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Year 5

St Anthony's Catholic Primary School Ofsted 2024

School Council: Year 5 (2023-2024)

Here are our Year 5 School Council representatives. These members have been elected by their peers, using a democratic process in line with our British Values. These children attend special meetings weekly and conduct roles around school. They represent the views of our Year 5 pupils. Congratulations on this special role during this academic year. We are very proud of you! 

Year 5 Class Texts (Spring 1)

In Spring 1, Year 5 celebrated the culmination of their Physics learning by celebrating our annual Space Wonder Day!


In Autumn 2, Year 5 explored the vast expanse of space and the many celestial bodies across our solar system, which was supported by our learning this half term where we studied the properties of materials. We reflected on all of our learning and designed space suits that would be appropriate for astronauts to wear in the vacuum of space.


We then practised drawing single-point perspective scenes inspired by the artwork of the renowned artist Peter Thorpe.


We had a fantastic day - it was truly out of this world!

Y5/6 Premier League Primary Stars Final @ Leeds United Training Ground (Thorp Arch)

After successfully qualifying from the South Leeds heat in October, our Y5/6 football team competed against the best teams from across the north/east/west of Leeds at the Leeds United Training Ground on Monday morning. 

The boys competed magnificently, going through to the semi finals and losing 2-0 to the eventual winners of the tournament. We are so proud of their achievements in reaching the final 4 schools from a total of over 80 schools that initially entered. 

The boys had a wonderful day which was made even sweeter when they met one or two familiar faces (Dan James, Archie Gray and Cryscensio Summerville of Leeds United took time out of their day to speak to the boys and sign shirts and memorabilia). Well done to all involved. 

A School of Faith 18.01.2024

Young Voices Performance at Sheffield Arena - 09.01.2024

Still image for this video

This week, the Young Voices Choir visited Sheffield Arena to perform as part of a choir of over 4,000 children for the Young Voices concert. What an exciting evening! The children experienced performing in a life-size arena, to an audience of over 10,000 people! They experienced live performances of singing, music and dance performed live! There was a huge buzz and the children were absolutely awesome! Well done to our Young Voices Choir 2024!

English and History - Viking Raids and Invasions (Autumn 2)


This half term, Year 5 have been exploring the Viking age of Britain, comparing a range of sources of evidence to decide whether the Vikings came to invade or settle on British land.


Our learning journey began by using atlases to explore the lands the Vikings came from and the geographical conditions there, speculating why the Vikings may have come to settle in Britain.


We have used and analysed a range of sources to inform our research, including authentic Viking artefacts from the Barnsley Experience. It was extremely important to consider whether each source was a primary or secondary source, as well as whether each source was biased.


We ended our topic by re-enacting two of the most significant battles of the Viking age of Britain - the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings.


We then linked our Vikings knowledge from History into our English lessons where we planned, drafted and edited and published newspaper articles set in 793AD after the very first Viking raid in England. This included witty headlines, moving quotes from eyewitnesses and beautifully illustrated images and captions.


This has been an extremely exciting topic to study, which we will be sure to revisit often. Feel free to ask us any questions about the Vikings - we are sure to blow you away with our knowledge!

Robinwood Residential Experience 2023-2024 (December 2023) 

As part of our personal development curriculum, our Year 5 class took part in their three day residential experience in Wales. They participated in a range of personal challenges including the crate challenge, zip wire, pirhanna pool as well as many more. The children build resilience and were totally amazing! 

Christmas at St Anthonys 2023

Making Advent Wreaths

Music of the Starry Night - Performing an Ostinato [Monday 27th November]

Today, we have been developing the use of dynamics in a song through listening to music, focusing on the dynamics and texture. We learnt a melodic ostinato using staff notation and performed with confidence. Year 5 really impressed Mrs Gledhill with their discussions of how the ostinato demonstrated the Starry Night images and described what it helped us to imagine. We finished by performing our ostinatos and then drawing an 'Album Cover' for what we imagined when we listened to the Soundscape. Well done Year 5!

Performing our Ostinatos

Still image for this video

Computing - Video production (Autumn 2)

The children learnt how to create short videos by working in pairs or small groups. They enjoyed experimenting with different camera angles - considering how different camera angles could be used for different purposes. Using a storyboard they explored a variety of filming techniques. Our storyboards described each scene, and included a script, camera angles, and filming techniques. We then used these storyboards to film the first scene of the videos.

2023 06 St Anthonys Chamber Choir LMEP performance

St Anthony's: You're in safe hands

This week, Year 5 and 6 were lucky to hear some folk music! These outstanding musicians took on a journey around the world explaining the history of folk music. We were taught about lots of different instruments, we were taught how to dance with the music as accompaniment and we were even taught how to sing some famous folk songs as a call and response. The children were outstanding and showed a real passion for a variety of music!

Design & Technology Stuffed Toys - Design Phase

Year 5 have designed their stuffed toys! After conducting our research about what components a stuffed toy would need to be successful and which stitch we would need to use, we explored a range of designs. We then discussed these designs with one another to consider which design would be the most suitable. Mrs Gledhill was so impressed with how we all recognised that a blanket stitch would be a good choice for stitching in order to strengthen the edge of the material so the stuffing of the toy doesn’t come out. We labelled our designs using the key words on our Knowledge Organisers. Well done Year 5 – I can’t wait to see your designs come to life in the next phase of your learning…making!

Design & Technology Stuffed Toys - Research Phase

Year 5 have had a fantastic afternoon researching the key components needed to make a successful stuffed toy. Our design brief is to make a stuffed toy for a 7 year old child who likes animals.


We considered the following questions in our research:

- How are stuffed toys made?

- How are the different pieces joined together?

- What equipment do you think you will need to make a stuffed toy?

- What appendages can you see?


Mrs Gledhill was so impressed with the facts we researched and the information we gathered. We recognised that materials need to be cut and stitched in order to make the toy. Then, they need stuffing and shaping to create the perfect shape and huggable softness. Then we considered the quality control measures which will be put in place to make sure that the toy is safe to use. Well done Year 5!

Our Learning Environment (Autumn 1)

Geography and English - Save the Rainforest! (Autumn 1)


This half term, Year 5 have concluded their learning on the Amazon Rainforest by researching the threats it faces, such as deforestation. Even though we understand the dangers it poses, we investigated a range of reasons why people still support it, balancing these ideas with why people do not support deforestation. We presented our findings as a balanced argument, considering both arguments for and against the subject, before ultimately making a decision as to whether we should or should not support it.


To develop our communication and public speaking skills, we then had a class debate as to whether we should or should not support deforestation. Each pupil argued their points eloquently and with confidence - it was amazing to see how well everyone participated in the lesson and worked as a team.

Geography, English and Art - Amazon Explorers! (Autumn 1)


Across our first half term, Year 5 have thoroughly researched the Amazon Rainforest across a range of subjects. In English, we have been inspired by Deadly 60 and researched deadly animals that can be found in the Amazon Rainforest, presenting this information in the format of fact files. We have also been inspired by Henri Rousseau, a French artist who painted a series of masterpieces depicting tropical rainforests, creating collages inspired by his works with Mrs Coldman.


What an exciting topic - through independent and structured research, we have developed our knowledge of the Amazon Rainforest using a cross-curricular approach to learning. Feel free to ask us about the Amazon, we're sure to impress with our brilliant information!

Your Year 5 Junior Reading Leaders 2023-2024

Congratulations to our new Junior Reading Leaders for 2023-2024!

As Early Reading Leader, I invited pupils in Years 4 and 5 to apply for the role of Junior Reading Leader at St Anthony's for this academic year. Each candidate filled our an application form and then completed an interview with myself. I was so blown away with the impressive candidates who all demonstrated a strong passion and love for reading, as well as excellent communication and leadership skills. 

Each of the students had unique strengths and I know that they are all ready to serve and lead others as our Junior Reading Leaders this year. Using our St Anthony's Reading Spine, along with exploring the planning of each class, our Junior Reading Leaders will be able to recommend and suggest books for each year group. These include your 'Class Favourites', 'Exciting Authors' and 'Non-Fiction Texts' for you to enjoy. You will see our Junior Reading Leaders around school with their special reading satchels. 

Each child was awarded a special certificate in Good Work Assembly in recognition for their success. 

What an exciting team we have to continue our love of reading here at St Anthony's!

Mrs Gledhill

Junior Reading Leader Interviews with Mrs Gledhill

As part of our process to appoint new Junior Reading Leaders, each applicant was invited to an interview with myself. Each child was able to confidently discuss their favourite books, authors and genres during their interview. They shared detailed descriptions of their favourite characters, settings and plot lines from a range of traditional and contemporary authors, making it clear how much they truly enjoy reading. It was wonderful to hear the recommendations each child would give to pupils within different classes, discussing key themes and challenging concepts. Their enthusiasm for reading was contagious and I am so excited to see this group in action around school!

Well done to all!

Mrs Gledhill

Music - Our Key Stage 2 Chamber Choir


Each week, Mr Leach visits our school to teach our Key Stage 2 Chamber Choir a range of delightful songs.


Our pupils begin with vocal warm-ups before moving on to the focus songs. They also practise a range of singing techniques such as singing in rounds and using a variety of dynamics in each song. Each song recounts a tale or Bible story to further our understanding of some of the messages of Christianity.


We love taking part in these sessions and cannot wait to continue!

Faith in Action: Our Visit to Leeds Grand Mosque

Citizenship - The British Values


Each and every day, the pupils in Year 5 reflect on the British Values and how they are implemented in our school. This takes place in a variety of ways such as democratically electing school council representatives to support our understanding of Democracy. We also establish class rules and routines at the start of the year to reinforce our knowledge of The Rule of Law.


Our pupils are very keen to further develop their knowledge of this vital topic and we will continue to explore these through the year.

Celebrating Christianity - Our First Holy Communion


A huge congratulations to Kara in Year 5 for completing her First Holy Communion! As a school and a community, we are immensely proud of the hard work and effort you have put in to achieve this. 


May God bless you and your family as you continue along your journey of faith!

Northern Ballet and Music - Session 5 (Autumn 1)

Still image for this video

For our final session this half term, Year 5 completed their topic on The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. We explored the relationship between Bruno and Shmuel, developing our movements inspired by the pair. We continued to support our Music learning by investigating a greater range of vocabulary expected of an Upper Key Stage 2 class and explaining how that terminology influences the atmosphere of a performance.


We have loved our sessions with Northern Ballet so far and we are extremely excited to resume after half term!

RE - Year 5 and 6's Trip to Leeds Grand Mosque (Autumn 1)


Today, Year 5 and 6 visited Leeds Grand Mosque to support our understanding of other cultures and faiths. As part of our RE learning, we were introduced to the Mosque and how it is used, including some of it's customs and traditions such as taking our shoes off and washing our hands before we enter.


We were then taught about Islam and some of the similarities the faith shares with Christianity and Judaism. What an enlightening opportunity for our school, we have thoroughly enjoyed our visit!

KS2 Girl's Football 18.10.2023

Northern Ballet and Music - Sessions 3 and 4 (Autumn 1)

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Year 5 have continued their learning as part of the RISE project with Northern Ballet. In our third session, we explored the relationships between characters in Peter Pan and how different characters felt during certain scenes from the ballet. We then explored how professional ballet artists would express the feelings of characters through their movements in a performance, linking this understanding closely to our Feelings Thermometer.


In our fourth session, Year 5 began exploring a new ballet: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. The class were engaged and mature whilst exploring the serious themes of the performances. We developed our understanding of how ballet artists express emotion through their movements by exploring the characters of Bruno and Shmuel, discussing why their movements were vastly different.


Our partnership with Northern Ballet through the RISE project has also supported our Music learning this half term, introducing and reinforcing a range of vocabulary expected to be used in Upper Key Stage 2 lessons and exploring the messages music conveys through its tone and how it is played.


We are so thrilled to have taken part in these engaging sessions - we cannot wait for more!

Geography - Roundhay Park and Tropical World (Autumn 1)


On Monday the 16th October 2023, Year 5 visited Roundhay Park and Tropical World to support our Geography learning from this half term. We took part in a rainforest workshop in Roundhay Park where we calculated the age of trees based on their height and the circumference of their trunks before identifying which levels of the Amazon Rainforest a variety of animals can be found on.


We then took part in a self-led tour around the Tropical World zoo and aquarium where we learnt many interesting facts about the animals that inhabit the rainforests of the world. Have a look below to see our exciting day!

Geography - Sam's Safari Rainforest Workshop (Autumn 1)


To support our Science and Geography learning this half term, Year 5 have engaged in a fantastic Rainforest Animals workshop provided by Sam's Safari. We learnt about the different types of rainforests (tropical and temperate) and interacted with some of the many animals that live there. We also explored how some of those animals have adapted to survive in the extreme conditions of the Amazon and how they are different to their counterparts from around the world!


What an exciting morning!

Northern Ballet and Music - Sessions 1 and 2 (Autumn 1)

Still image for this video

This half term, Year 5 have began their exciting partnership with Northern Ballet, taking part in their RISE project. In our first two sessions, we have explored the Feelings Thermometer, learning to express ourselves and our emotions through the medium of dance. To develop this, we also listened and responded to piano accompaniments used in our ballet activities, discussing the emotions the music conveys and how. This has involved a discussion of tempo and dynamics, as well as an exploration of the key features and vocabulary of music, such as crescendos, diminuendos and time signatures. 


We have also explored our first Northern Ballet performance - Peter Pan. This has linked closely with our PSHE lessons on mental health where we have explored the feelings associated with growing up and why we think the Lost Boys may stay in Neverland.


Above is a clip from our first session with Northern Ballet. Our pupils learnt a series of basic movements before performing them to a piano accompaniment. We also had the opportunity to explore simple time signatures in music, such as 4/4 and 8/8 timings.


We cannot wait to continue with the RISE project!

Science - Forces and Motion (Autumn 1)


This half term, Year 5 have explored the forces that affect us in our daily lives, with a particular focus on gravity, friction and air resistance. To consolidate this learning, Year 5 planned, conducted and reflected a practical measuring how air resistance affects the speed at which objects fall, based on surface area. These results were recorded in a table and discussed as a class, comparing the results with our hypotheses.

Computing - Systems and Searching (Autumn 1)


This week, Year 5 have begun our first Computing topic of the year - Systems and Searching - with Mrs Shelton. This has included exploring what is meant by a 'system' and identifying the processes that are involved in how systems work.


We also explored how larger computer systems work in real life, and began using search engines to find information before refining our results. We cannot wait to continue our Computing learning this half term!

History, Geography and Science - Mount St. Mary's Taster Afternoon (Autumn 1)


This week, Years 5 and 6 visited Mount St Mary's Catholic High School where we took part in a range of exciting high school lessons in History, Geography and Science.


In History, we investigated and analysed sources and evidence to solve a mystery. In Geography, we studied the food supply chain, exploring who is involved in producing the food we can buy from our supermarkets. We also considered how much each participant should be paid for the work they put into our foods and whether their pay was fair or not.


In Science, we created indicators using the juice from red cabbage. By carefully adding this liquid to our test tubes using pipettes, we could see whether the mystery liquids were acids, alkalis or neutral materials based on the colour they changed with the indicator.


What an exciting day, we cannot wait to visit again next year!

English - Blackout and Acrostic Poetry (Autumn 1)


In our English lessons this half term, Year 5 have been exploring the poetry and spells from The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. We have created blackout poetry using hidden spells, and found lost words of our own along our journey of writing.


Year 5 have responded to the spells found, and used these to produce our own poetry inspired by The Lost Words. What words will you seek, find and speak?

French Lessons at St Anthony's

Welcome to Year 5!


Hello all, and welcome to a new school year at St. Anthony's! We are so excited to share where you will be learning this school year and hope you are as excited to return as we are.


We have many exciting topics, events and activities planned for this year, which we cannot wait to share with you! We are looking forwards to working with each and every one of you, helping you to learn and grow. I am sure we will make this a memorable school year!

End of term

Design and Technology: Healthy Vegetable Samosas

As part of our 'Keeping Healthy' theme for the half term, Year 5 have examined, designed and followed a set of instructions to bake healthy vegetable samosas. These were packed full of robust and nutritious ingredients and substituted unhealthy ingredients or methods for more healthy ones.


We had so much fun making these and can't wait to see what other healthy foods we can make ourselves!

Chamber Choir Concert 2023

PSHE: Our visit from Catholic Care and d:side

This week, as part of our PSHE topics, we were visited by both Catholic Care and d:side who shared with us some very important ways of staying safe. With Catholic Care, we explored keeping secrets and the importance of sharing information with adults if we feel it is important. With d:side, we continued what we learnt in our drug and substance awareness sessions, exploring the potential hazards of using electronic cigarettes.


We learnt much about staying safe and sharing important information with adults - what an informative day!

MFL: Our Visit From Mount St. Mary's

This half term, we have been visited by Madame Foster, a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages from Mount St. Mary's Catholic High School. We continued our learning of languages, developing our skills and conversations in French. We also learnt about the fantastic work the pupils at Mount St. Mary's complete as part of their MFL lessons. We cannot wait for our next visit!

Britain's Got Talent

Still image for this video
Can you spot one of your friends in this video? Congratulations Laasya - what an amazing opportunity. Hope the judges were nice to work with!

Exploring History at St Anthony's

May Procession - Monday 22nd May 2023

English and Drama: Plays inspired by Greek mythology

As part of our cross-curricular approach to learning in Year 5, we have analysed, planned and drafted plays inspired by Greek mythology. This included working collaboratively to plan and draft our scripts, then acting out scenes and choreographing sequences.


We ended the series of learning by performing our plays for each other, then responding to them with polite and constructive feedback. Have a look at our pictures and see how enthusiastic we were about our performances!

Science: Investigating Solubility

In science this half-term, Year 5 have been examining everyday materials and their functions. We have been identifying and classifying materials based on their properties - deciding which materials would be most suited to a specific purpose.


As part of this, we have also been investigating reversible and irreversible reactions that may occur between materials. Today, we investigated the solubility of a range of solutes to determine which would dissolve in liquids and which would not. We had to identify the independent and dependent variables and the control measure necessary to make the investigation a fair test. We predicted which materials would dissolve in water and noted detailed observations of the solvent after it reacted with the solutes.


Have a look at our scientific investigation - could you predict which of these solutes will dissolve in water?

Year 5 Learning Environment - May 2023

In geography, we have been exploring six of the Earth's biomes. These are areas across the planet that have similar landscapes, climates, flora and fauna. We researched the conditions of each biome and designed a survival guide that people should use if they were to visit.


We presented our findings on trioramas, accompanied by detailed illustrations to show what the biome looks like. Have a read - you never know when you might need these!

English: St Anthony's goes to the House of Commons!

To conclude our balanced arguments topic in English, Year 5 had a debate of their own! We discussed whether the UK should continue to fund space exploration programmes or not. As part of this, two groups had to argue both in support and against this decision. We used brilliant communication in our groups to decide on our arguments, and respectful listening and responding to the arguments put forth.


Have a read of our balanced arguments, which inspired our debate session. Year 5 have impressed with their brilliant use of tier 2 vocabulary and well-structured arguments.


We had a brilliant afternoon - everyone was so articulate and put their arguments across with respect and consideration. Well done to all!

Solar System Music

This half term, we have been responding to different pieces of space-themed music, including The Planets by Gusav Holst, using a range of subject-specific vocabulary such as dynamics, forte, piano, crescendo, and diminuendo to name a few! We have also performed ostinatos from Music of the starry night using chime bars and had a go at rapping the verses of Sun Blast, changing the dynamics by including more or fewer voices.

Science and Art - Our Space Wonder Day!

Still image for this video

Today, Year 5 celebrated the solar system in our Space Wonder Day! We were visited by the WonderDome Planetarium which showed us the stars of our solar system, and even those beyond! We celebrated an afternoon of creativity in our art lessons with Mrs McGuire where we used a range of skills to create single-point perspective drawings.


What an out-of-this-world day!

St Anthony's - Curriculum of Excellence

In Art this half term, we have been focussing on our drawing skills. First, we analysed and responded to Peter Thorpe's (our focus artist's) rocket paintings, then we developed our understanding of drawing from a one point perspective and improving our shading skills to create different tones. After sketching ideas for our space inspired drawings, we created our final pieces using oil pastels against black backgrounds. Take a look at our creative, original masterpieces! Our final task will be to explain some of the decisions behind our drawings and evaluate them.

World Book Day 2023 - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Masked Reader 2023

Our History Curriculum ...

English: Tales of the Unexpected...

In English, Year 5 have been creating their own stories designed to build suspense. We began by reading a story that builds suspense, analysing the features they have used to create a tense atmosphere, such as the use of figurative language and descriptions of setting.

Have a read of some of our spine-chilling stories below.

Young Voices 2023

Still image for this video
Young Voices: Miss Leonard and Miss Taylor had the opportunity to take a group of children to Sheffield Arena to once again enjoy the
experience of performing live as an audience of over 4,000 children. This is the first time we have returned since Covid,so it was truly wonderful to experience this joy of singing together once again. The children were an absolute credit to themselves, school and their families.

During Spring we had a wonderful day constructing our own spaghetti truss bridges. The purpose of the bridge was to enable a child's toy car to move from point A to point B (across the bridge). Therefore, being strong and stable enough to hold the weight of the toy car was an essential element of the design criteria we agreed upon. After building them, we tested each bridge and I am delighted to report that all the bridges held the weight of the car and many exceeded 1kg. In fact, the strongest bridge buckled at 3.55kg! I was so proud at the perseverance and problem solving skills all children showed throughout the day, as well as the excellent team work. Our final task will be to evaluate our bridges and suggest possible improvements. Well done, Year 5! Mrs McGuire.

Getting Active at St Anthony's

We are very proud of our PE curriculum in Year 5. It comprises a rich tapestry of provision, both during school time, across lunchtimes as well as extra-curricular provision. Year 5 have experienced dance provision working on an extended provision project over the entire Autumn Term with Northern Ballet Leeds, as part of the RISE project. They receive two hours of PE weekly and take part in residentials and wider sporting opportunities. See our video to find out more.

Science: Exploring Forces in Year 5

During Spring 1 2023, Year 5 have been learning about the different forces they can see in their day-to-day lives! They first began by investigating buoyancy in paper boats - testing a range of boat shapes to see which could hold the most weight before sinking. They compared the effects of buoyancy and gravity. Later, Year 5 constructed parachutes using plastic cups, string and bin bags, changing the size of the bin bag parachute each time. This allowed the children to compare the relationship between the surface area of an object and the impact air resistance has on it. Year 5  have loved our forces topic will be keen investigate where they can see forces around them!

The Sound of Music at St Anthony's

Our Year 5 children have a rich diet of Music provision through our curriculum. They have a curriculum underpinned by Music Express which is the spine to our long term plan. In addition, our Year 3 children have the opportunity to take part in weekly Chamber Choir led by our Choral Director, Mr Tom Leach, from Leeds Diocese. Additionally, we have provision for piano playing in 1:1 sessions, again provided by expert piano teachers from The Diocese of Leeds Piano Project. What a rich diet of provision. Well done Year 5.

D&T: Exploring how to reinforce bridges.

During our Spring 1 Design and Technology topic, we have been exploring how to reinforce structures to make them stronger, looking initially at simple beam bridges and arch bridges. We then moved our learning on further and began investigating how to reinforce beam bridges by folding card in different ways, creating corrugated horizontal beams, using lamination (adding extra layers) and some of us even decided to experiment with additional vertical supports. We recorded are results and were amazed at the weight some of our structures could hold. Stay tuned for next week when we move on to truss bridges!


On Wednesday 18th January 2023, our Year 5 class were immersed in a Wonder Day of first hand learning linked to their ongoing curriculum for History. A visiting drama group brought the topic alive by allowing the children to re-enact Viking times and handle a range of replica sources of evidence from the era. Our children were so excited and could remember more and retained more key knowledge from our bespoke History curriculum as a result. We are so proud of you Year 5!

Design and Technology - Rainforest Stuffed Toys (January 2023)

In design and technology, we have designed, prepared and created stuffed toys inspired by rainforest animals. We learnt a range of new techniques, such as using a blanket stitch to assemble and cleverly stuffing small objects with filling, to create our amazing toys! We first began by designing our toys, then creating the components needed to assemble them. After, we added detail and evaluated our final products. Have a look at what we have made!

English and History - Meet the Maya!

In our History lessons, we have learned about the day-to-day lives of the Maya. We explored the areas they lived in, what their empires were like and how they lived everyday! We then applied this knowledge in our English lessons to write a diary entry from the perspective of a Mayan child. We hope you learn as much as we did!

English and Geography - Save the Rainforest!

In English, we have been exploring the use of formal letters to persuade. We began by exploring some key features of formal letters to persuade, then linking our new knowledge to our Geography lessons, where we discussed ways in which we can prevent deforestation. This helped to show us the ways we can save our planet - all while becoming brilliant writers too!

Robinwood 2023

Still image for this video

Robinwood 2023 - Mountain Group


Before Christmas, Year 5 visited the new Robinwood site in Wrexham for our class residential. We had such a fun experience and would love to share our journey with you!


The Mountain group, which was courageously led by Mr Whittle, took part in a range of extremely exciting activities. Some of our favourites from the trip were the high-ropes challenge, the climbing wall, trapeze and we were lucky enough to go kayaking while it was warm enough!

What a fantastic experience!


Keep your eyes posted for the photos of the Crag and Ridge groups - as well as a photostory showing our experience as a whole class!

Robinwood 2023 - Crag Group


Before Christmas, Year 5 visited a new Robinwood site in Wrexham. We didn't know what the new site would be like, but it was even better than we could have imagined!


Here is Crag group, bravely led by Mr Cook, who took part in a range of challenging and exciting activities. Some of our favourites were archery, the high-ropes challenge and the crate stack - but we had fun on every activity and tried our best!


Keep your eyes posted for pictures of Mountain and Crag group, as well as a brilliant Photostory that will show how much fun we had as a whole class!


Robinwood 2023 - Ridge Group


Before Christmas, our Year 5 class went on an exciting journey to Robinwood in Wrexham! This was our first time visiting this site and we were so amazed with how much fun everything was!


Here is Ridge group, fearlessly led by Mrs Caley, who took part in ziplining, caving, archery and so much more! Keep your eyes posted for the slideshows of Crag and Mountain groups' hard work and achievements as well!

Christmas 2022 at St Anthony's

Our maths work this half-term


This half-term, Year 5 have been learning all about fractions. This has been an extremely challenging topic, but everyone has tried their hardest and persevered!


Have a look at our updated working wall and some of our pupils' fantastic work!

St Anthony's: You're in safe hands

Safeguarding is our top priority at St Anthony's. Please view our video to see some of the many ways we keep our Year 5 children safe. We hope you enjoying viewing our video and reading our safeguarding policies below. Our designated safeguarding staff are: Miss Leonard (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mr Whittle (Deputy Safeguarding Lead), Miss Taylor and Mrs Doherty. Please make an appointment to see us if you have any concerns using
God bless and keep safe

Advent: Making Advent Wreaths

Personal Development: Leeds Voice and Influence Conference at Leeds Civic Hall

On Tuesday 8th November 2022, our Year 5 school council members were very lucky to be invited to represent the voice of children within Leeds at the Leeds Summit at Leeds Civic Hall in the presence of all the Leeds Councillors. They had the opportunity to share their views, interests, ideas and speak with decision makers in the city. I was so proud of all our children. 

A Taste of Judo

On Thursday 3rd November 2022, Mr Kearney had organised a wonderful opportunity to widen experience and participation in our Year 5 PE curriculum. All classes received age-appropriate Judo Lessons over the day, all focussed around learning new skills and experience this sport. We thank the expert teacher who provided such a high quality PE experience for our children. Our children thoroughly enjoyed the day. We hope they might go on to take part in Judo in the near future. Well done everyone!

Year 5 Writing inspired by The Explorer by Katherine Rundell - Autumn 1 2022

Year 5 have been inspired by their class novel, 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell and have written their own recounts from the rainforest. Using Tier 2 vocabulary taken from their novel, they have all written some fantastic pieces. Take a look at some of the ones which are proudly displayed in their classroom. Well done Year 5!

Geography: Rainforests

Our year 5 class have been very busy exploring Rainforests this half term as part of their Geography work. They have located the world's rainforests, thinking carefully about the climate, flora and fauna found at each layer of the rainforest. They have used maps and plans to locate the world's main forests, following up with a bespoke fieldtrip, organised by Mr Cook and the Year 5 team. This enabled the children to visit a woodland forest environment, conduct exercises such as measuring the age of a tree from the circumference of its trunk, as well as identifying trees more commonly found in UK forests. The workshop extended into a visit to Tropical World to understand more about the features of a Rainforest. Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their learning and visits to support this topic. Ask them all about it!

Our Spectacular Sam's Safari Visit!

Today, our Year 5 class were visited by Sam's Safari, who brought in many exciting and fascinating animals who live in rainforests! This was a fantastic opportunity to see our geography and science learning in person with a range of insects, amphibians and reptiles visiting - what a fantastic morning of exploration, enquiry and questioning! Well done to everyone for taking part and for being especially brave - there were some even I couldn't touch! Ask us what we have learnt from our visit!

Year 5 Cross Country Event Saturday 1st October 2022

Our St Anthony's Cross Country Team made their first appearance at the first run of the season at Middleton Park on Saturday 1st October 2022. The weather was a little unpredictable, however it did not stop our Year 5 team running their hearts out! There were some very impressive running performances and we look forward to more races later in the season. Mr Kearney, Miss Staunton-Sykes and Mr Easton (Chair of Governors) were all there to watch, along with our dedicated Year 5 parents. Thank you everyone who attended. 

Year 5 Chamber Choir Perform at Leeds Cathedral 15th September 2022

Our Year 5 pupils are part of our well renowned St Anthony's Chamber Choir. This is a highly talented group of individuals who sing in unison and perform at school and across our Diocese. We were invited to perform for Bishop Marcus at the Annual Headteacher's Mass at Leeds Cathedral on Thursday 15th September 2022. The headteachers in the congregation noted our exceptional singing and we were praised by Bishop Marcus. We sung a range of secular songs to link to the mass for the day. I am so proud of our chamber choir members. Well done St Anthony's. 

Welcome to a new school year at St. Anthony's!


We are so excited to welcome your children to a new step in their learning journey in year 5 - we have an extremely exciting year planned filled with brilliant opportunities for learning. Among these will be educational trips to support class learning, weekly visits to promote new experiences and, perhaps most exciting, our Year 5 residential trip.


Year 5's learning will be supported by several members of staff who are all excited to enrich your child's education, but will be primarily supported every day by myself (Mr. Cook) and Mrs. Caley. If you ever wish to speak about your child's time in year 5, please feel free to ask! You can also see our fantastic classroom that the pupils learn in, we hope to add their outstanding work to our display boards.


Year 5 have made a fantastic start to the year and I cannot wait to see how far they will come!



Finale 2022

Our Year Five children wanted to share with your memories of an exceptional year at St Anthony's. I am so proud of you all in your very first year in Upper Key Stage Two. May God bless you all with a super holiday, and I look forward to welcoming you back as our Year Six class in September as you begin your final year in your St Anthony's journey.
Miss Leonard

Our Year 5 class have been sporting superstars today in their annual Sport's Day. What a beautiful day, shared by our parents. Watch us taking part in lots of sporting activities. Huge congratulations to Year 5 Green Team who were worthy winners of the competition. 

St Anthony's Chamber Choir Concert 2022

Our Year 5 pupils have taken part in their annual Chamber Choir performance this week. They have lessons each Tuesday, as part of the Diocese of Leeds Schools Singing Programme. These are delivered by an expert Choral Director from the Diocese, Mr Leech, focusing on positive engagement with singing and supporting the Catholic life of the school through sacred music. The sessions offer practical and incremental coverage of areas of the music curriculum - including notation - in a two-year curriculum framework developed by the Diocese, the National Schools Singing Programme and the National Youth Choir of Scotland. Pupils also have the opportunity to join one of the Diocese's acclaimed after-school choirs. You can find online resources that support this work on the Schools Singing Programme's YouTube channel ( Our local Diocese choir is Leeds Cathedral Choir - please contact for more information about joining. We hope you enjoy our singing. We invited our parents too and they were very impressed. We hope you are too. Happy listening.

Ace Club Sports Gala

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Many thanks to Ace Club who provided a wonderful day of sport for the whole school on Friday. It was amazing to see the children enjoying such a wide range of sports led brilliantly by the Ace Club Leaders.

We are the Netball Champions: Year 5 and Year 6

Well done to our Year 5 and Year 6 Netball Team! Today (21.6.22) they played in their first ever tournament and won EVERY SINGLE match - returning to school as the CHAMPIONS! We are so proud of all you have achieved and the excellent way in which you represented St. Anthony's - you are all super stars! Thank you and well done to Miss Staunton Sykes who has coached them excellently!

St Anthony's Marian Procession 2022

Computing with Junior Jam


This half term, Year 5 are receiving computing sessions from Junior Jam. So far, we have learnt about how fingerprint technology can solve crimes and what an Evofit is and how databases can help with big searches. We have learnt about the different types of fingerprint a person has, how fingerprints can be lifted from a crime scene and even printed and lifted our own fingerprints using a magnetic powder!

We have also created Evofit images of people and learned about how these Evofit images are made into pictures to help solve crimes. Take a look at some of our fantastic learning!

Year 5 - Following a recipe to make vegetable samosas 


To start our topic on 'Food Glorious Food' topic Year 5 followed a recipe to make baked vegetable samosas. They chose whether to follow a recipe based on its intended audience (adults or children) and discussed which recipe was easier to follow and why. 

The children followed all the steps carefully and made some fantastic savoury treats. Well Done Year 5!

Year 5 - Liturgical Dance - Be My Heart, My Hands, My Voice

On Monday 16th May, our Year 5 class were incredibly lucky to take part in an extended workshop with a very special visiting group called "More Than Dance". During the session, Year 5 reflected on being servants of their faith and showing kindness to others, linking to our current focus virtue. As they performed Be my heart, my hands, my voice, I was humbled to see their service in action. Year 5 are true servants of their faith and may God bless them all. I do hope you all enjoy watching Year 5 in action.

Religious Education in Year 5 - Liturgical Dance - In Flanders Fields

This week, Year 5 took part in a dance workshop from More Than Dance. In the workshop, children discussed the virtue of peace and represented this through dance, with a particular focus on the poem Flanders Field. They reflected on war, both in the past and nowadays and their movements and reflections were incredibly moving. All of the children had the opportunity to learn and perform a well polished routine to represent their faith as a class. All our Year 5 children performed with confidence and pride. Well done to all Year 5!

Religious Education through Dance: Performing reflections of our faith through our actions

The Good Shepherd Mass 2022

On Friday 13th May, representative children from our Year 5 class, including some Mini-Vinnies, attended a special mass at Leeds Cathedral. This was the annual Good Shepherd Mass celebrated by Bishop Marcus Stock. Our children took part in the Good Shepherd banner procession, attended Mass and presented a cheque to the Bishop from our Lenten fundraising. The Bishop was most appreciative of our charity and kindness. Thank you St Anthony's! Miss Taylor and Mrs Easton attended with our children. God bless!

PE: U11 Football Success in the Leeds and Holbeck Cup 2022 - We Are the Champions!!

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On Thursday 12th May, the football team won the Leeds and Holbeck Cup, following a season of successful teamwork, sportsmanship and skill! Throughout the match they showed amazing team spirit and determination - we are all very proud of every one of you! Well done!

Year 5 - Glorious Greeks

On Friday 6th May, our Year 5 class were very lucky to visit Leeds Royal Armouries for a bespoke workshop designed to support their History learning on The Greeks. The children were attentive, knowledgeable and a credit to the school. Please take a look at our video below to capture the learning from the day. Well done Year 5!

May is the month of Mary

Our Year 5 pupils have been exploring May as the month of Mary. They have studied different representations of Mary and explored their own artwork to represent Mary. God bless you all Year 5. 

Exploring Faith: Years 5 and 6 visit The Mosque

On Thursday 31st March, Year 5 visited the Jamia Masjid Abu Huraira Mosque in Beeston to further their understanding of the Islamic faith. This was part of our wonderful Faith Week. Our children were able to reflect on similarities and differences and have shared learning of the highest quality orally, through art and in their RE books. Ask us all about it! 

Year 5's Visit to the Local Mosque

RE: Artwork inspired by the parable of the Lost Son

A Pilgrimage of Faith

Year 5 - Brother, Sister - Easter Liturgical Dance

Our Year 5 class created a liturgical dance to celebrate and re-enact the events of Maunday Thursday. In a song entitled, "Brother, Sister, Let me serve you" they reflected on the journey through The Last Supper, from the washing of the feet towards the journey to the cross on Good Friday. We hope you all enjoy watching Year 5 perform their dance for us all this Easter with poise, reverence and dignity in the symbolism of every single moment. This dance culminated the Year 5 pilgrimage of Faith this Lent.

God bless all our Year 5 pupils. What a beautiful way to pray, demonstrate our faith and come together at this most special time in the liturgical calendar. Our Year 5 children are each humble servants of their own faiths and I am so proud of them all.

Miss Leonard

Easter Fundraising

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Well done to everyone who entered our Easter Competitions this year. Watch our photo story to see the amazing bonnets, decorated eggs and Easter gardens - we were amazed by all your entries.

World Book Day 2022

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On Friday 4th March, we celebrated our love of reading and books with World Book Day! Year 5 used this day to launch our new class novel, The Jamie Drake Equation by Christopher Edge, and as you can see, we followed a space theme! From aliens to astronauts, Year 5 was a sea of colour! To help launch our novel and space topic, Year 5 were lucky to take part in a Virtual Reality Space Workshop where every child in the classroom became an astronaut! The whole class simultaneously blasted off into space, piloting their research vessels around planets and moons, learning about the solar system. Who knows... perhaps we inspired the next generation of scientists and astronauts who may one day blast off into space for real!

World Book Day 2022

Our whole school celebrated our love for reading on Friday 4th March 2022. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of World Book Day.
Our theme this year was "cooking up a story!". All our children came dressed as a character from their class novel for this half term. Year 5 launched their novel, The Jamie Drake Equation. They were also treated to a special virtual reality workshop to bring the book alive. It really was out of this world.
We launched our new "Reading Hut" and all our Year 5 children were able to take home a new free book to share at home.
We continue to read, read, read and enjoy the passion for vocabulary and language. What an amazing day we had. Watch our video to find our more. Happy reading!

Rise Schools Project in partnership with Northern Ballet

Year 5 have been very fortunate to be selected by Northern Ballet to take part in a four year RISE partnership. This allows all our Year 5 pupils over four consecutive years to take part in first hand ballet with expert teachers from Northern Ballet. They also visit several ballets performed at many of our wonderful theatres around Leeds. As part of Year 3 of the project, Northern Ballet have made a video, capturing some of our pupils in action in the lessons. We also hear from Mrs Barton, our Year 5 teacher and Mr Whittle, our PE leader. Our children have also given interviews about the impact of the project on them and their passion for ballet. Please take a look ...

DT Structures: Bridges

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Our Year 5 children have been taking part in a Design and Technology project on bridges. They have been following the plan, design, make and evaluate process to undertake their research and making. I think there are some budding engineers in our Year 5 class! Well done!

Year 5 Gears and Engineering Workshop

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Year 5 were incredibly lucky to take part in a fantastic engineering workshop today which was fascinating! It all started with an inspirational Career Kids Presentation, looking at what an engineer is and what they do in the world. I know this inspired some future engineers! This was followed by an exciting workshop all about gears. We looked at how and why gears are used and built different gears together to investigate rotation direction, rotation speed and ratio. The final part of the workshop had the children working in groups to build a small part of a machine, which we put together to build them all into one large class machine!

Year 5 Class Assembly: The Vikings are coming!

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Year 5 came alive last Friday in their class assembly, encouraging the audience to come aboard their longship as a group of Viking men and their sons prepared to go a-Viking, crossing the sea to invade the Lindisfarne monastery. All the children used exceptional acting as they took part in a choreographed invasion set to exciting music. They each recalled their learning all about how the Vikings raided, the important role of the Viking women and the Vikings' legacy.

Here is a little taste of the assembly for you to enjoy!

We learnt that forces are measured in a unit called Newtons. We then learnt how to measure forces using a force meter and used this to consider how friction impacted the size of the force required to move an object on different surfaces.

Virtual Author Workshop: Georgina Stevens

Year 5 were very lucky to take part in a live author workshop with Georgina Stevens. Georgina Stevens is an environmental campaigner and the author of Climate Action. She has 20 years’ experience of working in sustainability and is passionate about sharing her knowledge about climate change and environmental issues with young people. The workshop included an introduction to her work, her writing and her book with an opportunity for questions at the end.

Robinwood Residential 

On Monday 13th December, Year 5 went on their 3 day residential to Robinwood in Alston, Cumbria. It was certainly an action-packed three days during which all the children showed lots of determination, resilience and perseverance. The activities they completed included a range of teambuilding tasks as well as individual challenges. Watch the videos below to see what a wonderful time we all had…

Robinwood - Spring

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Robinwood - Stream

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Robinwood - Waterfall

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Festive Fun at St Anthony's - 2021

Wishing all our Year 5 class a wonderful Christmas. What an amazing Christmas we have had. God bless.

Christmas Party Day

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Sharing and Evaluating: Our Final Northern Ballet Session

St Anthony's Christmas Carol Service 2021

Textiles: Stuffed Toys Project

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As part of our textiles work in DT, Year 5 completed a stuffed toys project! We started by looking at homemade stuffed toys already on the market and moved on to designing our own. We first decided on a simple shape to base our design on before listing other materials we would need. Next we were introduced to the blanket stitch; this was certainly a challenge but with hard work and determination, Year 5 were very successful! Our final step was adding any extra items, decorative stitches or appendages! Enjoy taking a look at our final products!

Year 5 Visit to York Chocolate Story (Part 2)

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In History, Year 5 have been learning about the Maya Civilisation. They took a trip to York Chocolate's Factory to learn about Chocolate to extend their learning on the topic. We hope you enjoy watching our films and photostories from the topic.

Year 5 Visit to The York Chocolate Story

Northern Ballet Session 6

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As this week was our trip to the theatre, of course this week was Merlin focused! Year 5 were incredible in today's session as we explored our magical powers, battling between the Solar Kingdom and the Kingdom of Tides! Each pair had the opportunity to share their performance at the end of the session.

In Science, we dissected flowers to help us learn about their structure. Dissecting a flower visually showed us the different parts of a flower. We learnt and revisited lots of scientific vocabulary today! Good work Year 5 scientists!

Number Fun for Year 5 and 6

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On Wednesday 20th October, Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a morning of Number Fun with Mr Godfrey. Firstly, we all had lots of fun learning a song to help us to remember some of the quadrilaterals and their properties. Afterwards, we became soldiers and learnt our squared numbers. Finally, we used the four operations in one song! The children participated so well and showed us all the power of song in maths!

Year 5 really enjoyed using Hama Beads as part of our focus maths week to explore and make symmetrical patterns. The results were pretty impressive!

Exploring Triangles

As part of our shape focus, Year 5 learnt about the different types of triangles. They were then challenged to use pegboards and elastic bands to make as many different types of triangles as possible, identifying them along the way. I think it is safe to say, it wasn't as easy as we first expected!

Marvellous Maths

Our Year 5 class undertook wonder afternoons to ensure they have a strong retention of knowledge of age related expectations for shape within Year 5. They experienced a Number Fun day, putting their knowledge of quadrilaterals and shape into action using songs and actions. Ask Year 5 all about it! Our video below shows highlights from the week across school. I hope you enjoy it!

Year 5 and 6 Organ Workshop

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Year 5 and 6 were fortunate to see and hear one of the largest and most versatile organs in Europe! Our workshop enabled us to actively learn how pipes of different lengths are used to create sound whilst using them to perform together. Through an interactive workshop with the Wooden One-Octave Organ For Young Technologists, Year 5 and 6 learnt about the organ and how it works, whilst embedding cross-curricular links with Science and Technology. The day concluded with an inspiring concert, showcasing the huge variety of music the organ can play with large-screen illustrations and video projection of the player.

Sam's Safaris Animal Workshop

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Today, Year 5 took part in a rainforest animals workshop led by Sam’s Safaris. The workshop gave us the opportunity to meet rare and exotic invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals from around the world. We had the chance to handle and observe the animals whilst learning about their life cycles.