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St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

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Early Reading

Our aim is to provide our children with an ambitious curriculum

which is rich in opportunities to learn and explore vocabulary. 

Our Reading Leaders visit Waterstones for World Book Day 2024! [Thursday 7th March]

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Our St Anthony's Junior Reading Leaders visited Waterstones in Leeds with Mrs Gledhill for World Book Day 2024! We completed a tour of the bookshop and discovered what it would be like to be a published author in the future. We then explored recommended reads and flicked through award winning children's books. After, we completed a special World Book Day book hunt within the store, excitingly discovering so many new things! With Mrs Gledhill, we explored what each class at school is currently learning about or what they will be studying in upcoming topics. We then chose a range of books we would recommend for each class, then voted on which one we would like to buy based on its content and vocabulary choices. We presented each of these special books to each class during Good Work Assembly. Before leaving, we wrote book recommendations for others to read which are displayed proudly on the shelves of Waterstones. Thank you to Mrs Easton who also accompanied us on this special trip.
I am so proud of you all - you are super role models in spreading your love of reading to others!
- Mrs Gledhill

Ready to Read Parent Sessions

Every Friday morning in Reception and Year 1, we have our exciting Ready to Read sessions. Parents and relatives are invited into school to explore our new class texts and focus phonemes, alongside our children. Miss Duffy (Reception) and Mrs Gledhill (Year 1/Early Reading Leader) lead these sessions and love being able to share our super learning and continue our strong home school partnerships.


Ready to Read takes place 9.30am - 9.45am each Friday straight after Good Work Assembly. Please come along and join us!

Congratulations to our new Junior Reading Leaders for 2023-2024!

As Early Reading Leader, I invited pupils in Years 4 and 5 to apply for the role of Junior Reading Leader at St Anthony's for this academic year. Each candidate filled our an application form and then completed an interview with myself. I was so blown away with the impressive candidates who all demonstrated a strong passion and love for reading, as well as excellent communication and leadership skills. 

Each of the students had unique strengths and I know that they are all ready to serve and lead others as our Junior Reading Leaders this year. Using our St Anthony's Reading Spine, along with exploring the planning of each class, our Junior Reading Leaders will be able to recommend and suggest books for each year group. These include your 'Class Favourites', 'Exciting Authors' and 'Non-Fiction Texts' for you to enjoy. You will see our Junior Reading Leaders around school with their special reading satchels. 

Each child was awarded a special certificate in Good Work Assembly in recognition for their success. 

What an exciting team we have to continue our love of reading here at St Anthony's!

Mrs Gledhill

Junior Reading Leader Interviews with Mrs Gledhill

As part of our process to appoint new Junior Reading Leaders, each applicant was invited to an interview with myself. Each child was able to confidently discuss their favourite books, authors and genres during their interview. They shared detailed descriptions of their favourite characters, settings and plot lines from a range of traditional and contemporary authors, making it clear how much they truly enjoy reading. It was wonderful to hear the recommendations each child would give to pupils within different classes, discussing key themes and challenging concepts. Their enthusiasm for reading was contagious and I am so excited to see this group in action around school!

Well done to all!

Mrs Gledhill


Top Tips for Reading at Home

Little Wandle Letters and Sounds - St Anthony's Catholic Primary School

Our aim is to provide our children with an ambitious curriculum which is rich in opportunities to learn and explore vocabulary.


To do this we ensure our reading curriculum is balanced, coherent and progressive, helping children to make connections between different subjects and experiences. We also ensure our reading curriculum is inspiring whilst remaining appropriate to individual needs and focused on teaching the most important knowledge and skills within subjects.


St Anthony's follows Little Wandle Letters and Sounds as its Systematic Synthetic Phonic and Early Reading scheme with fidelity. 

Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception

Watch the video to learn these sounds. Can your child recognise and say each sound correctly?

Phase 2 sounds taught in Reception - Part 2

Can you help your child to recognise and say these sounds?

Phase 3 sounds taught in Reception

When your child has mastered the phase 2 sounds, see if they can recognise and say the phase 3 sounds.