putting their knowledge of shape into many fun contexts, including singing. In class, Year 4 explored 2-D and 3-D shapes, increasing their fluency of knowledge in this area of the mathematics curriculum. They made nets and 3-D models to increase their understanding and applied their knowledge through quizzes, games and a range of maths mastery approaches. Ask Year 4 all about it! Our video below shows highlights from the week across school. I hope you enjoy it!

As part of our Maths Wonder Week, we creatively applied and used our knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes to create our own models using spaghetti and marshmallows. It helped us to name vertices, sides, faces and recognise a wide range of 3-D shapes. We were amazed what we could make from spaghetti and marshmallows! What maths superstars Year 4!

During our Maths Wonder Afternoons, we really enjoyed our Number Fun Workshop. Dave Godfrey came to share his mathematical excellence with our teachers, and show us new techniques to retain our mathematical knowledge. Here we developed our knowledge about the properties of the different types of triangles. We can sing you our song if you ask us! Well done Year 4.

Classifying 2D and 3D Shapes

We worked together to investigate and classify the properties of 2D and 3D shapes in order to assist our retention of key knowledge for 2-D and 3-D shape. We want to be able to have fluency and recall of all our shape facts in order to raise our aspirations for maths. 

We worked together to solve mathematical problems involving squares. We found that the maximum number is 9. We wanted to ensure we could apply our knowledge of shape in many different variations to ensure we had instant recall of known facts to solve problems involving shape. 

Computing: Autumn Topic of Music Making

During our computer sessions with Junior Jam, we learnt about the features of House, Drum and Bass and Dubstep. We used this knowledge when creating our own pieces of music using Garage Band software.

Music: Using graphic notation to enhance our Ukulele peformance

We really enjoy our weekly ukulele sessions. Mr Tong teaches us how to play using graphic notation. We perform a range of songs in unison, reflecting on the dynamics and tembre as we play together. Our ukulele playing is really building on our expertise and knowledge taught in Year 3. We play each Wednesday afternoon. Our teacher leads us from Leeds Artforms and supports Miss Peacey and Mrs Caley to ensure our teaching is expert, sequential and outstanding. We hope to play for you all soon. 

We developed our weaving skills when we learnt how to weave with paper. We then designed and created the bases for our weaving wheels  and made excellent use of our skills when working with wool. We finally evaluated our finished pieces and considered any possible refinements.

The Terrific Tudors

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We had a wonderful time at Temple Newsam. This was an opportunity to really bring alive our History topic on the Tudors. During our visit, we created a timeline to represent the history of the house and found out about its famous owners. We explored the building, found evidence of Tudor architecture and compared this with the present day. We used Tudor portraits and artefacts as evidence of life in Tudor England. We were very lucky to wear replica Tudor costumes and loved learning a Tudor dance. We even saw the bed that was used by Henry VIII. This certainly was a day to remember!

                                                                                   Welcome to Year 4  

I hope that you have had a super holiday and are excited about the wonderful year that we are going to share together. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and helping you to shine brightly in all that you do. I have planned a wide range of creative, challenging and fun opportunities that will give you the chance to showcase your learning in a variety of ways. During our time in Year 4, we will enjoy the writing of C.S. Lewis, find out about life in Ancient Egypt and investigate volcanoes and earthquakes. Throughout the year, we will carry out a wide range of science investigations and make good use of our art and design skills. We will learn about the lives of many important people from the Bible together with preparing and sharing class collective acts of worship. We will enjoy developing our maths skills through problem solving and investigating and will understand how we can transfer these important skills into everyday life.

I know that you are all committed to working hard and will strive to do your best! I am looking forward to our time together and making it a year to remember!

Here are some things to help you:
*Reading every night and making sure an adult signs your planner.
*Working on your spellings and times tables every night.
(An adult doesn’t have to always test you)
*Producing high quality homework which is completed on time.

*Come into school everyday, excited and ready to learn!






Best Wishes

Miss Peacey

Chamber Choir Concert July 2021

Our incredible Chamber Choir performed a repertoire of their incredible singing for us to end their learning over the year. We hope you love hearing the children singing. They have the voice of angels. We are so blessed.
Well done Chamber Choir. Thank you to Lucy Haigh, our Choral Director who teaches the children so well each week too.
We hope you enjoy our beautiful end of year performance.

2020/21 Finale

On Friday 16th July 2021, our Year 4 class held their annual Sport's Day at King Field in Beeston. The sun was shining and our parents were able to join us for a socially distanced event to celebrate our sporting success over the year. We really enjoyed racing, cheering and competing in a wide range of sports and races. We thank Primary Sports Influence for leading us in our PE this year, along with Mr Whittle, our PE lead. 

As part of our PSHE curriculum, Year 4 were visited by Dave from d:side. During our session, we learnt how alcohol affects the body and discussed why people might decide to drink. We found out about different types of alcohol and explored how to deal with peer pressure when dealing with issues to do with alcohol.

We really enjoyed working in co-operation with each other during the Ace Club Sports Gala. 

Year 4 Chamber Choir visit The Leeds Cathedral

Our Year 4 Chamber Choir visited The Leeds Cathedral to sing a repertoire of songs for The Annual Headteacher's Mass with The Bishop of Leeds. The children sung a large repertoire of secular songs including:


  • On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's cry (C Coffin 1676-1749)
  • Gloria
  • As I went down to the river to pray (Trad Arr; Alex Kyle)
  • The Sanctus (Missa Mundi, John Duggan)
  • The Agnes Dei (Missa Mundi, John Duggan)
  • Brother James' Air (James Bain, Arr, Gordon Jacob)
  • Alleluia, Sing to Jesus (W. Chatterton Dix 1837-1898)


The standard was extraordinary, praised by The Bishop of Leeds and many Head Teachers in our Diocese, with one noted below:

"It was noticeable that not only did the children sing some quite complex repertoire in parts, in tune and with confidence, but they were also clearly paying close attention to their MD, which shows a very professional attitude! Outstanding St Anthony's!"


I am so proud of you all Year 4!

Chamber Choir

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Our Local Area Study

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Year 4 worked very hard during our local area study day. We began the day thinking about where Beeston is; which city, which county, which country and which continent. We also considered its location compared to other areas. We used Google Maps to plan a local route and designed a tally chart to collect our data. We added the possible different types of land use we may find. During our local walk, we collect land use data in a tally chart and took photographs on i-pads. Once we returned to school, we used our data to create a bar graph demonstrating the different types of land use and created pencil sketches using our photographs. We then added these to a local area map. An amazing day of learning. Well done Year 4!
Mrs Coldman

We very much enjoyed our Design Technology Wonder Day.  We discussed which three inventions we considered to be the most important and explained the reasons for our choices.  We found out about famous inventors from the past and reflected upon their legacy.  We took part in a technology workshop and learnt how to use 'Crumble' software.  We designed our own 'Cracking Contraptions' and presented them to the class.

Designing our own torches using our knowledge of circuits.

Our Year 4 class have been extending their knowledge of circuits by designing and making their own torches! Keep shining brightly Year 4. 

Acts of Kindness

As part of our Collective Worship on the kindness, we reflected upon and recorded examples of where we see this virtue in our daily lives.  We have made it our mission to  praise others when we see them showing kindness to others. 

Roman Wonder Day

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Our History Wonder Day was a fantastic opportunity to bring our topic on the Romans to life. During our morning with a Roman soldier, we found out why Emperor Claudius decided to invade Britain. We discovered how to become a Roman soldier and investigated a legionary's kit. We handled a collection of artefacts, such as weapons and armour. We discovered how the Roman army was organised and understand how this led to their success. We experienced how to perform Roman marching and shield drills in Latin.

In the afternoon, we found out about Roman baths and investigated the amenities they contained. We took this as our inspiration to design and make a mosaic for a Roman bath house.

Year 4 & 5 Roman Wonder Day

Year 4 Computing Curriculum - Music Makers

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We really enjoyed exploring the features of ' Dubstep'. We investigated aspects such as tempo, drum beat and wobble bass and learnt how to incorporate a drop section. We worked successfully to create our own 'Dubstep' styled track.

Year 4 PE Curriculum: The development of team games

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Our Year 4 class have twice weekly lessons taught by our PE expert teacher Mr Hanson. Our curriculum is carefully sequenced to develop skill progressively across the year. We know how to move effectively in a game situation and can use a range of passing techniques. We understand the importance of 'fair play' when working as part of a team during a competitive game. Our lessons are built upon in our nightly provision for physical activity through our wide range of after school provision by Ace Club and Primary Sports Partnership. Well done Year 4.

Science Week

Our Whole School Science Week was amazing and a super way to start our Summer Term. Year 4 were so excited. All learning was focussed around prior topics, and topics missed due to lockdowns. The first hand experiences, visits, experiments and content were all carefully planned and crafted to ensure Science knowledge is secure. What an amazing week we had. I am so proud of you Year 4. Miss Leonard and the Year 4 team. We thank our Easton production team for their amazing ability to capture this exciting week to share with you all at home. 

St Anthony's Sensational Science Week: Fabulous Friction

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As part of our work on forces, we investigated friction. We worked together to carry out an investigation where we tested different surfaces. We recorded our results and used these to justify our scientific conclusions.

St Anthony's Sensational Science Week: Mighty Magnets

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As part of our work on forces, we investigated and found out which materials were magnetic and non-magnetic. We carried out an investigation and tested the strength of different magnets. We created graphs to represent our results and used these to justify our scientific conclusions.

St Anthony's Sensational Science Week: Marvellous Magnets

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We used our knowledge of the properties of magnets to design a magnetic game. We followed our designs carefully, made and tested our games. We evaluated them and considered any possible refinements.

St Anthony's Sensational Science Week: Super skeletons and knowledge of the human body

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We worked co-operatively to create model skeletons and label them correctly. We discovered the scientific names for the bones in our bodies. We particularly enjoyed investigating the replica bones!

We congratulate our Year 4 pupils who have made their sacrament of First Holy Communion this year. May God bless each one of them and keep them in his love. God bless you all. Miss Leonard

Year 4 Easter Competition

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Well done to all the children in Year 4 who entered our Easter Competition. We are very proud of you all - watch the photo story to see the wonderful Easter bonnets, gardens and decorated eggs!

Easter at St Anthony's

Holy Week - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

During Holy Week in 2021, we have been reflecting on the key events of this most important week. Each of our classes have re-enacted important events, shared liturgical dances, songs and prayers. Year 4 have shared their singing of Servant King. Grace shared some key readings from our Holy Week scripture. This truly reflective video shows Holy Week at St Anthony's at its most holy. We hope you can share our learning, prayer and humble praise in your homes with us this year. God bless you all this Holy Week. 

Year 4 - Geography Wonder Day - France

On Friday 26th March 2021, Year 4 took part in an incredible French Wonder Day. Throughout the day, Miss Peacey led the exceptional learning to bring together all the best parts of the Year 4 Geography topic. Year 4 have been locating France, and different regions of France using maps, plans and digimaps. They have explored the main physical and human features that make this place special. Through thorough research, our Year 4 children took their learning to the next level by bringing it alive in a "St Anthony's Wonder Day" with a difference. Our French singing, language, Geographical enquiry and research was magnifique! To top it all off, our Eiffel Tower DT constructions brought a superb end to a brilliant day. So proud of you all Year 4. I know French cuisine will be a firm favourite in Beeston for Year 4 too! I hope you enjoy watching the video of our Wonder Day. Well done Libby (Y4) who has taken her French cooking skills home to share and develop further. I wonder how many Year 4s have done the same! 

Fantastic France

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We really enjoyed our 'Geography Wonder Day'. It was a brilliant opportunity to bring alive, celebrate and enhance our Geography topic on France. The children were amazing and it was such a joy to see their enthusiasm, co-operation and love of learning!

World Book Day - The Rainbow Fish - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Hello Year 4,

Happy World Book Day. The theme of our World Book Day this year is "share a story". All our staff in school have made two very special stories for you to share together with your families. We are watching them both today at school, but you might want to share this with your families too.

Keep sharing your love for reading as this is one of the most important gifts we can give our children.

God bless and enjoy,

Miss Leonard


I wish to thank Mr and Mrs Easton for their kind assistance making this reading compilation in partnership with us. 

World Book Day - Franklin's Flying Bookshop - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

World Book Day 2021

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We really enjoyed World Book day this year. We planned and gave performances from our favourite books where we made excellent use of expression. We met James Nicol and created characters to include in our writing. We wrote stories inspired by the authors Humza Arshad and Henry White where our characters had unique super powers. We chose our favourite book character and made good use of our design skills when making models of them.

Captain Sir Tom Moore

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We very much enjoyed our wonder day where we focused on the life and legacy of Captain Sir Tom Moore. He was a truly inspirational man who touched the hearts of people around the world.

Ancient Egyptian Burial Masks

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We investigated why the ancient Egyptians made burial masks. We looked at lots of examples and then designed our own. We followed our designs closely and used a range of materials to create our masks. We evaluated our work and considered any refinements.

Amazing Artwork

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Inspired by our History topic, Ancient Egypt, we have created some fabulous artwork. We have Egyptian sunsets, sarcophagi and work inspired by Tutankhamun's burial mask. We have used a range of materials including paint, pastels and collage.

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School - Carol Service 2020

Please join us for our 2020 carol service.

Year 4 message from Santa

Chamber Choir - Do you hear what I hear?

Chamber Choir - Once in Royal David's City

Exciting Elves Day

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We had a brilliant time during our 'Exciting Elves Day'. We even met some very special visitors!

Marvellous Monet

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We used the paintings of Monet to inspire our own artwork. We evaluated our paintings and considered any refinements. Have a look at our finished pieces, we are very proud of them!

Rainbow Plates

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As part of our 'Water Wonder Day', we investigated how gravity affects the process of dissolving.

Art: Painting in the style of Monet

Our Year 4 class have begun to paint rivers in the style of Monet. They are exploring texture, colour and exploring techniques used by Monet in their own work. Great work Year 4. 

Year 4 First Holy Communion Preparation: Heart Speaks to Heart

Our Year 4 class are currently continuing their journey of faith, as they begin their First Holy Communion preparation. This is delivered using the programme Heart Speaks to Heart. Miss Taylor is working with our Year 4 children and their families. We are delighted with how hard our children are thinking, reflecting and learning as they continue to grow on their journey with Jesus. God bless our Year 4 class. 
Our Year 4 class have taken part in Family Catechesis to prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation. On Thursday 22nd October, the children made their first confessions with Father Whitwell. They were each prayerful, respectful and showed such maturity as they continue to grow on their journey with Jesus. God bless our Year 4 children. I am so proud of you all. 


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We have really enjoyed our computing lessons this half term. We have further developed our programming skills and have created our own classic arcade game. Our lessons are led each week by an IT specialist teacher working alongside Miss Peacey.

Marvellous Music

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We are really enjoying the opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele. Mr Tong visits our class each Wednesday afternoon to teach us how to play the ukuele, read music and create our own class compositions. We even performed to Miss Leonard this half term! We are working with a specialist teacher from Leeds Artforms to ensure the highest quality provision for music this year. We are really impressed with Year 4s performance so far and can't wait to see what next half term brings.

Weaving Wheels

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We really enjoyed learning how to weave. We began with paper and then refined our skills when working with wool. We designed our base plates and created our wonderful weaving wheels. After completion, we evaluated our work and considered possible refinements. What a talented class!

Tudor Wonder Day

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We all had a wonderful time during our 'Tudor Wonder Day' when we were visited by Henry VIII and Catherine Parr. We found out all about the Tudor monarchs, in particular Henry VIII and discovered what happened to each of his wives. We investigated Tudor artefacts and discussed what they were used for. We also found out about Tudor food, clothing, weapons and punishments.


Dear Year 4,

                   You are a very special class and I have loved getting to know you. We have shared so many happy times together and I will miss you greatly. Your enthusiasm, humour and love of learning has been a delight. In addition, I would like to thank your parents for their continued support throughout the year. Have a wonderful summer everyone!


Miss Peacey

The Terrific Tudors

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We brought our History topic alive with our Tudor themed day. We found out about the wives of Henry VIII, made Tudor houses and Tudor roses and really enjoyed making and eating Tudor lemon tarts. They were yummy!

St Anthony's Book Week

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We had a fabulous time during our book week. We explored opposing points of view during our drama workshop which was inspired by Julia Donaldson's book, 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. We loved writing book reviews and enjoyed the 'Dictionary Detective Challenge'. As 'Perfect Performers' we shared extracts from our favourite books, making excellent use of intonation and expression in our voices.

Writing in Year 4

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We love to write in Year 4 and can produce high quality writing in a range of styles. We can use the appropriate conventions and make good use of tier 2 vocabulary.

RE in Year 4

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Wonderful Work

Still image for this video
Our work showcases our love of learning across the curriculum.

Amazing Artists

Still image for this video
We love to use our skills of observational drawing across the curriculum.

Tudor Collage

Still image for this video
We really enjoyed learning how to use a range of materials to create a Tudor collage. After completion, we evaluated our work and considered possible refinements.

Tudor Lemon Tarts

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As part of our history topic, we carried out our own research and found out about the types of foods eaten in Tudor times. During our Tudor themed day, we worked together and made Tudor Lemon Tarts. We made excellent use of our measuring skills and timed our baking to perfection. We evaluated our tarts and they were yummy!

Bowland Farm

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We loved meeting the animals from Bowland Farm.

Skip Dance Winners!

Investors in Pupils

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As part of our 'Investors in Pupils' day, we were very lucky to visited by our class governor Mr Nicholson. We interviewed him about his role as a school governor. We found out lots of fascinating facts. Thank you Mr Nicholson!

Amazing Algorithms

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We explored 'Hopscotch' and learnt how to use algorithms. We made good use of our maths skills when calculating what angles to use to create our patterns. Have a look at what we created.

St Anthony's Scientists

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We had a fabulous time during our science themed week. We enjoyed a wide range of exciting investigations and developed our scientific understanding. Have a look at what we experienced!

Incredible Invertebrates

Still image for this video
As part of our science topic on animal classification, we visited Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. We explored a variety of habits looking for invertebrates. We were amazed at what we found!

Weaving Wheels

Still image for this video
We really enjoyed learning how to weave. We began with paper and then refined our skills when working with wool. We designed our base plates and creates our wonderful weaving wheels. After completion, we evaluated our work and considered possible refinements.

Marvellous Music

Still image for this video
We are really enjoying learning how to play the cornet.


Still image for this video
As part of our science topic, we had a wonderful time exploring our school environment searching for different types of leaves. We took these back to our classroom and classified them into different groups.