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Year 5

Year 5 Residential to Robinwood

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Writing across the curriculum

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Year 5 are fantastic authors who love to write for a real purpose and audience! Take a look at some of our fantastic writing from across the curriculum!

Murton Park

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Today Year 5 were Viking settlers and experienced first-hand the daily life of a Viking family at Murton Park! We arrived in a new land and tried to make a new life for ourselves and families. In our Viking village, we learnt lots of new skills and the hard work and dangers that were part of daily life. As well as domestic tasks such as firewood collecting, grinding grain to make bread and making oil lamps, we also had to learn about farming and how to guard our homes against danger. The day ended with a visit to the longhouse to compare our homes with the home of a Viking Lord, and the arrival of an unexpected visitor...

Music: We are listeners!

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In Year 5, we have been focusing on listening to and appraising music from the past. We started by developing our musical vocabulary and understating the meaning of words such as structure, texture, timbre, pitch and tempo. We then embarked on our Musical Historians project listening carefully to music from the past and responding creatively to this. Opinions really varied across Year 5 as we listened to music by various composers: L’hom Arme, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba and The Sugar Plum Fairy. We responded creatively to the music by completing listening logs and talked about how the music made us feel inside. We then compared the music to music we might listen to today. Have a look at some of our listening logs...

RE in Year 5

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Take a look inside our RE books at some of our wonderful work from this year!

World Book Day

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What a fantastic day celebrating a love of books and reading! Year 5 love to read!

Our Creative Writing Workshop at Leeds Central Library

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To celebrate World Book Day, Year 5 joined the bestselling children’s author, James Nicol, for a creative writing workshop at Leeds Central Library. We had a fantastic afternoon and are filled with many story ideas. At the end of the workshop, we had a question and answer session all about life as an author. James gave us lots of top tips for writing and we can’t wait to try them out in the classroom! Thank you!

Maths in Year 5

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Take a look into Year 5's Maths books - we love to share our learning. We have been working really hard on our understanding and application of the four written methods. We have lots of opportunities to apply our learning through reasoning and problem solving activities.

Our Viking Oil Lamps - Clay Work

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During our time at Murton Park, we learnt about Viking longhouses and how they were dark, windowless dwellings so artificial light was important. We thought about how the homes could be lit, then made simple oil lamps in the style of those used by Vikings using clay. Take a look at our designs. It wasn't as easy as we thought it would be - particularly carving the designs into the clay!

Drama in Year 5: Beowulf and Warriors Workshop

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As part of St Anthony's Book Week, Year 5 had a special workshop celebrating Beowulf. Using narration and working in role,we experienced the story from the point of view of warriors who follow Beowulf on a journey across the Baltic sea to avenge his father’s allies of a monstrous human called Grendel.

Artwork inspired by Peter Thorpe

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As part of our learning on space, Year 5 studied the artist Peter Thorpe. We looked closely at his rocket paintings and were inspired to create our own. Before starting, we enjoyed learning all about abstract art and creating our own abstract backgrounds using paint. It certainly was very messy but we had great fun experimenting with flicking paint on a black background.

Science: Measuring forces

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Today we started our new topic: forces. We learnt that forces are measured in a unit called Newtons. We then learnt how to measure forces using a force meter.

French in Year 5

Our Class Assembly: Into the Great Unknown

A Journey into Space

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Today we had a special visit from the Wonderdome to enhance our learning of space! The planetarium provided us with a completely blacked out environment which was perfect for observing the stars and planets in our galaxy – the Milky Way. We truly were space explorers and were fascinated by some of the new things we learnt today! Remember your challenge Year 5...can you spot big bear and little bear in the sky tonight?!
Year 5 visited Robinwood in Cumbria for their three-day residential in January 2020. They were accompanied by Mrs Barton, Miss Leonard, Mrs Clark and Mr Whittle. The whole class had an incredible time, collaborating, team building and pushing themselves to reach new targets! The teachers were so proud of their bravery, kindness and co-operation with each other. Well done Year 5.

Maya Archaeologist Visit

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On Friday 13th December, Dr Diane Davies came to visit Year 5. Dr Diane Davies is an archaeologist. During our workshop, we learnt so many fascinating facts on the Maya! Here are some of the things we looked at:

How archaeologists gain an understanding about the past from only the material remains
Information about the rainforest and what it is like to work there
The magnificent achievements of the Maya in architecture, art, maths, astronomy, the calendar, writing and chocolate
Handling and carrying out historical enquiry with a vast collection of artefacts
Calculating using the Maya number system

We are scientists!

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Wow! What a fabulous week we have had! From slime to dinosaurs, we have enjoyed so many exciting investigations and developed our scientific understanding. Take a look at what we experienced during our science themed week!

Bowland Farm

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Year 5 had great fun on Friday meeting and learning about all the animals from Bowland Farm!

Exploring Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest

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In Year 5, we loved learning all about the Amazon Rainforest. We worked hard to develop our mapping skills and looked closely at the countries which border Brazil. Next, we explored the physical geography of Brazil, focusing on landscape, climate, wildlife and people. We then used data to draw our own graphs showing the average monthly temperature in a tropical rainforest and average rainfall. Some of us drew line graphs to compare the average temperatures in Manaus and London! After gaining a good understanding of the climate, we explored deeper into the rainforest learning about the four layers.Our learning was topped off with a visit to Tropical World, comparing our native woodland with tropical rainforests! Whilst learning about the rainforest, we learnt all about the life and work of Sir David Attenborough. Year 5 are truly inspired to continue with his amazing work saving the world's precious rainforests!

Stewards of the Earth

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In our RE lessons, we have been learning all about God's Creation. We reflected on our responsibilities: God has made us caretakers or stewards of creation and it is our responsibility to look after it. Today we created artwork to reflect on what this means to us and the results were amazing! Year 5 really are true artists!

Sharing our 'Just So Stories'

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Year 5 have been working incredibly hard on their 'Just So Stories' inspired by Rudyard Kipling. Over the last few weeks, we have planned, drafted, edited and published our own stories. Some of these include 'How the owl got his wings', 'How the ostrich got his neck', 'How the whale became so big' and much much more! 'Just So Stories' were written to be read aloud - commonly as bed time stories. Today we gave our writing a real audience: Year 2! We read our stories to a partner and shared our fantastic work.

Building structures

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This half-term, our Design and Technology topic is 'Building Shelters'. Last week, we looked at lots of different shelters and what materials they were made of. Today we were set the challenge of building a sturdy structure using a range of materials including straws, pipe cleaners, tape and more! We wanted to find out how best to join materials together to create a structure and how to reinforce these structures to make them stronger.

Year 5 is clearly full of future engineers - well done! :)

smileyWelcome to Year 5!smiley


  First of all, I would like to say a huge welcome back to school; I hope you all had a wonderful rest and are ready for a busy and exciting year in Year 5! I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and helping you shine brightly every single day! I feel very lucky to be sharing my first year teaching at St Anthony's with you as I have already heard so many wonderful things.


   I hope you are ready because Year 5 is going to be an adventure: we have so many exciting topics, trips, visits, challenges and opportunities ahead of us in the coming months. I am looking forward to working together with you to ensure you have a happy and memorable year. In order to achieve your potential, I ask for two key things from you: always try your best and believe in yourself. Trust me, if you believe in yourself anything is possible. Every day is a new challenge!




 It is important that you come into school with a mature attitude towards your learning and continue this at home. Here are a few reminders to help you along the way:


*Read, read and read a little more! Reading really is the key to success. I challenge you to read at home every single night. Please remember that reading is not a race: take your time to fully immerse yourself in a story! Please ensure an adult signs your planner. Be a vocabulary ninja! Don't skip over unfamiliar words - take the time to look up their meaning and share new words you have learnt with me at school!               


*Learn your weekly spellings and rules. This will help you develop strategies to spell unfamiliar words and build your confidence as a speller! Spellings will be tested weekly. This will help me know which spelling patterns need a little more work in class.


*Complete your weekly homework to the best of your ability. This should be the same standard as your class work.


*Ensure your planner is in school everyday. This way we can communicate well with home and you can write important notes or dates. You are in Upper Key Stage 2 now so it is important that you begin to organise yourself.


*Have your PE kits in school. PE days will be a Tuesday and Wednesday. Swimming will be every Thursday. It would be helpful to have your PE kit in school every day. This way, if our PE day changes for any reason you are able to participate readily.


*Play Times Tables Rockstars. Just a few minutes a day will have a huge impact on your speed - trust me! Hard work and dedication will be celebrated in class!


*Arrive at school on time ready for our first lesson of the day. Every minute of learning is precious. 


Remember, the classroom is yours. Please share any ideas you have with me - I would love to hear them!



Miss Gambrill