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Year 3

Healthy minds lead to a healthy life!

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During our Change4Life week, Year 3 really focused on the importance of nurturing our mental health. We took time to reflect and share our thoughts and emotions with others. During the week, we expressed ourselves through artwork in nature, as well as drawing to music. This really enabled us to take some time out of our busy days to focus on how we feel and how we can express our emotions in a healthy way. Take a look at some of our pictures from our mental health focus this week!

Active Disney challenges!

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We were set a range of active challenges by our favourite Disney characters! Some of the challenges were quite tricky, but we all embraced the fun for a super healthy morning which got our healthy hearts pumping! Take a look at some of our active challenges inspired by Disney...

Making healthy, nutritious meals!

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During our Change4Life week, Year 3 embarked on a mission to create a healthy meal. Each group were given a budget and were given the task to plan a healthy, balanced meal based on what we had learnt about nutrition during the week. We took part in a local walk to the supermarket and used our maths skills to add up how much money we had spent, and also how much money was remaining in our budget. The children worked together to explore food labels and packing to make healthy choices. We then had to pay for the food, which the children did using their group budget! On our return to school, in groups we prepared the healthy food to enjoy a well balanced, healthy meal! What super team work! Also - the manager at the local supermarket was so impressed by our knowledge of healthy food...he gifted us a huge basket full of fresh fruit to help us on our way! Well done Year 3!

We had an ACE morning!

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We were visited by ACE club to completed some fun-filled active challenges! Take a look at some of our pictures from our fantastic visit!

Change4Life Themed Week

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As a school we were celebrating our Change4Life themed week! In this week, we were focusing on making everyday changes enabling us to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. We learned so much about nutrition, exercise and taking care of our own well being. Take a look at some of the exciting things we did during the week!
We were invited to Leeds Cathedral to meet Bishop Marcus on Friday 24th May 2019. Three of our children, Henri Dufton, Angel Hooten and Sadie Wright were specially chosen to present our fundraising cheque to the Bishop on behalf of our whole school community. The Bishop was very impressed and thanked us for our kindness. 

Bridlington - May 2019

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As a part of our ongoing focus on experiential learning across the curriculum, Year 3 visited the coastal town of Bridlington. Whilst we were there, we explored the human and physical features of the coast and had lots of fun doing it too! We explored the cliffs, beach and pier...whilst considering how Bridlington generates tourism. Take a look at some of the pictures from our fantastic day!

World Book Day in Year 3

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We had an incredible World Book Day in Year 3! With a focus on the importance of bedtime reading, we all came to school dressed in our pyjamas and shared our favourite stories with one another. Developing a love of reading is a true focus throughout St Anthony's and it was wonderful to experience this thriving during our World Book Day. Well done Year 3 for developing your creativity, knowledge and imagination through a love of reading! Take a look at some of our pictures from the day...

Year 3 visit the Yorkshire Water treatment centre

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As part of our Geography topic "How does water go round and round?" we visited the Headingley Water treatment centre, to learn more and engage in exciting, hands-on experiences! During our visit, we learned more about the water cycle, how water is treated and cleaned before it gets to our schools and homes, how water is used in different ways and also water use in less economically developed countries. We learned so much during our visit and really enhanced our geography vocabulary, which we demonstrated on our return to school.
Take a look at some of our pictures from our exciting trip!

Christmas in Year 3

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We had such much fun celebrating Christmas in Year 3!
I know the children thoroughly enjoyed each and every second of this special time of year. I was so proud of them when they delivered our class assembly 'Christmas in 1914', with such confidence and maturity. Each child absolutely shone and spread the important message of our assembly so beautifully.
Additionally, may I take this opportunity to thank you all for the generous cards and gifts at Christmas, given to both myself and also Mrs Hennigan. These were genuinely so unexpected, but really greatly appreciated...thank you very much.
Take a look at some of our exciting pictures from this exciting time.

Bauble making workshop - December 2018

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We were so lucky to be able to have made our own personalised Christmas baubles! Our designs were really special and we had so much fun hand-making them ourselves! Take a look at some of our wonderful pictures...

A child in 1918 Themed Week - November 2018

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To commemorate 100 years since the end of World War One, we held a special themed week titled 'A child in 1918'. Throughout the week, we explored what life would have been like to live in 1918, for both children and also families who were impacted by the war. Take a look at some of our pictures from the week...


smiley Welcome to Year 3! smiley


I am very excited to be working alongside you all (again!) Eagerly, I know you will all be prepared for a brand new school year, particularly for the move into KS2. 

I have planned lots of interesting topics to help you all achieve wonderful things this year. 

Below I have outlined a few things which will help you along the way this year:


*Believe in yourself! You all have the ability to achieve your hopes and dreams in all that you do. I will share with you one of my favourite quotes from a book I am sure you are all familiar with...

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"

A.A. Milne (Author of Winnie the Pooh)


* Practise your spellings at home each day. The spellings follow the patterns we are learning in class and really will enable your children to develop an embedded understanding of the spelling patterns. Additionally, you shall be putting your practised spellings into sentences, which will enable you to both spell and comprehend the words we are learning.

* PE lessons will usually take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please remember that your PE kit must be in school at all times in case these days change or we have another exciting activities planned. The indoor kit is as follows: White top and black shorts. Outdoor kit: Black tracksuit, white top and trainers.

* Read at home every night and discuss what you have read in great detail. Make a note of what you have read or if you enjoyed a particular book/theme at home!

* Come to school every day ready to learn! The doors open at 8.35am and registration begins at 8.45am. 


I know these are things you all can achieve. Year 3 is going to be a year where each and every child flourishes in confidence, knowledge and independence. I cannot wait to begin! Please see our class newsletter for details of our 'Meet the Teacher' meetings, which will help to inform you as parents/guardians for the year ahead.


Kind regards,


Mrs Gledhill

National Trust Themed Week

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What a super day Year three had when we went to visit National Trust Clumber Park. The sun was shining and the park looked stunning as we explored this beautiful National Trust site. We challenged ourselves to complete an Orienteering course using maps and compasses to find hidden letters in the park! Everyone demonstrated excellent teamwork and map reading skills when taking part. Well done Year three - you were all winners!

National Trust Themed Week

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Following our visit to Clumber Park, Year three created some amazing artwork to represent the beautiful landscapes seen. The children created either abstract or natural pictures using pastel colours of their choice. Our artwork can be viewed on display in the hall or in our sketch books. We also had visits from some little and big friends....!!
Thank you Year three for a wonderful week together exploring and appreciating the wonderful world we live in!

Matilda! Reading brought alive!

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We had a super Matilda workshop where all the children brought the story of Matilda alive through puppets and role play.

Aspirations Themed Week

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Year 3 were reaching for the stars on their visit to Leeds Trinity University during Aspirations themed week. The children explored the campus and discovered what life at University was like. All the children left feeling inspired to attend university as a young adult - especially after attending their own mini-graduation!

Interview Time!

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Thank you so much to all the parents who gave up their time to speak to year 3 about their careers. We all loved having the opportunity to ask questions and find out about 'A day in the life of....'. Thank you!

Lord Alan Sugar - Watch out year 3 are here!

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What a wonderful time year 3 had in aspirations week by creating, advertising and making their own product to sell. We asked Miss Leonard to believe in us and let us borrow £5.00 from school budget. We promised to not only return but double her money! We were also hoping that we would raise enough money to buy lots more copies of our class text next half term 'The Enchanted Wood' by Enid Blyton. The Sweet Salad stall was so busy on Friday afternoon with children and parents buying some of our 'Sweet Salad' bags. Once the children return to school, the children will calculate how much profit was made and how many books we can buy. Watch this space!

Aspirations Week Highlights

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Enjoy a few more highlights of our amazing aspirations themed week where year 3 were reaching for the stars!

More Highlights

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'The Cave' Drama Day

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On Thursday, Year 3 had an amazing day working with Alive and Kicking Drama Company. We had a great day using drama as a stimulus to inspire our writing. We went back into the 1940's and Stone Age to learn stories from the past aswell as building up a bank of brand new vocabulary. We are all really excited to begin using our drama to inspire our writng in the classroom. Watch this space!

#More in Common Themed Week

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What a wonderful time we had durng our recent themed week. Year 3 embraced every moment with 100% effort and enthusiasm. We were so lucky to have a visit from one of our school governors and parent whom came to talk to us about Sikhism. This was followed by an amazing dance session where everyone in KS2 worked together to produce a reflective dance to sum up the key messages learnt in our fantastic themed week. It was a beauitful display of movement, colour and team work. The video of the dance can be viewed on the whole school gallery. Well done year 3!

Harlow Carr Gardens

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Year 3 spent a wonderful day together at RHS Harlow Carr Gardens Harrogate. We learnt so much about different plants and seed dispersal, learning both in the classroom and the amazing outdoor surroundings.

Welcome to Year 3!

2017 - 2018


Welcome to Year 3 and the start of your time in key stage two. We are so glad that you are here to share this brand new year with us! 


On your first day in year 3, we would like you to look around the classroom and see if you can find the following objects, each object has a special meaning that we want you to remember all year long.



The rubber is to remind you that it is okay to make mistakes, we'll work and learn together, no matter what it takes.



The stickers mean we'll stick together and work hard as a team.



The puzzle shows how we fit together, working towards a common theme.



The bookmark is to show you, you'll always have a place. If you ever feel a little lost, we'll help you find your place.



The smarties are to remind you how smart we think you are. Work hard and do your best. Remember to aim far!


Happy hunting Year 3 and we are looking forward to beginning our exciting, new learning journey together.


Mrs McFadden and Mrs Shelton 


Musicals Themed Week

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What a wonderful week we had during our recent 'Musicals Themed Week'. Our focus was the Disney film 'Beauty and the Beast' which we used to inspire our writing and creative skills. We even learnt to re-create the famous ballroom scene when we took waltzing lessons. We hope you enjoy watching a few of the special moments we shared together.

Musicals Themed Week

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Musicals Themed Week

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First Holy Communion Celebration 2017

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Titan the terrific robot!

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Wow, what a fantastic start to the week! The children could not take their eyes off Titan the robot!

Robi the robot!

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The children had great fun with Robi the robot. They all enjoyed including Robi in our creative story session where Robi came aboard Apollo 11 with us on our journey to the moon! The children loved it when the teachers selected different parts of their stories to create a class story that Robi then told them. It was amazing!

What super stars!

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What super stars year 3 were in our fantastic class assembly. What a way to round off terrific technologies week! We flew to the moon with Neil Armstrong!

iAnimate with Junior Jam

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We had a super day with Junior Jam when they came in for a full day to help us animate our very own stories! We created our own series of short Stop Motion animations using the App 'iStop Motion'. Working in groups, we planned, filmed and edited our animations to form mini-films including titles and scene transitions using iMovie.

Terrific Technologies week

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Just look at all the wonderful things that took place this week!

Marvellous Maths Week

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What a wonderful week we have had in year 3! We have used every opportunity this week to develop our maths skills and become marvellous mathematicians. We hope you enjoy watching our clips which have captured some of the amazing maths moments we have shared together.

Exploring Maths outside!

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Harvest Festival 2016

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Roald Dahl Day!

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Come and take a look at all the fun things we did to celebrate Roald Dahl day!

                                                       smiley Welcome to year three! smiley


This is such an exciting and important year as you enter key stage two and begin the next part of your special journey at St. Anthony's. We are going to have a very exciting and successful time in year three as we work, learn and play together to create an extra special year three team!

We have lots of wonderful things planned this year and we are looking forward to working, laughing and enjoying this special time in year three with you as we begin together our very special journey!


Mrs Shelton and Mrs McFadden


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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We visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to see lots of different animals! Our current English topic is persuasive writing and we have recently been debating reasons 'for' and 'against' zoos. This visit has given us chance to consider our own arguments and opinions and helped to support our creative writing in class. We fit so much into our day, including a visit to Lion's Den, Polar Project and Land of the Tigers! The Yorkshire Wildlife park is a fantastic place that cares for a range of animals and has rescued many that have been living in poorer zoos. We had such a fun and interesting day learning about the animals and seeing them up close!

Going for Gold week!

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This week has been full of inspiration, determination and enthusiasm as we really pushed ourselves to ‘Go for Gold’! Our week began with a special opening ceremony where each class represented a chosen country. We learnt a dance inspired by our country and performed them to the rest of the school at the end of the day. Year 3 chose Greece and did a fantastic performance to traditional Greek music. On Tuesday, we did some Maypole dancing with Mrs Normington and Ms Doherty. We did lots of different moves to the music and had lots of fun. In the afternoon, Antony and Danielle did a bootcamp session with us that involved lots of team games. It was non-stop from start to finish but we had such a great afternoon. On Wednesday, we took a special trip to Elland Road. We were so lucky that we were able to go in the dressing rooms and onto the pitch, what an experience! The end of the week involved lots more exciting activities including, baking cookies, a football tournament and of course our whole school fun run! Every child has tried their absolute best this week and there are definitely some athletes of the future! Well done to all of you!

First Holy Communion 2016

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What a special week we have had! Our celebrations started at St Anthony's Church where we gathered together to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist. We had been preparing for this special day since the beginning of the school year and it meant so much to us to have all of our families, friends and teachers there to celebrate with us. We renewed our Baptismal Promises before gathering to receive the Body and Blood of Christ together. This was such a special and reflective moment that brought us all closer to God.
Back at school, we continued our celebrations during our May procession. We brought flowers, crowned Mary and reflected on how Mary is so important to us. Our week ended with a lovely party at school with our families.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and dedication during this special time. It has been an absolute honour to help to guide these children through their preparations and see them look so grown-up and ready to continue their journey of faith. They should all be so proud of themselves. Well done and congratulations to you all.

Easter celebrations and R.E Creative day

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We were very lucky to be in school during Holy Week. This meant we could prepare for Easter altogether, learn about what happened on each day and take part in different activities. We were also back in school straight after Easter which meant we had time to reflect on the events of the weekend. The whole school took part in a creative day, creating artwork inspired by the Resurrection of Jesus. We used pastels to create lots of different images and representations of this important and special time. Take a look at the pictures of our amazing work!

York 11.2.16 part of Marvellous Monarchs week

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We took a very special trip to York as part of our Marvellous Monarchs week! We had been learning about Henry VII but we had the chance to find out about his son and the next Tudor King; Henry VIII. We went to Barley Hall and took part in a workshop called 'Fit for a King'. We found out exactly how we would need to behave and what we would need to do to prepare for a visit from Henry VIII. We also were given special jobs to do during a royal banquet and dressed up in clothes, comparing what different classes of people wore. We finished our day with a visit to a special part of the great city wall and had a look at the amazing views over York! Take a look at the video below to see the rest of our exciting activities during Marvellous Monarchs week!

Marvellous Monarchs week!

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Take a look at what an exciting week we had finding out about significant British monarchs! We took part in so many fun activities, including Tudor dancing and having a visit from a real town crier! Year 3 focused on Henry VII who was the first ever Tudor King after is victory against Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth. This was also known as the 'War of the Roses'. This was because Henry VII was part of the House of Lancaster which had the symbol of the red rose and Richard III was part of the House of York which had the white rose. Year 4 found out about Richard III and both classes met during the week to act out the Battle of Bosworth, resulting in the crowning of our very own Henry VII! We had the chance to write out own battle speech as well as make and decorate flags and banners for the House of Lancaster. The week ended with a 'Kings and Queens' day where we all dressed up as well as crowning a new King and Queen for the day for our Royal banquet. We learnt so much in this history themed week! Have a look at the video above to see what we got up to on our visit to York during 'Marvellous Monarchs' week.


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Take a look at a few pictures showing what we get up to every Friday morning during our Ukulele lessons! Mr Rowe teaches really fun songs to help us to remember the different chords. We also work in groups and help each other if are struggling. We are getting better every week!

Sky Sports Event 26.1.16

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We were kindly invited by Sky Sports to attend a sporting event at John Charles Centre. The day was ran by athlete mentors who have been world champions in their chosen sports. It was such a fun and inspiring day which gave us the chance to try lots of new things. Year 3 tried their best with every single activity and represented St Anthony's amazingly well! At the end of the event we were awarded the trophy after earning the most points throughout the day. What an achievement!

Class spellings- Spring 1

Christmas 2015!

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We had a very fun and exciting week in Year 3 as we prepared for Christmas! We did lots of activities, including making party hats, Christmas cards and even looked at The Man on the Moon! Our week finished with our class assembly 'Children of the World'. I am so proud of every single child in Year 3 for putting in so much effort and hard work which made our assembly such a success and it certainly got everyone in the Christmas mood! I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and I will see you in the new year!

Anglo-Saxon Day at Temple Newsam!

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As part of our current topic, the Anglo-Saxons, we went to Temple Newsam to spend the day with some real Anglo-Saxons! We were given a taste of what life was like in the year 655AD. Our day included making and baking bread, preparing for an Anglo-Saxon battle and listening to ancient tales from a storyteller. We felt just like Anglo-Saxons! It was such a fun and interesting day that allowed us to learn so much more but also gave us the chance to tell the Anglo-Saxons what we know about them. They were so impressed! Have a look at our pictures to see what we got up to!

Our Remembrance Day poppies

Irish Dancing

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We were very lucky to have visitors that gave us the chance to experience dancing from an Irish Ceilidh! A Ceilidh is a traditional Irish gathering or party that involves lots of fun and dancing to live Gaelic music. Our visitors played an accordion while we danced and clapped to the beat. Here are a few pictures of our fantastic afternoon.

Journey of Faith week

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What a fantastic week we had celebrating faiths from all over the world! We started off our week by learning a dance inspired by our class Saint; St Aidan. We performed it in front of the whole school and got the chance to see dances from all of the other classes too!
Year 3 focused on Hinduism and did lots of different, fun activities, including a Diwali workshop, making elephants and painting our own Rangoli patterns. We finished off our week with an exciting visit to the Sikh Gurdwara which gave us an insight into the religion of Sikhism. It was such an amazing week and we all learnt so much! Have a look at our pictures!

The Christian Family

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We have been learning about The Christian Family in our R.E lessons. This included sharing our own memories and experiences and reflecting on when some of us joined the Christian Family, when we were Baptised. We have also been setting up our own Collective Worship altar and thinking about what it means to us to be part of such a special family. Take a look at some of our pictures!

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome back to a new school year! I hope you all had a lovely summer break. This is such an exciting and important year for you all as you continue your learning journey into Key Stage 2! I have planned lots of exciting activities for your first half term in Year 3, including our first topic, the Anglo-Saxons. 


Here are a few important things to remember to help you achieve your very best:

  • We have P.E every Wednesday and Friday. You should have your P.E kit in school at all times. 
  • Spelling tests will be every Thursday. Make sure you practise these every night.
  • You should read your reading book at home every night and ask an adult to sign your planner. 
  • You will be tested every week on your times tables. It will be recorded in your planner which table you are currently learning.
  • Complete your learning log to a high standard. 
  • Make sure you come to school everyday, ready to learn!


We have lots to look forward to this half-term and I can't wait to get started!

Miss Doransmiley





Yorkshire Explorers Week

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Our second day exploring was spent in Whitby! We compared the differences between Leeds city centre and the coastal landscape of a sea-side town. We had an amazing day together and experienced every kind of weather!!

Yorkshire Explorers Week!

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We had a very busy and active week during our recent Yorkshire Explorers event! Our first day exploring was spent in Leeds City Centre. We completed the 'Leeds Owl Trial' to see how many different owls we could find on different key landmarks in Leeds City Centre. It was great fun and we didn't let the rain spoil our fun!

First Communion Celebrations

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We had a special party in school, with our families ,to celebrate our First Holy Communion.

Our May Procession

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First Holy Communion 2015

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Amazing Arts Week!

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This half term we had an amazing arts week in school. We really showed what a talented class we are when using all our musical and artistic skills to the full! Watch our photostory to see some of our favourite highlights!

The day a Roman solider came to visit!

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How many Roman Soliders can you spot? We learnt so much about the Romans the day a solider came to visit!

Great Gymnastics!

Still image for this video
Mr Hanson has been working hard this term to help the children develop their PE skills. Spot the super gymnastic moves!

Fun in the Snow!

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At last we had a snowy day and we made the most of it!

Spring 1 2015 Spelling List

Christmas 2014!

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Christmas was very special and magical in Year 3 this year. We reflected on how we would prepare for the coming of the birth of Jesus during our class Advent preparations. Each of the children wrote their own personal Advent promise which we displayed on our class Advent wreath. The children also decided that they were going to give someone a very special gift this year.............the gift of happiness.
We made beautiful Christmas cards to give to loved ones aswell as our Christmas dinner hats, exclusively designed by Mrs Johnson!!
We had lots of fun on party day, with dancing, competitions and party games. We even had a very special visitor and we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw who he had bought along!

Our Class Assembly - Christmas 1914

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Our class assembly took place this term. We peformed 'Christmas 1914' in remembrance of WW1. I was really impressed with all of the children for learning all of the songs off by heart aswell as their lines for the play. We had lots of fun rehearsing together and we hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we did performing it! A maassive thank you everyone for your help and support with providing costumes for your child. It really is appreciated!

Year 3 remember World War One

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We had a reflective two days remembering the many lives that were sadly taken during World War one. We shall never forget.............

Year 3 Spellings

Super Science Week 2014!

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Have a look at the amazing time we had in Science week!

Amazing inventors in year 3!

Still image for this video
Who is a future winner of Dragon's den with their amazing invention? Year 3 are very talented with their imaginative ideas for inventions. A big thank you to all the adults out who supported their child with this project!

Super outdoor scientists in Year 3

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Year 3 had lots of fun being outdoor scientists in our local park! We went hunting for min-beasts that we had researched in class on the I-Pads. We also searched for different types of leaves to identify back in the classroom. We didn't even let the rain get in the way of our scientific research!

Ukulele performance

Ukulele performance

On Friday 4th July, Year 3 and 4 invited the whole school and their parents to come and watch their ukulele performance.  Year 3 began and showcased the different notes and chords they have learnt throughout the year.  Year 4 performed second and ended the concert with a wonderful version of 'Hound dog' by Elvis!  All the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning the instrument with Mr Brinks this year and are looking forward to continuing next year!

Comic strips!

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Watch how we created our own characters, gave them different facial expressions and how our final comic strips, front covers and blurbs turned out. Well done to all of Year 3, they are all amazing!

Charlie Brown style self portraits!

Irish Dancing with Year 3!

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We had a wonderful afternoon listening and dancing to traditional irish music on the fiddle and accordion.

The Vikings

Year 3 have finished another exciting topic...The Vikings.  The children have learnt where the Vikings came from, why they raided the monasteries, what artefacts have been found and what the Viking houses were like.  Each child also used the runic alphabet to write their own name, they certainly do not look like the letters we use today! Come into class and see our wonderful Viking display with all the children's work.

We are learning to play the ukulele this year in our Year 3 class. We are working with Artforms with a specialist teacher called Sebastian Brinks. We love learning new chords and playing new tunes together. Look at our amazing photos. We have led lots of whole school performances to showcase our new skills.

Should shops open on a Sunday?

Year 3 have held a class debate in their RE lesson about whether or not shops should be open on a Sunday.  The children came up with some super ideas and voiced their opinions to the audience.  At the end of the debate, everyone voted for either open or closed.  Once the votes had been counted, the class conclusion was that shops should be closed because God said Sunday should be a day of rest just like he rested on the seventh day after creating the world. 

Well done to all of Year 3 for participating. 

Legends of King Arthur

Well done to all of Year 3 for their fantastic King Arthur legends, they have been a pleasure to read!

Congratulations Emily and Ben!

Well done to Ben and Emily on becoming the runner-up and winner of Master Chef 2013.  Ben created a wonderful Sponge Bob sandwich, whilst Emily created an amazing reindeer sandwich.  Both children received a certificate in Good Work Assembly and a prize.  Emily's apron means she can practise her fantastic cooking skills at home too!

Stockeld Park

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On Wednesday 18th December, the whole school visited Stockeld Park's wonderful 'Winter Wonderland.' Year 3 completed the maze and the enchanted forest walk. We all had a fantastic time!
Throughout this half term, Year 3 have completed their 'Master Chef 2013' topic.  The aim of the topic was to design and make a healthy, creative sandwich.  We tried different breads and vegetables before finally designing and making the sandwiches.  After, we evaluated our sandwiches and explained what we liked about them and if we would change anything if we were to make them again.  All the sandwiches looked amazing!  The winner and runner-up will be announced in assembly on Friday 20th December.  Watch the clips below to see all our wonderful designs...

Master Chef 2013

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Well done to all the children for their hard work and enthusiasm during our exciting World War Two topic! We all created wonderful prints of the Blitz, wrote instructions after making a traditional World War Two pudding - bread and butter pudding and wrote extracts from Anne Frank's diary.  All the work is on display in the Year 3 classroom, come and have a look!

Our wonderful World War Two display

Evacuation day at Lotherton Hall

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